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  1. If it’s more common then it appears that shouldn’t finding it be less allusive ? form personal experience rare containers hardly exist I do get your points, but if the loot radar is intensional done so makes it feel like more of a distraction then a tool to help
  2. that is ture, but ive played this game for a few years now and the only rare container ive ever seen was 1 by pure luck, ive never found one even hours of looking, i just think with how rare some of it is it would be better to give the player more then just a audio hint that a rare container is there
  3. honestly i think zepher needs a bit of a update on some of her kit, shes not a bad frame but it dose feel like she needs a update
  4. quite often find myself using loot rader`s on my companions, and after using it almost none stop for 2 years now i have to say i think it needs a visual and usage uppdate sugjestions -destinguise betwen loot droped by enemies and containers this would help wile looking to clear a map of all containers on a part of the map, but it can be hard sometimes because loot droped by enemies have the same icon as containers do, so mabye a smal visual change or difrent icon would help to smoth that experaince -making it easyer to see iatan,syndicat emblems and rare containers adding difrent icons or even slight changes would be a masive hlep, espelsaly in syndicat misions as finding emblems can be rather tidious, making easyer to see would not only insetevice looking for them it would also make it so much easyer, same aplies to rare containers all in all i think these changes would hep the quality of life when it comes to looting sorry for any grammer and speling mistakes
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