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  1. so form what info i know we will not only have a waframe gated behind a event, but also a resorce and a entire boss fight locked behind a event that only last a few days, is this for really ? how in there right mind thought this was a good idea ? honestly DE i was giving you the benefit of the douth for this event..but this...idk how i feel about this, disapointed would probebly the best word for it
  2. any news on pets 2.0 ? havent herd anything about it for a wile, well i personaly havent mabye ive mised some info, ether way would be nice to know how its coming along or it its curently on ice
  3. any update on pets 2.0 ? from what i know we havent heard anything in quite some time now, tho i do understand you are bussy with curent stuff but a update in it would be nice
  4. my favort band chage the elephent relaesed one of the songs for there new album on youtube not to long ago, album comes out in april so its nise to get to lisent to it before it comes out
  5. are there any planes in place to improve the curent state of the chat moderasion ? or was what you said just fluf to try and clam the croud ?
  6. idk why but to me this devstream fell a bit vapid? we wherent shown a lot of what was being hyped up, and im sure its in the works but it just feel like more promises and litle to back them up with
  7. is there a chance that we will get more types of cubro in the coming futher of the game ? with them now having there own vacume, and if not so will we see any expanded tool set for the existing kubros ?
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