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  1. I tried every junction over last night it seems your right. Even though none of them were blue or flashing one was bugged I don't know which but I did check after doing then all over & now I have the 1000 I was missing.
  2. I've checked every planet everything is done, I went to every open area did a steel path bounty it is done. I have every message from tenshin with all the planeta & emotes. I don't know what else to do it is all done.
  3. Yes I have performed a bounty & no I did not miss a junction if i did it wouldn't be 233/233. Missions on a planet cannot be unlocked if the junction to that planet isn't beaten yet even if you are taxied they won't count as complete if you never fought the guardian and unlocked that planet. Does the grendel missions count towards it because the only thing I have flashing is the ice fields of Riddah. That's the defense with no mod config on steel path but I looked up it said those missions don't count.
  4. If I didn't complete junctions I wouldn't have 233/233 I do have them all complete. You mean perform a bounty?
  5. Hello, I have finished steel path on my profile it says 233/233 but my xps is 26,501/27,501 I am missing 1,000 xp. Is this a bug I don't understand why so am missing 1,000.
  6. So after reading this I have to say I partially agree. I have noticed the delay in alerts when you get hit by 3 ramsleds, shields blow out, hulls breached, & etc. I understand for the situation at hand you may not want to hear this but I don't mind these commentaries and like that Cy has a personality. Maybe a toggle switch for these few messages could be added if it really is a stretching issue. You're wrong that's exactly how it works if you do leaves hull unattended you gradually lose hp over time and it will become catastrophic failure imminent. That's not misleading t
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