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  1. I really want my Kich gone as well!!! Why can’t we delete it and start it new if we don’t like it?
  2. This is exactly what most players are looking for when they say they need more challenging. NOT NERFING! Most nerfs make players very angry because it simply invalidates our efforts to make our loadouts perform at the best possible levels that then later become useless. That DE nerfing our gears and call it a day for "balancing" is extremely lazy and damaging to the player base.
  3. 100% agree. This should be the way to go from the very beginning about “balancing” anything. Players can accept and even welcome harder enemies but will hate facing the same enemies with crippled gears and loadouts.
  4. Pablo should be fired. If this horrible idea is implemented in Warframe more rampantly, players will riot and many more will leave.
  5. Great proposals. I was one of those enthusiasts of Eidolon hunting, and I know many more veterans who like it. After about 1600 sets, I am no longer hunting as much as before but I am still a Eidolon hunter and want to take some newbies to try and also master it. I consider this one of my endgame activities in Warframe.
  6. This nerfing design trend is very disappointing. Not only damages and ranges have been nerfed hard particularly melee, many fashion elements of weapons and frames have also been nerfed. For the long term health of the game, DE please fire those third grade game designers who doesn’t know what players want and feel and hire the best ones. Game designers should put numbers second and how players feel first or they might be just cold and hard accountants.
  7. The current system with the help of 3rd party websites works and works very well. There is no need to reinvent the wheels.
  8. How are other players trading business rubbish if that’s none of your business? If those asking prices are not fair for your tastes, you need to do something the opposite to help the market you wish it to be. And that’s is to price your Rivens at much lower prices to help. What have you done? You are not the only players who have ridiculously tried to dictate what others should do in trading. You will not be the last one.
  9. Yes some players do pay that much for some Rivens with absolutely god stats and worth that much. It’s all agreed by both sellers and buyers. So it’s fair. That’s from my experience of trading over hundreds of Rivens in the past few years.
  10. AoE Weapons and abilities are most fun and most powerful. Are you proposing NEFfffffSss???? DE has been destroying meta AoE stuff from the game forever and player base are angry about it always and then many quit. We need to expand AoE and restore previous AoE meta in all categories to being players back, not nerfing it.
  11. That’s very strange. Last time I and other family members had log in problems was few weeks ago. We got reply from FE support extremely fast in like 1 day. Before that I had a problem in 2017 and it took 2 months to resolve. File a support ticket ASAP.
  12. For at least 2 years since 2018, DE is certainly “trying” to do something hard to both keep old players and bring in new players. But all I see is that DE destroys what old players enjoy and give away everything dirty cheap to lure new players in. This is a terrible cycle. The biggest mistake DE makes is destroying what works by constant nerfing fun factors that can keep the most royal players staying. If something is fun, it works. But DE seems to have its own ideas and not listening to players. I have had over 4K hours and was an enthusiast player and always invited new friends to join and bought items with real money. With what DE is doing, it all stopped last yeast year. Now I just play it to kill time and complete new contents before moving on.
  13. When Warframe ends, I’d like DE to release a paid meta version based on the best contents, high Riven dispositions, and melee 2.99 from 2017-2018 Up to around Update 24/25. Starting from Update 25, it’s going downhill fast as if it is being “undeveloped” with tons of nerfs and extremely grinding contents with layers of RNG especially after Update 26.
  14. Wisp has the best butt and the total package. DE please keep it.
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