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  1. A major play style theme that separates Warframe and other shooting game is speed, racing and running. But I like your idea. There can be some new modes that require players to slow down a bit.
  2. Many “AFK” builds just appear to be afk but still need input from players all the time and they can kill more than others if builds are optimal. And most of these kills don’t even register in the chart so they give others the impression that they are doing anything. What are some frames you think they appear to be afk all the time?
  3. I have a dozen of primaries I’d like to rename. DE can you allow this feature before releasing modular primaries?
  4. Prime frames are just prime frames. The best thing about them is that they look prime. That’s the best thing about Prime frames. They have slightly better stats but it’s not much.
  5. These daily reward weapons should not be able to be deleted.
  6. It’s free market. Sellers can set whatever “asking” prices they want, but this doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate or have to pay that amount to get one.
  7. Great idea. If the scopes, associated stats, and designs are customizable, it will upgrade snipers’ mechanics and usefulness a lot. *This should be in feedback-weapon section. I am not sure who can move it.
  8. The topic shows up literally few times every week. You might want to read some past posts first.
  9. Even if it’s your preference to use Linux and wants to run Windows games or apps on it, it already tells you that your choice of operation system is wrong. If it doesn’t work, why keep trying? Windows works so well for the rest of us. Just get a pre-built gaming PC with genuine Windows 10 license and activated, you won’t have all these non-sense headaches.
  10. All in one tab is more convenient. Just use filters wisely. You can’t possibly be looking/buying/trading all things at all time. Just put in the key words of you interests, you will be seeing only those items. Simply and easy.
  11. I still rebind keys to make game play better from time to time. You can be expecting to use the same key binding forever as the system improves and changes over time.
  12. Absolutely NO! It took me and mist of us a while to get used to the new system, and it’s good and smooth for fast attacks and automatic blocking for more protection. It can be tweaked. It’s very good and much better than before.
  13. Totally agree. I like any kinds of buffs. Bowls should work like snipers and as powerful as most top snipers.
  14. Good job. MR is one of the objectives in the game to do. It took me about 1100 hours to reach MR25, at the time the highest one can achieve. I tried not to rush it as I spent time to complete many other objectives in the game.
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