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  1. You asking nerfs? Why not just take HM out of all your builds and **** up?
  2. Exactly the same here. I will also pay a lot to buy a version based on updates and game play style from 2016-2018 golden era of Warframe.
  3. It also failed to retain existing players.
  4. That chart says it all. When did you start playing Warframe?
  5. Great chart. The golden era of Warframe from 2017-2018 is gone forever. Nerfs after nerfs after that.
  6. How other players define their work and how they value what they have achieved is none of your business. If you see your own play hours as worthless and meaningless as you just said, please keep it to yourself and keep wasting your own time.
  7. Thank you. Your opinion is respected.
  8. Well said. Who would know that commenting and discussing on the forum is more fun than playing the game itself.
  9. Exactly. Just enjoy the game. It's meaningless to pick numbers you want to see to convince others.
  10. How many players really loved the period of Warframe from 2017 to 2018? It's the golden era of Warframe. No endless nerfing after nerfing for the sake of "balancing" in a PvE game. No resetting players progress. Fluid movement and great melee range/attacks for some weapons albeit that could be applied to more melees like today. Fast. Smooth. Many OP and meta weapons. Great Riven dispositions for weapons players loved. Fun grinding hours and hours because the process itself was fun. Warframe of the period was able to attract many new players who invited more friends to play Warframe. Player count increased substantially as well because it was the golden period of Warframe. Who would like to play a special edition encapsulating the best elements and weapon systems of Warframe from the period? If there are options to let players select what Update to play, it will be great. Just like Windows operating system, if one doesnt' like a new update, one doesn't need to update to it.
  11. DE has been doing so since 2018. Many have chosen not to be punished anymore since Update 26. Welcome to join us. This is the only way to make our voices heard. Any similar sentiments and logical analysis like yours shared here are useless.
  12. Vharu You missed the best and the golden era of Warframe - from 2017 to 2018. If you could go back to that golden era and experienced what Warframe actually offered, you will be sad. It's good not to know what has happened. The joy of being puerile. It's good to be late to the party. Welcome to WF and enjoy as much as you can as it keeps being nerfed.
  13. Thank you for speaking up fairly and objectively. I used to trade Rivens from 20P a piece to more than 10K Plat a piece. Totally I have traded hundreds of Rivens. They are all bought/sold/traded at fair market prices. Free market is the best thing ever in almost any market systems. I serve others with great Rivens I roll. I pay others top Plat with Rivens I look for. Without a free market, it’s impossible.
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