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  1. Are there any plans for a standalone mandachord app with randomly generated tune progressions? There are hundreds of games with procedurally generated scores and not a single offline procedurally generated radio app on the market, someone gotta fix that!
  2. Wouldn't want it on something like akbolto anyway, you already get more ammo than you spend with it even if you pull the trigger as fast as you could without stopping, Akjagara seems to have unrelated issues with kills not being credited to a headshot when using viral-slash build. Anyway, any ETA on the fix?
  3. Any natural choice for this arcane - grakata, akjagara and such - have absolutely no benefit from it, the proc doesn't even halve the ammo consumption, when its supposed to give you infinite ammo for the duration.
  4. it won't be after they double the droprate tho
  5. You know you can craft amber stars with vitus essence, right? The stuff that's up to get its drop rate doubled
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