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  1. Edit: I just noticed all the experience the weapon said it was getting in the mission actually didn't apply. My Fulmin went form 16 to 19 but is still 16 in the arsenal (screenshot below) Enabling Aegis Storm and then Balefire Charger is what caused this both times in the same void survival fissure run. Looks to do this to whatever weapon you are currently using at that moment. I wasn't disarmed by any enemy. By the end, I was only able to melee or use her 1. I was still getting experience on the weapons as toasts came up saying so but after i extracted, the window no longer showed my guns even being equipped visually or able to equip them. cycled all her powers on and off but nothing worked so I extracted. Weirder yet, The summary of the mission didnt show those weapons even being equipped. I quickly went to Arsenal to see if the game just decided to remove them completely but they were there and equipped
  2. If i turn on Adaptive Exposure, it will make Jupiter beautiful to look at but then make other planets too bright and washed out. I have used the same settings for a long time for lighting and love them. My current work around is managing my lighting settings base don if i am going to Jupiter or not 😞 Below is example images and my preferred settings. I would really prefer to just keep them the way they are but maybe it's something i can fix temperately making a tweak? Anything that makes me not have to manage lighting all the time but also not make non jupiter tilesets too bright. Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this. Here are the lighting settings I prefer and have used for as long as i can remember. Here is what it looks like. a little dark but nothing i cant make out However, on Jupiter. its this. Again, If i turn on Adaptive Exposure on Jupiter it's beautiful and love it. Unfortunately, every other planet then becomes washed out with too much light and annoying. Thank you
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