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  1. of course but in game and here, all who experience the same 100 bit connection have all been on my ISP and in northeast America, but definitely, could still be. Just FYI to all, My game logged in at a normal speed (not minutes this time) for the first time this week and have yet to see the not responding error. I dont want to jinx myself but it may be resolved (whatever IT was )
  2. i doubt this is anything warframe or their employees can address but I filed a ticket with warframe support anyhow. its seems more and more to be a major spectrum issue but they wont listen to any of us. maybe warframe tech support can contact the right people who may actually have a way to look into this. if not, i really have no idea. i guess a warframe break will be in the cards for us all for a bit.
  3. yes and yes. i actually called spectrum yesterday (unrelated reason) and asked about it and was given the same nondescript answer. they arent too keen on details. its going on its 3rd day now and confusing how warframe is the only issue im having if its a spectrum related issue. heres to hoping we all get back to normal. good luck, all!
  4. same. its driving me insane the last 2 days. ive done everything over and over and it just wont stop. the "analyze network" system in options/gameplay needs a detailed update.
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