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  1. The first one is a primed mod that has an unorthodox polarity and requires you to go through a lengthy quest chain to get and is a multiplicative buff. Maiming Strike is a R5 mod, 7 cap mod with an additive buff and can be gotten from anyone once you have enough plat. Also, I have no idea why you have to bring Rivens into the equation considering that Rivens can vary wildly in their values.
  2. Any word on only getting 50% of resources invested into repairs when scraping built items?
  3. So, since leveling scaling has been added for a few frames, it would be nice to see it added to some more abilities. Excal's 3 (and maybe even his 1 with the addition of the combo window) would be taken from underwhelming to a useful ability with the addition of leveling scaling a la Vauban and Grendal.
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