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  1. Well, maybe if a) they didn't call it a "fix" and b) fixed the Sarpa which is a Gunblade that's actually in needs of fixes.
  2. Meanwhile the Sarpa is still actually broken but that's not a concern.
  3. Nyx’s Assimilate mod still needs to be “unfixed” Excal’s Proto Skin still needs to be PBR’d Hema research costs are still too high Arcanes are still tied to cosmetics
  4. Nyx’s Assimilate mod still needs to be “unfixed” Excal’s Proto Skin still needs to be PBR’d Hema research costs are still too high Arcanes are still tied to cosmetics
  5. Reminders: UI still jacked (don't care if it's 'in the works', it's still broken) Hema research costs are still excessive Assimilate should be reverted
  6. Just let us swap between the two forms at will. The whole gimmick is just that: a gimmick. Missions in Warframe largely tend to involve one of two things: standing around a static object or moving through a level. In both of these situations, getting the buff you want is a total pain. Oh, and Slight of Hand is a meme. Just get rid of it.
  7. UI is still broken. Assimilate revert when? Hema research costs still too much.
  8. And this is the exact reason why I will never take the cries for the meta weapons to be nerfed seriously.
  9. I only ever used it to open crates. I guess DE felt the weapon made Syndicate Medallion hunting a little too easy. Now, if I were crazy, I'd think DE didn't like how people were so easily able to collect and hoard Medallions in preparation for the next Prime Access.
  10. "It could have been worse". Okay... now is the part where you tell me why DE's reason for not lowering Hema's build cost doesn't apply here. This isn't a "political move". This is holding DE to what they say.
  11. Okay, tell me why I'm wrong for bringing this up? Am I wrong for expecting DE to stick to what they say? If DE's going to keep using it, I'm going to keep using it. Wow, a whole 3 Forma! That's like half of what I spent on the Tonkor alone! Actually, no, that's wrong. It's since been clarified. From Rebecca on the subreddit: So, if you, for some reason, Forma'd and kept the original Simulor, you get 4.
  12. This is what was said So, yeah. A whopping 3 Forma since who really forma'd and kept the normal Simulor. The former were always good. People just didn't realize it. 25% crit and status chance on a secondary pistols is near godly. Again, same deal. Of course, issue was people always trying to build for crit instead of focusing on the status it has and building it along side the crit. The only weapons it helped out were the ones that were already good.
  13. This isn't about the nerfing of the 4 meta weapons. Plenty has been said on the subject and rightly so. This is about something more concerning. It's about DE. It's about what DE says and what DE does and how they sometimes don't align. Let's make Huey Lewis and go back in time to when Rivens were first released. In the midst of all that was and was being said, DE made the follow thier statement on Riven mods: "The point of Riven mods is to breathe new life into old weapons." Now, I'm paraphrasing here and I'm not aware of any update to this since then. So, with that in mind, this weapon rebalance can only be seen, at best, as an admission that Rivens are not fulfilling their purpose of "breathing new life into old weapons" or, at worst, that they never were supposed to fill that roll. So, with the Rivens part out of the way, let's roll onto the other issue that this weapon rebalance brings up: Hema research costs. DE's official statement is that "reducing the Hema's research costs would invalidate the hard work people put into it". But isn't nerfing a group of weapons that people spent time, resources, and even money to acquire, build, and level "invalidating their hard work"? "But you get a free Forma for each of the weapons you leveled and a booster!" Yes, a Forma. A Single Forma. My Tonkor alone used 6 Forma. But this just further adds to my point about the Hema's build costs. If they're worried about "invalidating people's hard work" like they, allegedly, are with the Hema, why not give players who invested into the weapon some kind of resource refunding or a consolation prize? This weapon rebalance has opened up a can of worms.