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  1. Please DE, while you're adjusting the Mutalist Quanta, make the alt fire orbs not bounce around due to player collisions and melee strikes! It's intensely frustrating trying to use the gun to it's full potential when the orbs are just bouncing around all the time.
  2. Please, DE for the love of mutalist quanta, make this one change. I love the gun, but the alt fire is near unusable because of the bouncy collision physics with everything in a mission.
  3. I can't wait for Rubico Prime Access to start! (sorry, Chroma looks great, but has insanely boring gameplay imo).
  4. Everyone on this thread needs to calm down. It's a weekend and there were obviously issues with the twitch drops (remember the Devstream 100 exilus adapter super giveaway?), let the dust settle from the Tennocon and once they get back in the office next week they will review the users who watched the streams and reconcile those that got the drop and those that didn't. Be patient, give them a day or two to recover from their biggest event of the year.
  5. I'm fine with these Limbo changes. Stasis usually breaks early anyways for me because of allies and too many enemies in rift, so I have a feeling this reduced duration stasis will effectively end up lasting longer than current configuration. The only downside I can see now is that people will get mad at Limbo for NOT using stasis, so they can take easy shots at enemies in Cataclysm.
  6. All I want to know are updates on the Vauban and Nidus Deluxe skins.
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