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  1. First (and mid-) impressions in no particular order. - Oh good, more arbitrarily inflated numbers! Remember the beloved treasurers? Let's have EVERYONE like that. - After listening to Teshin's little intro: THAT's your explanation? "The enemies hate us", therefore they are now stronger? Much lore, so world-building, wow. If it worked like that, I could punch entire cities into the ocean. HOW did they GET stronger? Care to take a guess what sort of effort and time it takes to design and manufacture armor/technology that's SEVERAL TIMES more effective than your current one? While you're at war with at least 2 factions? This just highlights /again/ how the enemy scaling and the level system itself is ridiculous. If you can reliably and constantly churn out infantry that are almost space marines, why even bother making anything weaker ever again? - Break out all your cheese or drown in billions of EHP. Bullet sponges are not "difficulty". They're boring. Watch dunkey's video on Destiny (one). It's 5 years old. - Oooh, what's this? Steel essence! Sweet! Looks like the head of the jail hammer from MHW. Too bad you get like 0.2 each mission and can't buy anything exceptional or useful with them. Oh and the prices are awful 😄 - Shadows of the dead needs a higher damage multiplier. Like 'current X 10' or more. - Aren't archguns supposed to be good against armor/vehicles/buildings/spaceships? Why does my little scrap pistol kill random dudes in armor faster? - Teshin's lines predict the cheese level. I like your voice, but why are you telling me they had good deaths? This was a spy mission, literally nobody died. I already miss Ordis' Lotus impression.
  2. Nah, treasurers look like sleazy weasels, they should have the stats of the hoverskate guys but use wildly different stuff, like diversions and CC to not get hit. Maybe instantly port in backup when they go invisible, disorient, blind, port to the next tile, that sort of thing. Not this immortal being that openly ridicules people for trying to level new gear on their tilesets. No hidden stats, no arbitrarily inflated base values. I'm not saying the nox needs a nerf. I'm saying it needs an explanation. Why is his armor immune to things literally the best at destroying armor? Like corrosion. Or things designed to penetrate armor? Like the heavy guns you can call from the heavens, that can destroy vehicles the size of buildings.
  3. Wait is this the same bullS#&$ cheese plot armor that the nox has, but for shields and dialed up to 11? Wait, he has better shields than Hildryn? Would like an ingame-ish worldbuildy explanation to that. And for the nox's unstrippable armor. Which clearly originates from the dude mostly being metal. Except every other metal thing/being behaves normally. While we're at it, is there a lore reason why newer unit variants, like tusk grineer, terra corpus and space grineer have 5-100 times the HP that other units of their level usually have? Is it to purposefully destroy any semblance of self-consistency (i.e. should levels mean nothing?). .
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