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  1. 6 hours ago, taiiat said:

    rather than giving so much EHP via hidden Stats, they should just increase the Base Health/Shield Stats so that Players using their Codex as a research tool will be able to see "oh, these dudes are durable".

    with Nox it's amusingly okay in comparison since it's 'only' 97.5% DR on their Bodies (though they take something like 16x Damage on Headshots).
    but Treasurers is more extreme, at which point i think it's especially prudent to just give them the like 5000 base Health/Shields that they seem to effectively have, and not give special DR on top of that.
    (to be abundantly clear Noxes don't need to be nerfed, they're pretty great as they are, a more extreme version of the usual Body Part Multipliers making for a strength and a weakness - and Treasurers don't necessarily either, what i'm talking about is presentation and information clarity)

    Nah, treasurers look like sleazy weasels, they should have the stats of the hoverskate guys but use wildly different stuff, like diversions and CC to not get hit. Maybe instantly port in backup when they go invisible, disorient, blind, port to the next tile, that sort of thing. Not this immortal being that openly ridicules people for trying to level new gear on their tilesets.

    No hidden stats, no arbitrarily inflated base values.

    I'm not saying the nox needs a nerf. I'm saying it needs an explanation.
    Why is his armor immune to things literally the best at destroying armor? Like corrosion.
    Or things designed to penetrate armor? Like the heavy guns you can call from the heavens, that can destroy vehicles the size of buildings.

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  2. Wait is this the same bullS#&$ cheese plot armor that the nox has, but for shields and dialed up to 11?
    Wait, he has better shields than Hildryn? Would like an ingame-ish worldbuildy explanation to that.
    And for the nox's unstrippable armor. Which clearly originates from the dude mostly being metal. Except every other metal thing/being behaves normally.
    While we're at it, is there a lore reason why newer unit variants, like tusk grineer, terra corpus and space grineer have 5-100 times the HP that other units of their level usually have? Is it to purposefully destroy any semblance of self-consistency (i.e. should levels mean nothing?).

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  3. Found a bug(?):

    RJ component recovery mission Interference Vomvalysts can be summoned as Nekros' ghost zombies and
    -are completely useless, just hovering there and not shooting the enemy
    -get summon priority, taking up valuable zombie slots
    -sport big red KILL ME markers, making them distracting as well.

    I'm all for more diversified summoning, but either make them useful or remove them from the minion list.

  4. Some problems:
    -Heavy weapons don't get affinity from team kills.
    -Heavy weapons just 'feel' heavy (movement restrictions), but don't actually do that much damage.
    -Everything is tied to the new systems and there is no reliable (even slightly fun) way to get them.
    -Grofit Baker has no rewards*.
    -Bopit Maker being immune to everything (shield strip, armor strip) you might consider using (apart from flat +50000% damage buffs) is CHEATING. It's on the same level as cutscene bullS#&$, like defeating a boss, but in the cutscene he just gets up and stabs you in the eye because f*** you. --- I don't like chroma. F*** me right?
    -'Sent flying' should be a part of the knockdown 'status'. It's super annoying getting thrown around even though you're supposed to be immune to such things.
    -Froppit Caker's missiles will target stealthed frames even before she?/it has any way of knowing they're there.
    -Eidolons are totally sentient and PT is somewhat sentient and STILL the sentient-killing UBERBLADE does nothing interesting to them.
    -OV-exclusive enemies' HP-scaling is still broken (takes less heavy weapon fire to kill Orb Boss, than to kill one kreska dude).
    -Can't we just infiltrate and disable the shield satellite? You know, like we do to all those beast warships? OR, crash it into the Nef statue.
    -LD has S#&$ plans. I mean even Ordis could probably do better.

    *nothing worthwhile anyway...

  5. Having issues logging in today... goes to verify cache and then says update failed. tried to reinstall and cler setting in IE but still nothing. Was working great yesterday!

    Launcher "skips" the last ~130mb needed, then goes "update failed".

    Unable to log in since friday...

  6. Yay!

    Can't wait to---

    "Update failed!

    Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.

    Please restart Warframe to try again.

    The update will be restarted shortly.."


  7. So I'll just pick one of my ideas at random...
    Name Suggestion: Seeder

    Behaviour: This variant of Corpus infested unleashes a somewhat clumsy barrage of technocyte-infused bolts using the weapon it held in life, now fused into its flesh.


    Attacks: On sight: Continous fire with infested Dera; smaller, darker reddish bolts, low poison or viral damage, same-side infested are immune. Highly inaccurate (hits are scarce at long ranges, somewhat below decent at medium). Targeting does not care for allies in the way.


    While attacking: Close at walking speed to "comfortable" distance (about 2-3 Leaper Leap-trigger distances).

    Jump to nearby vantage point (boxes, rocks...).

    Up close: Backroll, resume attack. Backroll has a cooldown, unable to just keep evading.

    Close range, or up close but backroll on cooldown: slowly back up to "comfortable" distance while firing.

    Cannot run while shooting. Only stops shooting if dead or no targets in LOS.


    Environment restrictions: None. As they are ranged and fodder units (come in larger numbers) enclosed spaces hinder them.


    Art or Reference Images: Looks like a leaper with a gun poking out of his body (somewhere near the top). The gun also looks "mutated".

  8. So I'm kinda outraged.
    So here (Shingeki no Grineer?)

    The Grineer are monsters in the truest sense, make no mistake. The Corpus may be greedy bastards, but at least they are human. Restricted by human weaknesses, human birth rates and questionable, but human morals. The Grineer have long since abandoned any semblance of humanity, and have become a malign form of space cancer, similar in fashion to the infestation. The difference is that the infested are victims. They are not truly there. They are just biomass that resemble the late host creatures. They died violently and unwillingly before becoming what they are now.
    The Grineer, they HAD A CHOICE. And they purposefully chose oblivion. Not just their own, but also that of everything else.

    What do you think will happen when they win? You think they'll just thank you for your help and find other things to conquer? Let's say they do! After they've conquered everything else, will they not come for you? For us? After exhausting all options, including us, what will become of them? The mass of decaying cyber-clones who were indoctrinated to hold conquest over everything? They will rot, and die without victims to feed on. In this sense, they are actually MORE like cancer, than the infestation. They will destroy everything, because that is all they know. Then they will rot and leave nothing behind. All they've conquered will crumble as will their bodies.

    This is the side YOU've been helping. Helping doom the universe. For what, TRINKETS? And then dare say the Corpus are greedy?

    The Corpus are weak enough to lose the system without our help. The Grineer are strong enough to take the system without our help.
    If we temporarily help the Corpus, we will KEEP THEM WEAK. By opposing the Grineer, we'll WEAKEN them too.
    Our DUTY is to keep both sides as weak as possible and not let either win, because if a side wins, it WILL turn on us.
    They need to be weakened in unison, to the point where they can both be erased at the same time.

    The first order of duty is to thin the Grineer horde as HARD as you can, at least until a true solution is found (like a virus, that would maybe attack only cyber organs. And perhaps could be countered by something as simple as a healthy immune system).

    Should there be an actual winner, we have a much better chance against the weaker Corpus, should they decide to backstab us.

    If performing your duty costs the lives of our brothers, than that is what it will cost. As it always has.
    If we need to abandon our humanity to defeat the monsters, then so we will.
    "Someone who can’t sacrifice anything, can never change anything!"



  9. 1. Drones normally spawned by fusion MOAs: previously the most annoying feature of the game, but their spawning can be stopped.
    2. Same drones spawned separately by Void Survivals: the NEW most annoying feature of the game as their spawning cannot be stopped.
    Result: void survivals end after 5 minutes.

  10. Sooo.. can I have the 200K credits back for the Dual Ichor and Embolist blueprints? ^_^

    News and alerts still disappearing after you almost enter a mission, then back out.
    Prone enemy melee execute bug still present.
    Don't know how it is for others, but the Nekros part blueprint rewards are Systems ~70% of the time.
    Some "colourable-looking" projectiles (like Acrid's poison splat and Boltor bolts' glow) still unaffected by colour settings.
    Mods in use in another weapon (like those you use in your gun, when you're modding your sentinel's gun) should be marked somehow or missing from the bottom mod row.
    Stealth attacks on Crawlers are really awkward as they have no legs now and the animations are shared with runners/leapers probably. It kicks the air under the floating torso and beheads it.

    Edit: Also, reload and cancel shot being on the same button doesn't really work out for charged shot weapons with clips. Like the Lanka.


    ...sooo this new stamina system essentially mutilates the previously successful concept of the space ninja.
    It gives the distinct impression, that it was implemented to actually make the game LESS fun.

    Please don't mention movement mods. You should never have to trade actually useful mods for mobility.

    The stamina bar was fine as it was, moving up and down as you jump around and occasionally hitting zero and stopping you when you try to sprint for minutes. Now it's even drained while you're in the air after jumping. This may be a bug.

    Orokin loot chambers are hard enough as they are (assuming you're not excalibur).

    Consider removing stamina entirely and converting stamina mods to speed-like mods. Or just add a row of mod slots to frames reserved for move mods.

    Also, somehow Nekros' loot ability somehow against all odds, made it into the final cut. I'm also led to believe (by youtube) that it even "makes" mods. Way to implement "magic find" aka Diablo's demise.

    Maybe I should stop playing until it becomes a final release, so I only see the end-product and can decide if I like it as a whole.
    I'm getting kind of sick seeing awesomeness reductions and lameness implementations every 2-3 months. Especially since they always seem to be snugly hidden amongst shiny new (and really good) stuff. There's just always a couple of patch note entries that make me hate the whole thing.
    Like this stamina thing. Sure we get tons of neat stuff, new levels and such, but this one tweak makes the entire game uncomfortable.

    rant mode off

  12. Hi, 


    Just wanna tell someone thats my News and Alerts disappear everytime i zoom in and out at the Planets. Is that only by me or have someone else the same Problems?

    BTW sry for my english i´m just a german hope u understand what i mean.




    Also does this when exiting arsenal.

  13. The poison inside the acrid is unchangeable green.
    The poison splat outside the acrid is unchangeabe WHITE :o

    Also, prone enemy stab animations are messed up, now the frame doesn't close with the target before doing it, and just stabs the ground in front of him, wasting time and doing no damage. As I'm leveling my Hate now, I don't know if other weapons share this bug.

    Torid clouds are also kinda weird now. I don't have one, but I've seen others create 2 different colored clouds on impact. One is always green.

    Also, this:


    I would expect this to get worse over time as the tilesets, graphics, optimizations for multithreading, and GPU offload to the CPU become more intensive as they patch.  Sorry to say it...

    Why would someone pile GPU "jobs" on the CPU?! GPUs can take loads more than CPUs.

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