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  1. "She's using your energy to... This is bad." Using your energy to what? Any ideas as I am not very into the lore...
  2. Fair enough... Saying that... Apart from marked for death... Any other helmith combo makes her good?
  3. But despite all you all have said... Nobody uses her?
  4. Banshee really needs some love! Why wont the next update have something for her...
  5. ahh that answers my question then... cool beans.. thanks!~
  6. Hello DE, When you removed self damage, I am unsure if you intend to remove self inflicted status as well. If you intend to keep self inflicted status then all is good. But if not.... I manage to proc the viral stat on myself repeatedly using Kuva Ayanga when I shot the wall. I checked that my Kuva Ayanga is viral built and it happened to me while using Saryn and Mirage over a few missions. I was wondering why i kept dying. Hope you are able to look into it. Thanks!
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