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  1. ahh that answers my question then... cool beans.. thanks!~
  2. Hello DE, When you removed self damage, I am unsure if you intend to remove self inflicted status as well. If you intend to keep self inflicted status then all is good. But if not.... I manage to proc the viral stat on myself repeatedly using Kuva Ayanga when I shot the wall. I checked that my Kuva Ayanga is viral built and it happened to me while using Saryn and Mirage over a few missions. I was wondering why i kept dying. Hope you are able to look into it. Thanks!
  3. With the new implementation of minimum Riven Dispo... I guess a max dispo riven weapon will unlikely surface anytime soon... or even ever... cause it will take ALOT of requirement to get there.... i) It has to be an old weapon ii) It has to be sucky (which most new weapons usually aren't cause of power creep) iii) People have to not use it... What do you folks think?
  4. Yup i played Destiny... Then i was thinking heyy i would be super powerful too if i can move like i did in WF.
  5. Haha if u read 1 of my replies... I was here during the tipedo period... I understand the change as well... I mean i love parkour 2.0... Just saying that it is harder without all the bullet jump... Its back to old times...
  6. Fair enough... I agree also... Perhaps its because im older now so i prefer to take things abit slower than i use to lol...
  7. I get it... And thats true... It has evolved from those time where we use tipedo for travesing... Lol no i really meant it... Cause playing it at a slower pace with my friend let me see all that lol... I didnt expect it also... Thank you u got my point... I agree with you also as removing bullet jump will be going backwards...
  8. I was recently playing with a returning founder friend who was away from the game for a long time. And so you can guess, she doesnt know how to bullet jump, and me who didnt want to spoil and kill everything tagged behind her. I realised suddenly that WF became a totally different game... It became harder and kinda more fun because: 1) i cannot rush into those hoards of enemies and melee them; 2) i cannot escape them that easily; thus all the melee blocking became very vital at some point; 3) i need to kill all/most of them so that i have a route to backtrack/escape to if needed; 4) The pace of the game was slower instead of rushing and killing everything, i got to enjoy everything like the level design and environment; 5) It became more vital to know where ur teammates and rescue targets are as going to revive them became harder; 6) All mission types save Extermination and Sabotage will become harder as it will be more vital and harder to get to ur target to save or revive them; Maybe hard mode could add on something like that also... And you should really try it sometime to not do any bullet jump... Its feels really different... TLDR: WF feels different and harder if you cannot do bullet jump... Try it...
  9. Actually i usually dun sell my rivens unless i absolute hate the weapons (fist/whips/dagger) so the market doesnt really bother me... Just saying for the sake of covering it... Well... Like i said... Im in the game for a long time... New weapons and primes are good but new primes are just stronger variant of their normal counter part... So in other words Stalpha release is more exciting than Pantera prime if u catch my drift. And base weapon dispo dun carry over to primes now... All new weapons starts off minimum 0.5. and diff from their other variants.
  10. Another reason I think Rivens are exciting is because it kinda is 1 of the only way to tune the weapon into a... lets say a weird or different way without sacrificing too much otherwise... Example... It is the only way a melee can get extended range as there is only 1 range mod for melee.. with riven there will be 2!~ It is the only way that a secondary weapon can get extended punch through or projectile speed... So thats why...
  11. Actually what i meant is that Riven kinda expands the excitement... brought it further... its not the only source... Its not THAT exciting anymore... its just normal excitement... LOL But I might have been in the game toooo long... sooo thats kinda another reason why many new things are just meh for me...
  12. Its really well done I agree... But there is only 1 way of killing it... and somehow people kill it too fast that for many times... I only see... Laser.. Parazon... Laser... Parazon... The Razorback Armada fight is more exciting actually... cause hacking the bursa and it takes sometimes to drop the Razorback... more things can happen during that time...
  13. Sadly all new weapons dispo is minimum now... so.... unless its a REALLY good roll... it would probably be useless until the next dispo change...
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