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  1. Her mass confusion should be changed into mass conversion... Like how Wanda used it on all the sword soldiers...
  2. Yeah i feel you but it is possible to get it as long as you dun burn yourself out... Try using ciphers for the spy missions, it helps with the speed alot! For me I got up to clearing a map at 2 to 3mins... Equinox is another hard frame to farm as there are 8 parts!!
  3. That new skin though.... looks erm...
  4. "But you dun feel scam investing to a normal weapon first b4 the prime came out?" Well there is alot of ways to see it... But i see the way cause i feel Prime should be a significant upgrade... And if u cant get the Prime, use the normal 1 first till you get the upgrade? But if you see the prime as the skin then different story?
  5. Yeah thanks for all your thoughts... Appreciate it... For me I didnt see the Primes as just an additional skin... but rather as a significant upgrade (cause I played during the early days as having a Prime is like a THING), that is why it contributed to my thoughts as stated in the post. If I switch my lens to seeing Prime as a skin then ALL of this would make sense... :)
  6. Perhaps this had been said before... but just gonna put my thoughts here and want to hear from you guys... With the release of the new Octavia Prime... it triggered the old feeling and thought that I had in me: "Apart from the different aesthetic, better stats... and additional polarity and something with the void traps, there is literally NO other significant difference compared to the normal one... the word Prime seems overhyped and I end up feeling underwhelmed~~" I do not feel the urge to get it quickly as I still have the normal 1 with me... And even saying that, some of the nor
  7. Melee has infinite ammo and no reload... Thats enough to win all guns~
  8. Yeah i kinda notice that too now that you mentioned it...
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