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  1. If you are not frustrated trying to get the best rolls or affected by what is out there... It is actually a pretty fun system...
  2. Sonicor!!!!! Pew Pew Pew... *Stuff flying all around*
  3. Isnt that what the secondary weapons are for? In movies when you see the protagonist finishes the ammo of the rifles, they usually switch to pistols or something. Cool right?
  4. I get what you are saying... Good analogy there. Well maybe technically wise or coding wise there could be constraints that I would not know. And you are probably right on the numbers being too little to actually justify some work there... But the general idea of looking for trades + recruitment seems less tedious on Path of Exile though and the concept of trades + recruitment into a party is similar. I do not have to keep shouting / looking at a window to know what parties or trade offers are out there in POE. It just felt generally that while many aspect of the game are looked into, the trades + recruitment seems too basic... just shouts and whisper for invites and stuff... P.S~ OH I suddenly remember like POE (Plains of Eidolon this time) the bounty system is similar to the bulletin board, just that the 'bounties' up there are live trades posters or recruiting parties~ But hey, just mucking around on a possible idea though...
  5. Fair enough... I haven really thought out the full plan though dealing with scaling and stuff... just an idea because the way Path Of Exile handles this is pretty good actually... so i think it might work her as well...
  6. Ahhh the fliter seems like something new for me... will definitely try it out. But it only works if the new post comes in after I am connected to the Trade or recruitment channel doesnt it? So it means the poster still needs to re-post their shouts multiple time for those others.The bulletin board idea keeps the shouts / posting once, then as long as the posting/poster is live, all those that joins the channel later can still view it.
  7. Do you know how hard it is to build weapons and formas? Give the machines sometime mate... 😛
  8. Yeah totally understand about there is no best roll...
  9. Yeah I am aware of the long term one... Was hoping there is an instant one where bulletin = live data.. I didnt know there is a NOT filter...
  10. Yeah I did saw that... But because it was too detailed... I couldnt concentrate LOL... Sorry about that... But because this Kohm riven thing was actually bugging me alot... I have rolled it 65 times from DMG MULTI Firerate to now Status... donno if i made the right choice... Will take sometime to focus on it... Appreciate the effort...
  11. As stated, I think with all the shouts and stuff going through too fast, it is easy to miss things once you posted. And even though you can go back on chats, I think its kinda too clunky as I keep mis-clicking, or strain my eyes too much while reading through ALL those text blocks. Do any of you find the same way as well? I kinda feel that with the way DE built the game, a better system or mechanic can be implemented. E.G The way Path of Exile deals with this issue. They have like a temp bulletin board where recruitment or trade shouts are posted. Then it sticks in the bulletin board for as long as the poster opens it. Other players could just search or go through the bulletin board for things they are interested in, like do a search for "Axi Relic" or "Rubico Prime Barrel" then all those parties that are recruiting for a certain Axi Relic or sellers for Rubico Prime Barrel will pop up. Players could just click on it to message the poster for invite or trades. So once the poster exits the bulletin board and that post will be gone. First it totally eliminates the need for constant re-posting (and tears as your post gets drowned in the SEA of texts). Second, players can easily search for the parties or items that they want. Its a WIN WIN for all ain't it? Hope I am not missing anything here.
  12. Vauban Bounce... I always laugh my ass off while playing this to troll other players...
  13. Ahhh Icic, Thanks for pointing it out. But I wonder what Dual Keres can get from using it with Khora though. I kinda like the weapon alot~
  14. I just realized this... Did DE missed it or intending to implement it later?
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