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  1. Rewarding players for their efforts, huh? Now was that so hard?
  2. What exactly was wrong with Umbral Forma's price to warrant the increase?
  3. And how is it different from the ones we have already that all do the same thing but for some reason count separate for Mastery Rank?
  4. Waiting for the next round before I'll bother dumping any forma into it. Verified 6 forma builds huh? Ya'll at DE make it sound like you don't know that's the baseline for testing a new frame or something.
  5. Gonna add more? Maybe split the mod rate evenly amongst the rest seeing as we're not gonna want ridiculous copies of Fury and Redirection?
  6. Gonna drop two cents and say that my favorite part of this Warframe is gonna be getting it maxed. Looking forward to the "rework" if you guys even bother to attempt one. Also, definitely do something about the drain + duration nonsense on the underwhelming ability you call an ultimate.
  7. That bug is on Valkyr herself too; longstanding issue.
  8. Bile is definitely the most problematic of the secretions; add resources to it please.
  9. I don't support content getting nerfed before release but this stuff does look kinda cool. Not gonna get that excited though. Getting excited is a mistake now.
  10. Gotta admit I'm a bit impressed that this workshop got more changes than the healing defense objectives workshop did as an aside. All it took was countless threads of people moaning and groaning. Obviously nobody cared enough about healing defense objectives.
  11. I was excited but now I'm not. Way to kill hype for an update DE. If you're so worried about abilities being the overwhelming choice how bout you actually do something about it and buff the underperforming ones like you kinda said you would instead of nerfing the good ones? Also why don't you just draw the MR requirement out of a hat? Cause it really doesn't matter in the slightest.
  12. Adaptation didn't exist back then and Arcanes weren't given out like candy yet either. Also for some people, pressing 5 is a death sentence as a client due to latency issues. I don't think a cooldown would help make the game more challenging so much as trashing operators altogether would; although it's clear that won't be happening. The aforementioned resources would still mean the game is too easy, so operators aren't even the issue.
  13. Lol, all the Khora parts nobody needs. Heard it from enough so far.
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