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  1. Lol, all the Khora parts nobody needs. Heard it from enough so far.
  2. It might be a client / host issue with hooks seemingly never missing. Lord knows there's enough of those kinds of issues, with transference as a client being not good enpugh of a solution unless your ping to the host is immaculate.
  3. Venomous Ancients and Toxin Ancient Eximuses definitely need a look at. It's not about knockdown or difficulty to engage, it's all about the inability to recognize the threat when it sneaks up behind you or is invisible the way grenades used to be pre-shield gating. I have no qualms with the breath attack but hooks in and of themselves are a problem when they come from the toxin ancients or disruptor ancients. It's a matter of all energy being gone or just cut out the middleman and all health being gone from a sniping unit. It completely invalidates the point of implementing shield gating in the first place, for a faction and a half at any rate. As much as I would love for Primed Sure Footed to just negate the damage and drain to "never get grabbed again", that's not quite how it works.
  4. "We should reach a point where disposition reductions are very rare" I literally laughed out loud. That will be the day where a riven is never worth chasing after.
  5. Back to Corrosive Projection Master Race. GJ DE.
  6. I'm personally still waiting for the day Exalted Blade, Wukong's Staff, or Valkyr's talons become as good / worth to use as Serene Storm anyways without a nerf being involved. But since this is a nerf thread I'll just keep my mouth shut as to why or how. #buffexaltedmelee
  7. Yeah hi, after dumping 4 forma into Tremor for Tombfinger after Shrewd got an immense buff while Tremor got an immense nerf I'd looooove a little bit of compensation since I have to waste a modslot turning Tremor into Shrewd. Ktyx
  8. You know, I think you might be right and I was mistaken. It could be worth revisiting. It's been a good two years for me, I'm not sure what caused me to stop using it. Maybe a combination of newer weapons getting powercreeped statistics with passives that can outdo a syndicate proc that can be activated at will combined with the fact that if anybody talks about any given weapon then usage can spike skewing DE's data into nerfing disposition. It's a grand life, isn't it? Even the forums are one big mindgame in that regard thanks to how DE is handling riven disposition. There's still a few gems out there that perform exceedingly well just because all they need is one or two good modifiers on a riven. That isn't balance, that's the clinging by a thread to still be relevant which can be changed at the whim of DE's data. I'm glad you agree with me though; the rest of my examples were on point weren't they?
  9. Zzzzzz This won't make decreases any less common. If something in this game is ever considerdd good and a single popular streamer makes a video for it then its disposition bites the dust. Maybe y'all should make a policy to fix that instead. Also it doesn't matter how much you buff the Marelok's disposition; its base stats are S#&$ and it will see no use until you buff those. Same goes for Despair, Cronus, Jaw Sword, and every other stat stick for Atlas and Khora that you can think of.
  10. Lol if only the Catchmoon received as miniscule of a nerf as this. This thing's still gonna be OU because there's no MR requirement or challenge to acquire it since you can be carried.
  11. I think all of these augments are terrible. I'll be happy to explain why. Rubble Heap - The only good thing about this one is its negation of an energy cost. But it costs a King's ransom amount of energy to reach 1400 rubble in the first place because we never tend to get enough enemies to efficiently kill them before the other 3/4ths of the squad does with their brammas. Nidus - Wow. Well I guess if 100 stacks worth of spamming wasn't enough, now we can have 100 more of spamming. This still suffers from the problem described above so both Nidus and Atlas will have to go out of their way to avoid their squad in order to get swarmed to make these augments work. Even if the Bramma wasn't a factor, they both should have some way of gathering for and maintaining their passives a lot easier since both of their abilities tend to oneshot enemies especially after the armor rework. The point of these bandaid mods are lost on me but perhaps someone can explain it to me. Valkyr - You got rid of her Hysteria timer in order to sell it back. Lol? Also nobody's getting rid of Eternal War anytime soon so are we expected to run dual augments here or something? Cause despite those buffs to her claws she still has no point to not run more power strength instead to get some extra armor from Warcry. It's not like the added damage makes her claws any more amazing than Exalted Blade or heaven forbid Desert Wind. Saryn - Marking dead enemies on the map. Gotta be the worst of the bunch. My mind is blown. If Primed Animal Instinct didn't already make this one worthless with enemy radar, the loot radar extends further than Revealing Spores and is what the red enemy marks will become before you can do anything productive with knowing that you wasted a modslot.
  12. I wouldn't mind if they took away the palettes either seeing as I didn't expect or want the Beach palette to appear before Classic and Classic Saturated yet those stick around despite not "earning" nearly half of them. If it came to simply earning cosmetics thru a low level mission versus dropping 5k on them in the market being the difference between temporary and permanent acquisition I don't see that big a difference since I earned the 5k while doing the bat ephemera mission.
  13. So when are y'all taking away my bat ephemera then?
  14. So we've had a month to hear literally anything new from DE regarding this change apart from the unwelcome implementation itself. Cool. Slapping 100 health per second on everything you can think of for only 5 seconds a piece doesn't work, DE. It only really works for Wisp since she only has to cast one or two powers a single time then forget about it. A change or statement to the rest of powers on the list, Vazarin especially, would be nice. Cuz you've gone and made Wisp the new Vazarin. Meanwhile I'm happy to nap through all related missions with or as a Wisp. This is fine and intended I'm sure. It's not every day that a defense target can perpetually crowd control an entire... crowd while healing over 90 hp per second. It's actually kinda amusing.
  15. Here's your feedback: Fix Vazarin's change into something more respectable than the laughingstock that it is right now. That low low amount does not scale and is unsuited for something like a Requiem fissure on Kuva Survival, and doesn't come anywhere close to the amount of goodness that it used to be. Or rework focus as a whole and stop making people jump straight to running Zenurik all of the time. It's predictable, boring, and poor design. Edit: Also thank you so much for listening to the massive amount of negative feedback on this matter back in your workshop thread. It feels good to see how pointless those truly are when nothing we say in them affects the changes before they go live.
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