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  1. Meanwhile happy Valentine's day everyone, this is definitely one for the history books.
  2. Just posting to say that I'm busting sides from laughter too. I absolutely lost it when Aurora posted the throwback statement from Devstream 17. 🤣
  3. Yeah hi, I'm gonna add in another two cents to the crowd to let y'all know you screwed another squad out of rewards because of your hotfix rules not allowing us to return to the dojo while "staying in mission" If that can't be done give us longer than 3 minutes for hotfixes from now on. 10 minutes should be fair.
  4. This is the only thing that caught my attention out of the whole post. Please push for this. Kuva missions are becoming pretty obselete for relics since Thralls sometimes give them as commonly as a mass of corrupted enemies give Harrow's Chassis Blueprint if you're hunting several liches you were unlucky with discovering the combination on.
  5. Which weapon would y'all use? [Pay no attention to the builds, pay attention to the differences] Here's 4 mods for additional comparison
  6. So you guys will be able to ensure all of the newest equipment comes pre-nerfed on disposition. Great. It's exciting alright.
  7. Yeah hi, Untraceable doesn't last for 18 seconds. I'd like for it to though. 😛 Can we hotfix that?
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