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  1. Thank you so much for improving Gauss, and vastly at that. I can't wait to try him again. That was nicer to hear about than the looting abilities and prime access together.
  2. Well I'm glad we sparked a revert of a nerf if nothing else. Thanks for that change at the very least. And it didn't take a year this time!
  3. How about instead of putting this booster available for everyone through rewards (saturating the pool further btw) and the market you keep it PA exclusive (or omit it before it's too late) and reimplement Warframe Looting Abilities stacking on Corpses? Someone brought this perspective to my attention recently: You'll essentially be making us pay for (or lose out on a reward for a temporary version of) something that used to be a feature of the game for the longest time. I'm honestly not sure if I want that when instead all you have to do is revert a recent nerf.
  4. Next we need to talk about "timeliness of delivery" for updates like these, because leaving content to rot in a bad state for a year before doing something about it (Plains, Arbitration, more examples pending) is not good for the game. Thank goodness otherwise. It was bad enough waiting two and a half hours for Eidolons to come out of the lake, now I don't have to wait two and a half days for an ideal Excavation or Disruption to pop out of the ether at a time when I'm not at work because all of the missions bar Defense are gonna be good now.
  5. I'll also add in that I hope Gauss gets some more changes added as well. This hotfix was overall a disappointment to me and I don't even care about the Conclave standing being excluded from the non-universal Medallion.
  6. Cool, guess it's back to waiting strictly for Infestation Excavations since nothing else for Arbitrations is quicker. When exactly are Arbitrations having their reward distributions reworked? Cuz so far we've seen a revive mechanic get added which, while nice, nobody necessarily wanted; and the scaling was changed to match the rest of the game to make them even more of a turnoff.
  7. I'm posting to say that Flitz (page 5) has a load of good pointers on the finer workings of Gauss' abilities and that some adjustments to help Gauss' battery concept along would be great. Right now I think it's really bad that our ability statistics have 0 effect on the battery gauge and I think that needs to change for certain. I won't offer specific proposals but let's just say it's unfair if we mod ourselves to be extremely efficient and have our frame's (extremely active) passive not compensate to fit this; cause at that point it becomes a hinderance more than a gimmick which will turn people away from the frame.
  8. >Loki has been repeated too many times over the years >Was rereleased only twice >Will never forget Arbiters of Hexis requiring Bo Prime Handle and doing that sacrifice against building it >Will never forget how long Bo Prime Handle has been vaulted and Bo Prime consequently being grayed out on profile Haha. That was a funnier statement than the Deadly Contagious description of Valkyr and Saryn's unvaulting.
  9. Wow. I can't wait to still one-shot myself Is it REALLY so much to ask for 100% self damage reduction since people might ACTUALLY then make room for this mod on a build, which is already as band-aid as the mods come? Cuz if you stick this mod on any build with a riven, no matter if the damage reduction is 99.999%, you're still dead.
  10. The only "concern" I have is the fact that any feedback given to changes directly in a dev workshop thread has no direct bearing on changing content presented in said dev workshop thread before it gets released less than two weeks later. Arbitration workshop proves this concern to be true. Lol
  11. Welp. Time to grab my rice hat, snacks and a pillow cuz an Archgun riven costs 250 minutes of time in-mission to farm at base before mission variance is added in. And the emote? I lol'd but I guess it's a nice dump cuz we've definitely been playing Arbitrations far too much up to this point; it's such a fun part of the game. The only gamemode that seemingly didn't get strictly harder with this update is Interception, and that's probably where I'll be spending most of my time solo if I lack a squad for Excavation and if none of us feel like napping through survival. Good luck getting this system to have positive results for public matchmaking. I highly anticipate the reports after the study period for these terrible changes is over.
  12. Oh yeah I might as well add these changes will still make Interceptions and Excavations (to a lesser extent) the best missions because they're the fastest, and crowd control doesn't care what level the enemies are. If you could make Survivals, Defenses, and especially Defections worth doing in addition to these current planned Arbitration changes, that'd be nice because otherwise I'm still going to be selectively napping my way through this challenging gamemode when an opportune one appears. kthyx
  13. Ah yes, I can't wait to begin dealing with a 1 disposition Imperator Vandal riven. At the very least, could make for some nice transmutation fodder.
  14. So why exactly wasn't this change proposed well before Fortuna was released? Cuz there's a lot of damage already done with the brutality that was old plains will no anticipated compensation. Letting something like this sit for this long then bringing it up to standard when there was plenty of time to do so before now is not okay. Add one to the pool of disappointment (but still looking forward to it)
  15. I scrolled through this thread and I'm done with my popcorn 🍿 If it matters I'll chime in that it was a little bit of a bad idea to remove the ability to destroy the vents simultaneously even though it's the dev's job to make sure everything works "as intended". It's not so much "no fun allowed" it's more like "You don't get to save any time on this boss fight no matter how many times you need or plan to sit here, you're gonna have to farm this longer right now before the event is over and the boss disappears for an indefinite time" Maybe it wouldn't have been so jarring if the fight was going to be around 100% of the time, but this is a time-sensitive event. What does 5 minutes per run add up to over twelve runs? A whole hour. We got 162 hours left in the event as of now and 12 runs isn't very many; that doesn't include the time for the second stage of the fight either, or the fact that the first stage is probably longer than 5 minutes. Best get back out there I guess.
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