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  1. I wanted to write my review before reading others. Seems a lot of people wrote reviews very similar to mine. I saw a lot of comments about combining Feast and Regurgitate. This is a great idea. Also, howabout Regurgitate spitting all the baddies in your belly like a shotgun blast. For Pulverize, I see people asking for a "Thing/Blob" style ultimate. Would be a lot of fun, but it does seem to go against his lore/art style a bit. Does sound like fun though . . .
  2. Overall, Grendel is pretty meh. His passive, he doesn't have one. The armor thing is defiantly part of feast. Feast. Its got a big bug/feature(?) The energy drain/second seems to scale exponentially over time. This means that eating 10 baddies for 10 seconds seems to have less drain than one baddie for several minutes. This results in weird scenarios where I'm eating baddies a few at a time, but because I never completely hit empty the energy drain is enormous. This absolutely has to go. I'll come back to this problem more than once. Nourish. This is a fine/meh ability. It needs one simple change. When you activate it, it should just nom one of each type of baddie for all three buffs simultaneously. This would make it good and give me a reason to eat more than one baddie at at time. (Again, Feast bug is discouraging me from gluttony.) Regurgitate. Meh to bad. Wiki says it uses enemy level to increase the damage. Doesn't seem like it is, or if it is, its too little. In short, it does very low damage. Needs to be doubled, or tripled I think. Also, it has no utility that I can see. If I'm doing toxin proc's, then I'm just not seeing them or they're too little to matter. I'm mostly using it to drain my Feast count down to 1, because of that bug, again. Pulverize. First of all, change the tips and description. It took me ages to figure out I needed to have baddies in the belly to use it. I just kept getting that "This ability is not ready" message. The only hint is that in the description it says "Powered by feasting . . ." I thought that was flavor text. Then, there's a large dash between damage (500-4000). I have no idea whether this is based on the number of baddies I'm carrying or on my speed at impact? Please change the tips for this ability. As for the ability. Its fun when you get a good roll, but the controls are garbage. It feels like I'm trying to push a bowling ball with a leaf blower. Cosmetically, make the ball about twice the size it is now. Its so tiny. Last thought, Feast'd enemies get their armor dissolved at 5%/second. I'd increase this to 20%/second. That way it has some strategic value at high levels. You could just run around eating Grineer and spitting them out for your teammates to finish off. I think with these tweeks he'll be a lot of fun, but right now, hes really underwhelming. Especially when you consider what you have to do to get him.
  3. I wanted to update my post. I've completed all three missions now and acquired Grendel. I found a really good team that did an outstanding couple of rounds. I'm still extremely critical of these missions. I still do NOT think lack of mods promoted me to use different tactics. It just made all the Warframes feel generic. I guarantee you, the trinity on my team was the same as every other one in every other team. Because of this lack of dynamic variety the player is really forced into a situation where there is a right answer. The missions themselves are far too long. I'd recommend dropping the survival to 10 minutes, the defense to 5 waves, and the excavation to 3 successes. In these missions, if you survive the first minute or two, you'll be fine. There's no need to drag them on so long after the players has shown their ability to persevere. My final concern if for the people who come late. I found a great team because the que is full of high-level players who survived tons of arbitrations. What about in 6 months? How are those players going to find a team? I hated those missions. I don't want to help them.
  4. In regards to how Grendel is acquired, what the hell?! This is a common, non-prime regular everyday warframe. I've got a stressful job and I come home looking forward to playing Warframe and having a good time, then you throw this at me? I'll try to be constructive. First and foremost THIS IS NOT FUN. I want to really emphasis that. I played tons of arbitration because I really enjoyed the challenge. Part of why I find arbitration entertaining is because I find myself using tactics and thinking differently than when I play a survival against level 20 enemies. You don't really need to worry about bringing one weapon for armor and one for flesh when you're dealing with those common opponents. It really encouraged me to try new things and tweak my mods like crazy. That brings me to point 2. I like to use my stuff. I've fully leveled my operator and arcwing gun for a reason. I've collected rare mods I didn't really 'get' in case I find a neat use later on or I have an 'ah-ha!' moment and see something old, but in a brand-new way. Taking away my stuff isn't 'raising the challenge' its telling me my investment didn't matter. Its breaking my toys and telling me not to care. I'm fine with challenge, but why do this for a common warframe? It just feels like punishment. I know you don't mean it that way. I really hope you'll change this.
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