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  1. certifique-se de vincular sua conta Amazon à sua conta warframe no site Prime Gaming. Se você ainda tiver problemas, entre em contato com o suporte, nada pode ser feito nos fóruns. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/202940408-General-Game-Support- https://www.amazongames.com/en-us/support/prime-gaming/gf25r2a8vvfhxtqw/contact-us
  2. Sometimes unintended values create unintended, but acceptable levels of fun. Thank you for clarifying exactly how much fun is permitted.
  3. They increased the UMBRA BP cost to 150 Steel Essence (from 100 on public test) while nerfing Steep Path. Please express how you feel about this change.
  4. Removing parts of the game (Changing how Steel Essence is accquired) people actually played because they rewarded too much in the way of rewards while encouraging farming activities ONLY punishes players for playing how they want to play. You've taking away a rewarding game style simply because that is now how you wanted your player base to play. GIVE PLAYERS THE FREEDOM TO PLAY HOW THEY WANT TO PLAY
  5. Rip in pieces Steel Path, I only ever solo'd 2hr survival missions and had more fun doing that than most things in the game. But to spite the AFK farmers the system gets nuked. Why not leave the eximus alone and open it to mission rewards and acolytes? Best of both worlds so to speak?
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