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  1. I read your original post properly, and suggest you look over my post again. Its a Meta rant and you're complaining about peoples thoughts on a system and not the system itself.
  2. Nice Meta rant. I have not seen anywhere stated by DE that they are going to take Helminth synergy into consideration when creating new frames. Helminth is a separate and optional system, if you don't like it, don't use it.
  3. Locking access to content behind the requirement to have obtained and not spent keys that were only available for a limited time sounds like a bad idea. The grievance is that it is hard to identify vaulted relics, and difficult to form groups to farm vaulted relics. I would say half of this could be fixed by DE by adding a Vaulted relic identifier on the relic selection UI. The other half has always been the players responsibility, which is to form up groups with like minded persons and create your own content. In general, I'd like to see more ways to open relics and the Deimos Vaults ha
  4. I don't understand why anyone would want riven slivers instead of Atayan sculptures. You can only turn in 10 slivers a week for one riven. Just trade the Atayan for play and use the plat to buy rivens. If you want slivers, do SP survival for a bit.
  5. This is the best guide to getting 3 argon crystals that I have yet to see on the forums.
  6. The Launcher resets the option to Classic every time I open it. Is there any way to save this preference going forward?
  7. Seems like a heavy fisted nerf on Marked For Death. 5 nerfs in one patch is not balancing, it's an orbital strike.
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