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  1. Just got off a mission. This is regarding the frame Garuda in Sanctuary Onslaught Level 20-30 (don't know about higher levels) Note that I was and still am very new to Garuda. After using her 1 (non-charged), I couldn't jump. I thought ok with her blood shield up that's supposed to be it. But the longer I play, it seemed to me that I can't jump after casting 4. The only way to "dispel" that was to charge up and cast my ranged 1. If I don't have that charge I have to normal-cast 1 to get that charge and blood kamehameha to be able to jump again. Going out of bounds doesn't solve it. Not sure about downed or death. What's interesting was that I was playing with a Volt, a Trinity (this one not sure if Prime), and an Equinox in this Onslaught, and the funny thing is, this bug went away after Trinity and Equinox extracted before me and Volt and host was migrated. Tested solo on a random mission afterwards and apparently you're supposed to be able to jump 24/7 no matter what you do with your skills. That hover thing while charging up your 1 or 4 is cool stuff though. So yeah. That's it. I hope I got the minor details right. Listening to this genre of music called Psytrance right now and that thing's doing something to my brain.
  2. No fractures in Orb Vallis for days now. Not one. Is this intentional/seasonal? EDIT: Asking because if there's no fractures, Exploiter - Deck 12 bounty is pointless.
  3. I don't know what happened but I can't seem to spawn the Exploiter Orb with or without the bounty alone. Was in public alone, was in friends-only mode alone, but the thing just won't spawn!! Am I doing something wrong?? This happened after I ran an Exploiter Orb bounty with a friend, and then when I wanted to continue on my own it simply won't come out. Is it me or did this happen to anyone else?
  4. This is kind of a minor issue NPCs in Fortuna with regard to animation
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