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  1. Really interesting update , i hope one day we can save our message on the PS4 virtual keyboard ( They are deleted after you turn off the PS4, the copy/paste function i mean ) , it could be a life changing thing to the game , also could bring a lot more motivation regarding the trading system . One last thing , a lot of players aren't aware about the Copy/Paste option from the virtual keyboard , adding some sort of tutorial in the codex , let's say a new tab called "Trade" would be very welcome , i think we should not under estimate the value of trading in that game , this could have some positive impact for you DE , economicaly speaking .
  2. Trigger pull setting is a superb addition , especially for people with L2 R2 damaged . Ocucor change is great , i hope that Range for some weapons will one day be a part of Rivens stats, especially for the flux weapons , maybe was that accidentally forgotten ? I mean melee Rivens got it , why not those ones ? Also i think its time to introduce q print symstem for dojo rooms , big business and also the possibility to transfer rooms to another places in dojo without having to erase everything eventually
  3. I can't even believe they picked these dojos as winners , purely impossible , look at the rules, they themselves said that they were paying attention to details and stuff ? Look at the winners , they haven't even visited the dojos 😂 , it's a slap in the face for people like me who invest a lot in that , i spent DAYS working on my rooms , and you keep electing low iq giant statues ? They aren't even symmetrical or precise.. Did you even visited the dojos ? Next time could you CLEARLY mention the real rules please ? Rebecca and Megan were even surprised to discover some of the winners come on , infinite waterfall 😂
  4. Clan Name : W W TClan Tier : MountainClan Platform : PS4Clan Role : Founder Warlord Ok so first before posting a few pics , i would like to thanks my clan for all the contributions that helped us building these structures , also thanks to Magicien_ak47 who is also the other architect that have been working with me on that Dojo , as you will see we both have a different style of architecture and ideas . I have been creating dojos for a long time and always been looking for more than a simple abstract pile of decorations ( giant robots , spiders ect ... ) that are imo not representative of building skills but more about assembling parts . Also i would like to mention that none of my rooms are reflecting the final idea since i was running out of capacity in every of the room i made , some of them took me hours in order to obtain a perfect symmetry even tho a few little details may remain since i made some editing lately . Many dojo architects around probably know that there is some 3D conflicts with some items that are preventing an adequate manipulation and giving a lot of troubles and requiring sacrifice sometimes . I'll drop a few pics about example of precise work , it's not just dropping some items on the floor and letting it go like that , also keep in mind that all my rooms reached the maximum capacity , so for example our Main Hall ( Rocky room ) is made by more than 700 Lua rocks , meaning that all you see aren't just a few dozens of pieces dropped randomly , i take care of making it natural but also did my best for creating a harmony , the symettry can't apply on irregularly shaped items or non symmetrical items sometimes . Thx for watching , and my apologies for the bad English Speaking 1st room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Umbra garden Ruins of an ancient Orokin garden 2nd room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Royal garden The room of the Orokin's throne , a special place in the middle of the Royal Garden , there is also a theater just above that room but since building in space isn't very fair and accessible to everyone , then we decided not to put that in our submit . 3rd room , made by myself , The Main Hall The main hall is our spawn point , an Orokin themed room that is made from Lua's rock , there is more than 700 lua's stones inside that place , creating a dense and immersive ambiance , i ran out of capacity before ending the decoration but i tried my best to deliver something "correct" , you can see more in the video , also the symetri isn't perfectly obtainable here since rocks aren't , but the rest is if you are looking carefully . 4th room , by myself , The Orokin Tower That Orokin tower is the perfect example of our intention to fully exploit the rooms , Orokin Tower is one of our proudest construction , i posted a few screenshots so you can see that it's not just about dropping random parts on top of others , it's some precision work that tooked dozens of hours to achieve , i had to deal with many collision problems , it's hard to explain here but the structure is octogonal as you can see , also , the 1st floor is perfectly showing the symmetry that was kept through the whole structure . 5th room , still by me , Sacred Tree That room has it's own story , on top of that place belong an ancient tree that product Orokin cells , it is said by that Sacred tree was the Origin of the whole Orokin civilization , we also place a portal , all our rooms are made with the idea that one day DE will incorporate some NPCs and more dojo interactivity , so we prepared that eventuality . 6th Room , Tower Trade Center Tower Trade Center is an artefact of ancient Corpus architecture , that is our main trade spot , we upgraded what was a simple trade post . Amoung the stairs you'll find the teleporter , with some experiences beeing made in that small laboratory . The last Screenshot is there for showing you our precision . 7th Room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Lost Sector A place made by Tennos for Tennos , it is said that some of them decided to abandon their Warframes and choosen to live a simple life , you'll find all you need here , an INN , a game room , a bar , and also a jail , that is made for cheap sellers and players from the French server usually . 8th Room , Frostbitten That room has its special story , long time ago , when some of our members were scavenging the void before the void's keys disappeared , fissures started to appears in our mother ship , we managed to counter the offensives but the damages were too important , so one day they decided to trap the Oroking Titan into that one tall room , a group of Frosts lost their lifes for maintaining that monster into the ice , we never saw them since , but some visitors frequently reported seeing shadows running behind these ice walls . Thanks to all our clan members and also thanks to everybody in our Alliance ( Quantum Caltrop ) Here's the clip !
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