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  1. We can’t get enough of music written by our community, so the Tenno Tunes contest is back for round three! Make a Warframe-themed song that includes a warframe sound to share with us and your fellow Tenno. The winning songs will be added to the Tenno Tunes playlist and featured on our Livestreams alongside winning songs from previous years! How to enter: Create a Warframe-themed song/beat/jingle and submit the link in this thread for judging. Tips: Upload your Tenno Tune to a site like Soundcloud or Youtube and post the link as your submission. Our Fansite Kit has been updated with new Warframe audio that you can use in your song! Here is a list of what we’ve added on top of many other sound resources: Need an example? Click here to listen to examples from previous contests, Tenno Tunes and Tenno Tunes Vol 2! Rules One submission per person Song must be Warframe-related Song must be your original work (besides Warframe sounds) Song must not exceed 4 minutes Song must include Warframe-related sounds If the song is a collaboration, credit and links to the other artist(s) must be included Do not reserve posts in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Prizes 1st place – Current Warframe Prime Access Pack and featured weekly on our streams! 2nd place – 1000 Platinum and featured weekly on our streams! 3rd place – 750 Platinum and featured weekly on our streams! 4th place – 500 Platinum and featured weekly on our streams! 5th – 10th place – 250 Platinum and featured weekly on our streams! Winners will be determined based on creativity and quality of their Warframe tune! This contest starts now until May 31st at 1:00 p.m. ET! ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE! Let the creativity flow, Tenno! Good luck!
  2. It’s brainstorming time! Whether it’s Riding Moas or Stalking Stalker, the Warframe mobile app powers up in unique ways. We want to know what other loading bumpers might suit the mobile app. Let us know what text you think belongs on the loading screen by posting your ideas in this thread! Some examples to help get the gears turning: We’ll keep this brainstorming thread open until May 8th. Let’s get creative, Tenno!
  3. [DE]Helen

    [PC] Guide of the Lotus Contest

    Join PC Guide Tobiah on Thursday, May 3rd for a Fashion Frame contest at 7:00pm (CDT)! Find your timezone here Contest details:
  4. [DE]Helen

    St. Jude PLAY LIVE!

    Hey Tenno, Digital Extremes is joining /r/Twitch and /r/Warframe to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! Let’s show the strength of our community by raising money to defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Donate to the /r/Warframe Campaign for a chance to win 500 Platinum or Zephyr Prime Access! One winner will be chosen for every milestone: $500 - $4,500: one 500 Platinum prize is given away for every $500 raised! $5,000: one donor wins Zephyr Prime Access! $10,000: one donor wins Zephyr Prime Access! More details available here! The /r/Warframe Campaign stream is live now. Go check it out and show your support for this great cause!
  5. For Tenno who love to share their Warframe experience with their friends and community, we’re proud to release a SHAREfactory™ Theme! SHAREfactory™ is a video editing app that offers tools and effects to help you share your favorite gaming moments. SHAREfactory™ tools can help you cut together an action-packed battle montage, a Captura video to show off your Fashion Frame, and so much more! The only limit on what you can create is your imagination. The SHAREfactory™ theme includes: 1 Intro 1 Title Screen 1 Outro 3 Transitions 12 Background Images 72 Stickers 5 Fonts 4 Music Tracks The Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme release dates are as follows: North America: Tuesday, April 24 Europe and Asia: Wednesday, April 25 Japan: Thursday, April 26 And now onto the SHAREfactory™ Warframe Trailer Contest! To celebrate this new Theme, we’re holding a contest to see what our exceptionally talented Tenno are capable of crafting with these tools! Create a trailer for Warframe using SHAREfactory™. We want to see the best of what you have to offer, so equip Primed Filmmaking and get to work! If your trailer is a blockbuster success, you could win a prize! Prizes are as follows: 1st place – 1000 Platinum and your video shared on our @PlayWarframe Twitter! 2nd place – 750 Platinum and your video shared on our @PlayWarframe Twitter! 3rd place – 500 Platinum and your video shared on our @PlayWarframe Twitter! Contest Rules: One submission per person! Multiple people from the same group can participate as long as submissions are unique from one another. Your trailer MUST be (min)15 to (max) 45 seconds long including the bumpers (Intro, Title Screen, and Outro) provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Your trailer MUST include the Intro, Title Screen, and Outro provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Your trailer MUST include your PSN ID in the Title Screen so that we can contact the winners. If multiple people participate in the trailer, please list all of their PSN IDs in the Title Screen. Your trailer MUST only be created using the SHAREfactory™ editor. Your trailer MUST only use the 4 Music Tracks provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Your trailer MUST only use the 5 Fonts provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Your trailer MUST use one of the 7 Theme Thumbnails provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Your trailer MUST use your own Warframe game footage (Gameplay and Captura are both allowed). Your trailer MUST be appropriate for the official Warframe forums and @PlayWarframe Twitter account. Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified. If you need some inspiration, you can also: Use any of the 3 Warframe Theme Transitions and/or the “Dissolves”/ “Wipes”/ “Comic” transitions provided in the SHAREfactory™ app. Use any of the 72 Stickers provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Use any of the 12 Backgrounds Images provided in the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme. Use any of the filters available in the SHAREfactory™ editor. To submit your trailer, please choose ONE of two methods using the “Share” (Triangle button on your PlayStation 4 controller) option in the SHAREfactory™ app: Tweet your SHAREfactory™ Warframe Trailer on Twitter using the hashtag #WarframeSHAREfactory (you must be following @PlayWarframe to be eligible). OR Upload your SHAREfactory™ Warframe Trailer to YouTube and post the URL in this thread. The contest is live now and ends May 17th at 2 p.m. ET! Have fun, Tenno! We can’t wait to see what kind of trailers you create with the Warframe SHAREfactory™ Theme!
  6. [DE]Helen

    Guides of the Lotus and New Player Experience

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about this. Your feedback is very constructive, and I appreciate how much care you put into conveying the new player experience. We will be recruiting new Guides of the Lotus soon, so please don't give up your dream of becoming one. More details to come!
  7. until
    Join Xbox One Guides, Delta TND and ICFXRS for a Fashion Frame contest! Find your timezone here Contest rules here:
  8. Hi all in this thread, Since Update 22.18.0 launched this morning, aside from dealing with crash panic, we’ve been following feedback threads from those of you who have managed to try out the content! We hear your comments about Khora’s drop rates and wanted to address them directly. The reason we chose these drop rates comes down to finding a balance in Sanctuary Onslaught - Khora is in every reward tier (AABC) of the same mission. This is different from other recently released frames where you have to go across several missions (i.e Harrow, Nidus only in rotation C etc). We know this isn't 'great to see' considering the on paper-%'s are lower. It's always tricky to justify things like this in our free-to-play game because it's what keeps us going but also what is the most controversial. So of course we are watching and getting data on if we swung too far in a rarity direction. Because players only may need to acquire Khora once, we reduced her drop rates on Challenge mode. That way players who own Khora can use Elite Sanctuary Onslaught to acquire rewards that will be more valuable to them, so Khora is less represented. That said, we have seen a lot of concerns about Khora’s drop rates. For the near future, the drop rates are going to remain the same while we work on polishing the update, but we hear you. We’ll continue to listen to comments and make changes as necessary. Thanks again for all the constructive feedback folks, we know Khora has a whip but it's always best used on the enemy, not each other.
  9. [DE]Helen

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    Beasts of the Sanctuary is now live!
  10. [DE]Helen

    Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    We know you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Beasts of the Sanctuary Update! Don’t worry - we won’t keep you waiting much longer. The update won’t be released today, but you can still expect it later this week! There are just a few more things we want to whip into shape. Get ready for Sanctuary Onslaught and Khora… It’s going to be kavatastic! (couldn’t help myself) Thanks for your patience, Tenno! THURSDAY EDIT: It's not coming tonight either - we're going to spend the rest of the night getting 'the build' for a Friday morning-ish deploy!
  11. [DE]Helen

    Server Troubles Part 2

    We didn't experience any issues over the weekend, so we are going to lock this thread. We will open another if a problem arises again! If you have any additional account issues, please contact support.
  12. [DE]Helen

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Hey everybody, I have created another forum thread with an update about last weekend's server troubles. Please check there for more information!
  13. [DE]Helen

    Server Troubles Part 2

    Hi everyone, Rebecca posted on the forums last weekend about server troubles we experienced that were DDoS related. Some of you might also have noticed a brief connectivity issue today. Like the previous server troubles, today’s issue was DDoS related (at least we think), but for now, we are in the clear! As you know, to make up for lost time, we are giving free Boosters to everyone whose Boosters were affected by the original DDoS connectivity issue. The free Boosters are live now on all platforms! Login to receive your free 3-Day Boosters in an Inbox Message. The Boosters will match whatever type of Booster was active on your account during the DDoS issue. Thank you for your patience as we resolved the issue last weekend. We hope you enjoy these free Boosters! EDIT: Oh man... trouble is brewing again. Stay tuned as we work to maintain connectivity! EDIT March 29 6:14PM ET: We are still trying to diagnose. Connectivity is rocky right now. We will continue to update you as we get more information!
  14. until
    Join Xbox One Guide SwagScapegoat for a surface supremacy contest! Shoot down as many ships as you can with thunderous flair in a 5 minute or less unedited video. Contest rules here:
  15. [DE]Helen

    Guide of the Lotus Contest

    Join Guide PrincessDark_ for a mining contest this week! In one cycle of the sun (sun up to sun up), let's see how many gems your friends or clan mates can haul in! Contest rules here: