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  1. Thank you for sharing your music with us! You used the Shawzin beautifully. We're so impressed by all the creativity in this thread! You can watch the full winner reveal from Prime Time #264 here: Official Winner List:
  2. From now until November 1, log in and face your fears during our annual Day of the Dead community event! Ghoulish New Goods Show off your spooky side with these new Day of the Dead items, available for a limited time in the Market! Day of the Dead Shawzin: Embrace the fallen with this soul-crushing Shawzin. New Halloween Glyphs: These eight frightening Halloween Glyphs are sure to scare your squad. Pick them up individually or as part of the two new Halloween Glyph Bundles! The Dead Return... As is tradition, all previous Day of the Dead Bundles are back for a limited time! Deck out your Liset, Warframes and Weapons with terrifying Skins to wear year-round. Skull-lect them all! Collect Your Halloween Treats Plonk a pumpkin on your head with the Dullahan Mask, then complete your Fashion Frame costume with the Halloween Color Picker! Get these items from the Market for only 1 Credit apiece, but hurry -- they’ll disappear on November 1, 2 p.m. ET! Baro's Bone-Chilling Offerings During Baro’s two visits this October, use your Ducats to grab these wicked wares: Day of the Dead Dark Sword Skin Day of the Dead Wysar Kavat Armor Day of the Dead Dread Skin Day of the Dead Sigil Day of the Dead 2019 ends November 1 at 2 p.m. ET!
  3. The final episode of Nightwave: Series 2 is live on all platforms! We also have an official end date for Nightwave: Series 2! You have until October 13th to rank up and earn rewards, including the Emissary Operator Suit, Nikana Maligna Skin, Spore Ephemera and more! A note on Episode 5: Without spoiling too much on what Episode 5 brings, we wanted to provide a bit of information on ZEALOT CODES. Zealot Codes are required to engage in a new encounter brought in Episode 5. What’s a Zealot Code? If you’ve noticed this, you’ll know completing these gives you access to Zealot missions: (1 Zealot Code is acquired from completing 3 Infested Outbreak missions on a planet under an Outbreak. 2 planets are always under an Outbreak at all times, meaning you can get 2 Zealot Codes per day.) If you have Zealot Codes in your Inventory, you can engage that respective amount of times plus with the more Codes you can continually earn. Fun fact: this mysterious encounter will return after Nightwave Series 2 ends on October 13th as a permanent new boss fight. Fixed inability to preview unowned Warframe Skins. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1129094-skin-preview-doesnt-work/ HOTFIX #2 Nightwave Changes & Fixes: Emissary boss rewards will now only be revealed at the End of Mission screen to prevent aborting the mission if you didn’t receive the part you wanted. Lowered the Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion Codex scans from 30 to 3. Removed Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion from the Simulacrum due to breaking functionality. Fixed Zealoid Prelate walking in place if it’s killed without picking up Arlo's Lantern. Fixes: Fixed the Norg’s Mask and Mother’s Mask having a temporary price of 1 Credit.
  4. Dreamers! We intentionally left September as a bit of a ‘light’ month for releases to give ourselves time internally to focus the whole team on finishing parts of that infamous Whiteboard. As we prepare to kick it up in October, we bring Nightwave Series 2, Episode 5 to all platforms! Enjoy the final chapter of Arlo’s story and take a good look at how you want to spend your Emissary Creds, because we have an official end date for Nightwave: The Emissary! You have until October 13 to maximize your Nightwave Rank and reap the rewards. PC Tenno will also receive TennoGen Round 17 in this week’s update! If you’re looking for a taste of TennoGen Round 17 asap, check out Taylor’s tour from Prime Time #261. Don’t change that dial, Dreamers. Nightwave Episode 5 is coming this week!
  5. Embody the herculean strength of the mountain with Atlas Prime. This titanic warrior comes with the Tekko Prime, the Dethcube Prime Sentinel and more! Atlas Prime Access Features Atlas Prime: In bygone ages, mountains were said to house warriors. In this age, the mountain has become the warrior. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization. Tekko Prime: As merciless and indestructible as Atlas Prime himself, Tekko Prime crushes and splits with tectonic force. Dethcube Prime: With 'Assault Mode' and 'Vaporize' as default precepts, Dethcube Prime is the apex of lethal support. Deth Machine Rifle Prime: Signature default weapon of Dethcube Prime. Atlas Prime Glyphs: Display your Atlas Prime loyalty. Atlas Prime Accessories Massif Prime Syandana Orcus Prime Sentinel Accessories 90-Day Credit Booster 90-Day Affinity Booster BONUS: 7-Day Mod Drop Chance Booster : https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1131506-the-mod-booster-and-free-to-play/ Blueprints for Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime and Dethcube Prime can also be earned in-game through Relics! Atlas Prime Access begins October 1 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For full regional dates for PS4, please see below: October 1: America October 2: Europe & Asia October 3: Japan
  6. Hi all! I also had a drift issue recently, and re-calibrating the Joy-Cons on my Nintendo Switch ended up fixing it. Here's a guide to calibrating: https://www.howtogeek.com/311879/how-to-calibrate-the-joy-con-controllers-on-your-nintendo-switch/ Please try that and let me know how it goes! If you could also let me know what kind of controller you're using (Pro Controller or Joy-Cons), that info would be really helpful to our team. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, Sorry it took us so long to address this bug - thank you for your patience! The team has found a fix that we plan to launch with the next main update. 🙂
  8. We would prefer if submissions didn't use macros, but it would be very difficult for us to track in video and audio submissions. We will be focusing on the overall compositions themselves when we choose winners! You can read more about our official stance on macros here:
  9. Great question! You can edit tracks together as long as the sounds themselves are not heavily distorted and are from Warframe. It needs to be recognizable and copyright-free, but please feel free to get creative! I'll add this line to the contest rules for clarity: "Editing post-recording is allowed as long as the sounds are all from Warframe"
  10. The playable Shawzin is music to our ears, and we want more! Show us your best, Tenno. Write a song on the Shawzin that would make Teshin proud! How to enter: Record yourself playing an original song on the Shawzin. You can record solo or form a band with other Tenno! Share your submission in this thread for judging! Tip: Upload your song to a site like Soundcloud or Youtube and post the link as your submission. Prizes: 1st place – Current Prime Access! 2nd place – 1000 Platinum! 3rd place – 750 Platinum! 4th place – 500 Platinum! 5th place – 250 Platinum! Solo and group submissions will be judged separately, which means there will be 5 solo and 5 group winners! All members of winning groups will receive a prize. Need an example? Rules: One submission per player Song must not exceed 4 minutes You may incorporate other sounds or music from Warframe, like drums and Octavia, but a Shawzin must be central to your song You may not include sounds or music from outside of Warframe If you submit a group entry, all participant Aliases must be listed in your post Submission must be your original work (no covers!) Editing post-recording is allowed as long as the sounds are all from Warframe Submission must be appropriate for the community forums Do not reserve posts in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Winners will be chosen based on the quality of the song composition and its recording! This contest starts now until Thursday, October 3 @ 1:00PM ET! ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE! Let the music take you, Tenno
  11. The team has found a fix for this bug! You can expect it to come with a future Hotfix
  12. Thank you all for the info! The team is looking for a fix right now
  13. Hey SayZer0! Can you please give me more info about the Volt Opal Skin bug? I'll be happy to pass it along to the rest of the Switch team
  14. We have fixed this bug with our latest update! You should have no more trouble with controls when decorating your Dojo and Orbiter
  15. Wukong Prime cloud walks out of Prime Access on October 1! This will be your last chance to get instant access to Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime, and Ninkondi Prime, as well as exclusive Prime Cosmetics and Accessories! Wukong Prime Access Includes: Wukong Prime: The trickster-warrior ascends to his ultimate incarnation Wukong Prime Glyphs: Display your Wukong Prime loyalty Zhuge Prime: A weapon of surgical precision and devastating effect Ninkondi Prime: An ancient weapon imbued with a new truth Wukong Prime Accessories Includes: Jindou Prime Syandana Sanzang Prime Kubrow Armor Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern Corposant Prime Ephemera Kubrow Starter Kit Act now, Tenno! You can only get instant access to Wukong Prime and more until Prime Access ends on October 1! Prime Items Entering the Vault When Wukong Prime Access ends on October 1, the following items and Relics will be entering the Prime Vault and won’t be available to earn in-game. Mirage Prime Kogake Prime Akbolto Prime If these Prime Weapons and Warframe (or their Blueprints/Components and Relics) are already in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting. Conjure deadly illusions and earn Mirage Prime before it’s too late!
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