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  1. [DE]Helen

    Day of the Dead 2018!

    Day of the Dead rises from the grave! From October 17 to November 1, give your Weapons, Warframe and Landing Craft a dose of the macabre. Deadly Skins Return - Now Until November 1! All of the previous Day of the Dead bundles are back for a limited time.Get them until November 1! Halloween Customization and Colour Picker - Now Until November 1! Plus, get in the Halloween spirit by finding the Dullahan Mask and Halloween Color Picker in the Market for only 1 Credit until November 1! Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert - October 19 to November 1! That’s not all! This year there’s a special Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert that comes with unique rewards. Complete both stages of the Alert and receive the Day of the Dead Sigil and a brand new skin for one of the Stalker’s weapons of choice, the Dread bow! The Hallowed Nightmares Tactical Alert will only be available from October 19 at 2 p.m. ET until November 1 at 2 p.m. ET, so act quickly Tenno! Put your seasonal spirit on full display with Day of the Dead Customizations today!
  2. Tenno, a new bundle of free Prime Gear is airdropping in! If you have Twitch Prime, you can instantly upgrade your Arsenal with these rare and powerful items: Vectis Prime (Sniper Rifle) + Weapon Slot Fang Prime (Dual Dagger Melee) + Weapon Slot Exclusive Spektaka Sugatra Get your free bundle here! The Twitch Prime Weapon Bundle is available to Twitch Prime members on all platforms. Your Warframe and Twitch accounts must be linked in order to get your bundle, so make sure your accounts are linked here. (If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you can sign up for a trial membership and still redeem the offer!) Free Trinity Prime Offer If you haven’t already, be a Blessing to your team by getting the free Trinity Prime bundle! We’ve extended the Trinity Prime offer, so you now have until March 2019 to get this free Warframe. Don’t miss out.
  3. [DE]Helen

    Official Warframe Inktober 2018 Megathread!

    Yes, that's fine! And metaphorical spins are welcome!
  4. [DE]Helen

    Official Warframe Inktober 2018 Megathread!

    October 1: Poisonous October 2: Tranquil October 3: Roasted October 4: Spell October 5: Chicken October 6: Drooling October 7: Exhausted October 8: Star October 9: Precious October 10: Flowing October 11: Cruel October 12: Whale October 13: Guarded October 14. Clock October 15: Weak October 16: Angular
  5. Warframe Inktober is back, Tenno! Last year, [DE]Aidan hosted our Inktober megathread with help from @aerelm here on the public forums. We’d like to honour the worldwide Inktober initiative again this year! How to participate: Complete one Warframe ink drawing a day for all of October based on the official 2018 Inktober drawing prompts: Share your illustrations with fellow Tenno in this thread! Whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re new to the scene, please feel free to participate! Inktober is a great way to improve your skills and participate in Warframe’s amazing fanart community. Need an example? October 1: Poisonous October 2: Tranquil Once you have posted in the megathread, please continue to edit your post to add more illustrations throughout the month instead of creating new comments. Warframe Inktober Guidelines: Illustrations must be drawn with ink. Digital ink is allowed! Feel free to get fancy with hand drawings or just use a ballpoint pen - whatever is best for you! Illustrations must be Warframe-related and appropriate for the community forums Submissions that do not follow these rules will be removed If you are sharing your posts on social media, you are encourage to use hashtags #Inktober, #Inktober2018 and #WarframeInktober for a chance to be featured on Warframe's official Instagram! This megathread will be open October 1st to November 1st. Click here for more information about Inktober! I’ll be joining you all in this one month challenge. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  6. Chic, modern, abstract: three words you can use to feel fancy as you design your Clan Dojo. Dojo Remaster has brought endless design possibilities, and we want to see you uncover them! Your interior design skills could earn your Clan an exclusive trophy and a featured spot on the Star Chart for your Dojo! There will be five winners per Clan tier per platform (15 first place winners in total): PC: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon PS4: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon XB1: Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, Moon How to enter: Decorate your Clan Dojo by yourself or with members of your Clan. Take us on a tour by sharing image(s) or video of your Dojo here! Feel free to dive into interior design detail and tell us what went into creating your rooms of art! You must include the following information with your submission: Clan name Clan tier Clan platform Your Clan role (Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions) Please keep in mind that the winning Dojos will be accessible from the Star Chart. That means that, if you win, all players will be able to access your Clan Dojo at any time! Prizes: 1st place – Exclusive Gold contest trophy for your dojo + 5000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault + Your Dojo featured on the Star Chart! 2nd place – Exclusive Silver contest trophy for your dojo + 4000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault! 3rd place – Exclusive Bronze contest trophy for your dojo + 3000 Platinum added to your Clan Vault! Need an example? Rules: One submission per Clan Must list your Clan’s name, tier, and platform with your entry Must be the Founding Warlord or have Architect permissions for the Clan whose Dojo you submit Dojo theme and presentation must be appropriate for the community forums Do not reserve spots in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Best Practices for Winners: Nothing vulgar or offensive can be added to your Clan Dojo while it is featured on the Star Chart You cannot change your Clan tier while your Clan Dojo is featured on the Star Chart Winning Clans who do not follow these guidelines will have their Dojos removed from the Star Chart Winners will be selected based on creativity and quality of their Clan Dojo design! FAQ This contest starts now until October 18 @ 1:00PM ET! ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE!
  7. Embrace the Jade lifestyle with these Xbox One-exclusive Customizations! Prestige Pack XI contains: 170 Platinum Bombyx Jade Syandana (Xbox One-exclusive) Capala Jade Sigil (Xbox One-exclusive) The Prestige Pack XI is available now through the in-game Market and Xbox Store. This pack may only be purchased once per account and is available for a limited time, so don’t delay!
  8. "Don the mask, Tenno. Find what the Unum means us to see." - Nakak Our latest update -- Mask of the Revenant -- delivers a new Warframe, a new Sentient shotgun, new Customizations and more! New Warframe: Revenant Afflicted by Sentient energy, Revenant rises from the Plains to prey on the weak and unwilling. Visit Nakak in Cetus to track down this spectral Warframe. Enthrall Convert a target into a zealous thrall. Thralls turn on their allies and enthrall through damage. On death, they disintegrate into a damaging pillar of energy. The thrall horde remains under Revenant’s spell until this Ability runs out. Mesmer Skin Become enveloped in Sentient energy, which redirects damage and stuns all those who dare attack. Stunned enemies can be Enthralled at no energy cost. Reave Dash through enemies as a wall of Sentient energy, leeching shields and health from any encountered, enhanced for thralls. Danse Macabre Erupt with a multitude of Eidolon energy beams and sweep a circle of death around Revenant. Incoming damage is redirected to the beams. Hold fire to boost range and damage, while also increasing energy consumption. Thralls killed by this leave overshield pickups. New Reinforcements Expand your levels of customization by adding a new Weapon and Accessories to your Arsenal. Phantasma Irradiate enemies with a continuous stream of deadly plasma. Accuracy: 100 Critical Chance: 13% Critical Multiplier: 2.0x Fire Rate: 12.00 Magazine: 23 Noise: Alarming Reload: 1.2 Status: 39.0% Trigger: Held Impact Damage: 35.0 Radiation Damage: 20.0 * These stats are subject to change Vetala Armor Only the worthy may wear this legendary Warframe Armor set. Kasha Kavat Armor Dress your Kavat in this Sentient-inspired Armor. Vania Helmet A uniquely-styled alternate Helmet for Revenant. The night is yours, Tenno.
  9. This week, the team is here to talk about everything from kickflips to statistics! This episode showcased what’s planned for Revenant (next week on PC!), shared more of what the team has been working on for Melee 3.0, and more. Watch the full episode below or keep reading to learn all the juicy details! Housekeeping: Warframe's Official Soundtrack and We All Lift Together will soon be available on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Google, Amazon, and more)! New Fan Forge merchandise is available now! You can by community-created mousepads, messenger bags and apparel from For Fans by Fans. Based on your feedback, we will continue to offer separate Prime Accessories Packs for Prime Vaults! Nezha Deluxe In Devstream 115, we showed you TennoGen creator & all around awesome artist Liger Inuzuka’s Nezha Deluxe design. The team has been hard at work preparing Nezha Deluxe post-TennoCon. Here is a clip of Nezha Deluxe in-game. He’ll be ready to go ship after some effects polish! Garuda At TennoCon 2018, we shared concept art for an upcoming Warframe, Garuda. Work on this gore-based Warframe is ongoing. We plan to release her with the Fortuna update! K-Drive We’ve been working on adding style to K-Drive with some tricks and leaps of faith. Here’s a preview of what’s to come with many more animations on the way! K-Drive customization will be connected to a Fortuna K-Drive gang. You’ll have to earn standing with the gang by performing tricks to purchase K-Drive customizations and Mods. K-Drive appearance will be Modular, but not functionality. Speed, jump-height, and handling characteristics will all be customizable! The team also has plans for K-Drive Achievements and a Racetrack on Venus! Login Rewards Update Along with a UI update, the way we handle the Daily Tribute is being revamped. On Milestone days, you will be able to pick what item you’d like as a Reward. We’re also discussing the possibility of being able to select the same item more than once to exchange in a trading market. Mods and weapons will be included! Mask of the Revenant We hope to release the Revenant next week! With him will come a mysterious mask. You will have to visit Nakak in Cetus to uncover it! Steve offered a bit more info about what to expect with the update while the team visited Nakak: The Revenant Warframe will only be shipping with his shotgun. His melee weapon will follow soon after - it's caught up with the Melee 3.0! Watch the Revenant in action with his fast-paced play style and strong defensive abilities: The Elite Alert System and Melee 3.0 We will be introducing a new hourly Alert System soon! The codename:Elite Alert System offers no Revives. Squad Revivals will work, but if you choose to go in solo, being downed by an enemy will mean mission failure! The system will offer high credit rewards, but there’s also a cosmetic angle. The Emblem rewarded from the Elite Alert System will glow brighter for every Alert you play! A Dev Workshop with more info is coming soon. Melee 3.0 has also seen a lot of progress. The channeling button will be used for heavy attacks, and channeling mods are being repurposed. Our Effects Team is working on different looks for these attacks! Here’s a preview of how sparring-style melee will look with Melee 3.0: Here’s a preview of the new look Elemental Mods will give your melee attacks with Melee 3.0: Warframe Usage Statistics Rebecca shared in-game statistics with the community during this episode! The team uses statistics like these to get a sense of what Warframes might need to be revisited. Click here to see Warframe use by player Mastery Rank for the week of August 8 - 15! Note that each column represents a Mastery Rank. This is a public Google Doc - hi! Other Tidbits: We’re having internal discussions about adding slots for Operator customization We are looking into how to change Nyx's Abilities. We are looking into adding more FOV changes to Warframe A Relay rebuilding event is in the works. The event will include more information about Steel Meridian and old event weapons will return! We have added colour customization to Railjack and are in the process of improving effects!
  10. Tenno, a new Twitch Bundle has arrived in the Origin System! From now until Sept. 14, get a boost with 50 Platinum (non-tradable), a 7-Day Affinity Booster and a 7-Day Resource Booster for free through Twitch Prime! Grab your bundle here to maximize your grofit potential. The Twitch Gear Bundle is available to Twitch Prime members on all platforms. (If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you can sign up for a trial membership and still redeem the offer.) Your Warframe and Twitch accounts must be linked in order to get your bundle, so make sure your accounts are linked here! Stay tuned for more Twitch Bundles coming later this year. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, be a Blessing to your team by getting the free Trinity Prime Bundle!
  11. With the end of summer approaching fast, it’s time to make Platinum prices fall before the leaves do! Tenno on Xbox One can save up to 40% on Platinum packs, perfect for adding a new Warframe Skin or Weapon to your Arsenal! The full list of discounts are as follows: 170 Plat - 20% off 370 Plat - 25% off 1000 Plat - 30% off 2100 Plat - 35% off 3125 Plat - 40% off The End of Summer Sale is available in all regions from August 14 to 28! Act fast, Tenno! Don’t let the summer sun set on these amazing deals!
  12. [DE]Helen

    New Contest: Tenno's Best Friend!

    You can be as creative as you'd like when incorporating Warframe into the photo! You could have the game open on a PC behind your pet, for example, or you could Photoshop a Warframe character into the photo. We're looking for creativity! If you choose to use Photoshop, be sure not to distort the image too much. We want to make sure we can see the winning pets' fur patterns and unique features for the Kavat and Kubrow skin designs!
  13. [DE]Helen

    New Contest: Tenno's Best Friend!

    New rule added: "Do not alter your pets. Any sign that glue, dye, or other harmful products were used on your pet will disqualify you (and you should never do that)" Harming animals is never acceptable.
  14. At TennoCon 2018, a Tenno (we apologize for not remembering your alias!) had a contest idea that combined two of our favourite things: Warframe and cute animals! We’re happy to bring that contest to life. Incorporate Warframe into a picture of your cat or dog and share it with us in this thread! Maybe it’s time to snap a photo of your cat’s video game controller skills. Maybe this is the Ember Cosplay opportunity your dog has been waiting for. Get creative! As a result, one cat and one dog will be brought to life in-game with a Kavat and Kubrow Skin based on the actual winning pets! These Skins will be available for sale in the Market. How to enter: Incorporate Warframe into a picture of your cat or dog and share it in this thread for judging! OR Tweet a picture of your cat or dog on Twitter with the hashtag #TennosBestFriend to enter the contest (You must be following the @PlayWarframe Twitter) Need an example? Rules: Do not alter your pets. Any sign that glue, dye, or other harmful products were used on your pet will disqualify you (and you should never do that) One submission per player Cats and dogs only (We send our love to all other Tenno critters!) Photo must be Warframe-related and appropriate for the community forums Do not post on both Twitter and the Forums. Choose one location. You must be following the @PlayWarframe Twitter if your submission is a tweet Your tweet must include the hashtag #TennosBestFriend and follow these rules. Do not reserve spots in this thread Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified Prizes: 1st place Kavat – 1000 Platinum & the Kavat Skin inspired by your pet! 1st place Kubrow – 1000 Platinum & the Kubrow Skin inspired by your pet! 2nd place – 1000 Platinum! 3rd place – 750 Platinum! 4th place – 500 Platinum! 5th place – 250 Platinum! Winners will be determined based on creativity used to incorporate Warframe into a photo of their pet! This contest starts now until August 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET! ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE!
  15. Gain instant access to PlayStation-exclusive content, Platinum and Boosters with this brand-new Obsidian collection! Obsidian Corvus Collection Look to the skies with the exclusive Obsidian Corvus Syandana and Sigil. Slash through your prey with the Nikana and the exclusive Obsidian Nikana Skin. Includes: 300 Platinum Obsidian Corvus Syandana Obsidian Corvus Sigil Nikana Melee Weapon Nikana Obsidian Skin 7-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters This pack is available on: North and South America: August 7 Europe and Australia: August 8 East Asia: August 9 Japan: August 9 The Obsidian Corvus Collection may only be purchased once per account and is only available for a limited time. Don’t miss out!