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  1. You can make a critter uncapturable and completely invincible to damage by doing the following steps: First Tranqualize the critter you want to break. Then Dash as operator to it to knock it away. If it survives the damage you can proceed to the next step, Condors in the Plains of Eidolon can survive a single operator dash, Make sure you dont have any damage focus buffs on your dash to minimize the damage dealt. After it gets knocked away you can still capture it but that is not the timing you want, you need to wait for a few moments and the critter will wake up and try to run away. Thing is you can still select to capture it even after it wakes up. If you capture it after it wakes up the capture drone sound will play, the critter will get into a frozen state and become invincible but, no drone will appear and the capture will not complete, leaving a frozen,invincible and uncapturable poor critter as a momument in the plains. Final Result:
  2. Duviri Paradox trailer dropped in TennoLive and it was a massive reveal, this should be alot of new content for us to explore eventually but, what got me thinking the most is the adult version of the operator that appears in it. I went ahead and re-read the Zariman Ten Zero related lore on the wiki until i came across this line on the Ember Prime codex entry That means that Zariman Ten Zero shouldn't have had any children on it. But if that was the case, where did all the children all come from? Looking at Duviri Paradox trailer its quite obvious that an adult version of our operators exists somewhere or in some shape or form. In that case, what if all the children of Zariman Ten Zero are actually the missing crew. But that leaves a hole in the story as so far the story from the children's side is that the adults started going crazy. But if we look at it from the crew's side random people would become children at random losing their memories of what they once were. Its quite obvious that they would have tried all they could to try and do something about it getting more and more desperate as more people were affected, resulting in appearing as crazed in front of the children and in the end even becoming so. So moving on, what would the man in the wall be? Well, one idea I have is that he is the adult, Every Tenno has their own "Man in the wall" and Rell's was unique due to his aggressiveness, its possible he was killed or consumed or even possessed as in the trailer the adult was clearly in peril until our operator assisted him.
  3. IGN: Curtharv MR: 20 (940+ hours in profile, 830h+ on steam, didnt link account until much later on) Country: Greece Age: 25 Current Clan: Rightful Power Discord: Curtharv#7440 Languages: Greek / English Interested in applying for: Quasars /Quasars Storm About me: Started warframe in 2015, as obviously seen havent really bothered raising my mastery rank as i was usually focusing on the gameplay itself. I like to play warframe for its community and relaxing nature. I mainly find myself doing eidolon hunts (and raids when those were still a thing) while trying to find some people to play with. Always wanted to find an active and friendly clan so when i asked Tenekay about it i just had to apply here.
  4. technically its not a tier 4 amp, the material costs alone point that out
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