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  1. Where's the last round of rework for Xaku?
  2. Honestly I remember something like that a couple of years ago for direct X9 and quite frankly I still don't see many improvements (on the contrary almost). Dunno about directx 10 since it's still kicking for a lot of games but whatever
  3. Well, I'll use those methods. Mined the infested tunnel and the isolation vault clean, same for a random infested seraglio's cave and had the bless of having a KHRA reactive crystal Let's see the spoils Did I also mention how baffling high the droprate of the Bapholite is? And I gotta thank the cat there for giving me the charm at such a timing, or that would've been less than 8
  4. Never cared and never moaned about a particular resource in the game, but this one is just a complete insult to everyone's time. Goodness I could finish the steel path and get the Crania Ephemera by the time I'll finish needing this ONE SPECIFIC resource
  5. How about a change to bapholite and thauma drop rates?
  6. So, Harrow gives his 1st and you even have the guts to say that you can put the augment in there? Who cares? An augment that is for the 1st but works for only his 2nd and his 3rd. Give his thurible or smth at least he'll be useful for once
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