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  1. Can we expect a fix for Amalgam Metal Auger to work on Zaw Daggers like the Daikyu one does with Zaw Nikanas?
  2. So, will the amalgam mod for argonak be applied for Zaw daggers as well? It clearly doesn't. I can see the differences of stripping armor much faster with a sheev and shattering impact and a zaw dagger with said mod. Easier: zaw dagger doesn't seem to strip armor at all without shattering impact and the amalgam metal auger.
  3. Can we have some based numbers about the durations/effects of more skills? Shields Lowered: passively admitting shields are pointless? Not gonna lie, this sounds like the classic rework that's just gonna get mad the few people who played said frame and solve nothing else. Also, we've been hearing about melee 3.0 since last year. Release it already and more so, release it before Wukong's rework. Wukong was all about melee and who knows maybe the augment of his Iron Jab might've been awesome in melee 3.0 in fact, but no. We'll never be able to test that. "Defy wasn't very interactive" Debatable as timing and positioning yourself for those moments you needed to recast it to refresh it and make it useful again on times it is really needed isn't exactly easy, especially in a full squad scenario where you're surrounded pretty much all the time. Clone: if the clone isn't as good as Excalibur passive all of this will be sad, not to mention, even said AI is bad with a melee weapon on it.
  4. Additional quirk which feels more like a malus for headshots, especially if I were to use its secondary fire. I could take advantage of the high status and make use of corrosive and cold to make multiple headshots, but the impact screws all of that as they immediately flail around and cover their faces. If they were forced to be slash procs it would work way better
  5. Nagantaka is honestly a weapon of its own, but it doesn't do what it claims it should and it works against its own supposed mechanics atm. Codex entry: Slash targets with a single precise bolt from Garuda's signature crossbow. Alt-fire to let loose a barrage of bolts. All bolts have a chance to cause bleeding and headshots have a chance to increase reload speed. All bolts don't have a "chance" to cause bleedings, they cause a staggering impact. Headshots don't have a chance. Headshots need a DIRECT kill in order to activate such effect. Another issue that comes from the reload passive is the duration of it. Why is it a duration effect instead of a "next reload"? Direct kills on a semi "heavy" status based weapon are in fact improbable. Enemies will probably just die due to bleeding. To work like this it would be wiser to make it so that is possible to achieve orange crits without the need of a riven, or do, and increase the base damage in sacrifice of status chance (basically swap the chances of status and criticals). But that wouldn't be Nagantaka anymore. Simple change instead is to make Nagantaka do what it claims: bolts deal slash instead of impact so that it favors the high status chance it has for other procs and reload speed has a chance to be activated by a % of every single headshot. Having a chance to increase reload speed by landing headshots will also synergize better with Garuda's passive with it.
  6. I guess a new conclave mode?
  7. You know what? Idc that there's no umbral forma again. Wtf is that eidolon ephemera? What's it gonna look like? I WANT TO KNOW!
  8. This only happens with dragon nikana. Tried nikana prime and skiajati and it works as it should
  9. That does it. Here's a post of a bunch of images that I took on a trip I had on that infamous tileset that is Eris, or I guess in more technical terms "infested ship", because it's on europa atm. If you refuse so strongly to rework this boring method of farming kuva in every possible way, the least you could do is to keep it normal. And this also clears something out of my chest for wanna be veterans: did you check the whole map? It's impossible. Want facts? Take them. Only flaw is that I failed to screen enemy's level to show that is indeed a kuva "flood", but just in case, I made sure to also screen the rewards before someone thinks I got the kuva and omitted it. I went back&forth the whole map at least 7 times before starting. https://imgur.com/a/87m7LUu
  10. Energy colors for nikana sheats skins still bugged then?
  11. Angry? Passive aggressive? Me being one of them? Drawing many conclusions much? Maybe conclusions are much. Passive is also aggressive me. Competitions bring me smile and competitions bring people together and together is happy and happy is smile. Also happy is me and love is Wisp
  12. Whatever makes you sleep at night, buddy. Glad to see you being happy on other people's misfortune bad or good that it is. Now I see what's the problem with what you're finding
  13. I see people tending to turn competitions into a toxic matter. Competitions DO NOT bring the worst into people. Perhaps "the worst" of them only shows up in such a given occation. Competitions, such as sport, e-sports and whatnot keep any interest involved alive. You can put the definition of competition even in market and that turns out either amazing or tragic depending on how it goes. A game such as Warframe won't be an exception (there would be a slight problem if it was AND there was, ergo, people demanding for something like a leaderboard). Now, I don't know how illicit switch teleport was, take it with a grain of salt to whoever is reading this and is "sided" with, but if the use of it was its simple concept of moving the target to point x then I don't really see a problem there (once again, I have no idea if this was glitched in order to be able to use it in such way). It was "Alad's" fault for not improving its amalgams to resist against it. Would it have been considered illicit if I was able to soul-punch them? Should anyone be banned for teleporting the drone in Plains of Eidolon with either Nova or Loki? I'm not trying to be the devil's advocate here. I genuinely wouldn't want to see anyone condemning things such as competitions and people who try different approaches. Myself included tried many different things against the amalgams, to Hydroid's puddle form up to Banshee and even tried to use the Orvius and if some of those "forgotten" mechanics was able to outsmart Alad's twisted creations, damn right I would've used them. If I'm not able to hurt you I'm simply gonna use another tactic, wether it is to stop you or use something else to do it. In this case was gravity!
  14. Don't worry, you'll get it at least 5+ times again trying to actually get her
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