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  1. And why so? It's not the most powerful gun. It's useful but with no real reasons to use something out of melee you don't have a reason to use a different secondary.
  2. I will mind the nerfs on melee. Not too much though, but I do mind the lingering bugs and headaches related to holstering and edge grabbing still being a forced animation that stops anything. Please, allow us to remove it like the options we had with parkour 1.0
  3. Nobody is gonna talk how glitched aerial melee combos are despite the fact that we got a frame such as Zephyr to complement them? You really don't wanna miss on those with whips and tonfas I tell you much
  4. I did not read the fixes nor their importance, but thank you, I guess.
  5. Has nobody yet adressed the fact that the corpus crewships are ridiculously scaled? Grineer crewships are fine: they are big, you go in, not much space but that's just the crude nature of the grineer translated in how they use their space and armors. Corpus crewships instead are like miniscule microwaves almost as smol (if not smaller) as the regular fighter, impenetrable invulnerable shield bigger than them, small propulsors, you can barely enter from the back with the archwing, you enter and then it's just this humongous megalopolis. Please, make them bigger in space
  6. I like Grendel a lot and it's actually pretty powerful, but its energy echonomy is just atrocious. Given that, his 2nd is also weird. If you sacrifice him he gives his buff and you simply need a tiny bit of energy to get his "best" one. Nourished energy helps a lot paired with rage since he doesn't have a lot of shields to begin with and his energy pool isn't something to sneeze at. Nourished "armor" instead is something I find just trampling since it just gets in the way of cycling through the other 2: toxin damage on hit without a status proc either... That doesn't sound helpful. Back
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