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  1. Holding E is no longer a thing, but I can't be even mad. I used it but it was inconsistent af. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn'.t
  2. As I'd love ANY mission myself over any mobile defense and any other form of those, but assassinations are a differnent kind of mission that for some reasons aren't touched by KUVA Liches. Still, I prefer a mobile defense than throwing to the wind the option of doing a kuva flood because it spawned in Hades which is the Ambulas fight and defeats the whole purpose of getting an optimized and efficient way of earning kuva
  3. Listen: we can all agree that there's two kind of assassination missions in Warframe: quick and painful. I'm not gonna sugar coat anything. This has been something that has been plaguing long enough and nobody did anything and now it's reaching some seriously annoying levels. The worst are the ones with invulnerability phases and where all you have to do is wait (big deal, so hard). How is this an issue with kuva? Well, let me show you! Tried to edit the images the least possible and I censored the guy because he was clearly mad at something and has been unnecessarily punished enough for simply trying to play. So, what happened (before the host migration) is that Lich Krill wasn't getting in his "frozen" state where you're finally granted the chance to "hurt" him, probably bugged because he got blocked by skills (after all, there were Khora&Venari, Rhino and Magus Anomaly). AFTER the guy rage quitted, host migration happened, Krill got fixed, we killed him but we couldn't extract. If anyone wants to be my (or our) guest and dares to say to learn to not use Magus Anomaly and/or avoid to use any cc on Krill (which is a boss like many that hasn't been touched in years) then let us suggest they also add the Ropalolist fight in the kuva siphon rolls (I also wonder how much lore we can break with these). I COULD suggest for a bug fix, but we all know how long these can take and for good reasons
  4. Ngl I would really love for mission indicators to be brought back into instant feedback rather than the "lively progression" BS. Every update about UI and every new maps/missions makes me hope that they'll get somewhat better, but no. They just keep getting worse and worse. No, I'm not gonna go back 500m in an extermination for that ONE enemy that is poopin' his pants when there's like more than 15 the actual needed right in front of me. No, there's no 6+ points of interest in the sabotage mission 'cause I've already done it and now I'm having troubles finding the indicators I actually need, one being extraction if it's considered too far.
  5. I am indeed looking great, thanks for noticing. That's because of all the food I've eaten (jk it doesn't matter how much I eat)
  6. Dw: I won't miss them. Especially for not being any axi. We have so many more and better methods to get relics anyway
  7. You made it, you fix it. Some people have dropped tip top pieces for their ships, but also most of them can't host at all, and given the many problems in the state of which empyrean is, it demands a host with a powerful and stable connection to avoid encountering all sorts of bugs at the same time. Clearly I don't need to remind the rarity of such pieces are and so what's the time needed to gather them. Soloing atm is extremely slow due to the many roles you have to cover at once. Give the possibility to make a group and decide which ship should be used, or simply let people choose who is gonna host after the party has been made. Giving the option to a better solo experience would be a band-aid fix for this: why would I bother making a better ship and collect avionics if I can't and let others use any? Imagine the chaos for not having this simple feature if PvP and Raids are added to Railjack without dedicated servers. Should we just give away rare avionics to whoever can grant hosting? That would give and make scamming a golden opportunity.
  8. A change in titaniums? Should I wait to finally be able to use them to craft an MKIII piece?
  9. Asdryu

    Itzal's arch-line

    Just a quick request for the skill: can we make it so that archline of itzal pulls US TO Crewships rather than "pull" them TO US without any success? I find it silly, but I would find it useful if it works SIDE NOTE: I'm still getting shot profusely even while invisble making not one but two skills of Itzal completely useless
  10. "solid reproduction steps" Am just trying to start it!
  11. Sancti Magistar's heavy slams don't count for its passive even though they do activate the sound
  12. I understand the move to increase the chance of critical chance to true steel because it was obsolete, but this is overkill and is gonna turn bloodrush obsolete on most builds. Also, since we're here, the bonus of additional critical chance for heavies should go over blood rush and riven mods as well
  13. If I already have a Lich, can larvlings don't spawn at all when I'm playing solo, pls <.<? Stealth kills are getting harder and harder these days
  14. I knew I was gonna like this frame, but I only got one complain. Nourish should just get the buffs of each type of enemy inside. It's hard enough already to "pick" your buffs with Titania, you're gonna tell me that I can be able to control a buff coming from an enemy that I can't see that I took with an AoE ability? Increase energy cost for each type buff, it doesn't last long anyway, especially with an efficiency build
  15. Exodia brave doesn't give energy upon death from a damage over time caused by an heavy attack, opposed on how it used to happen with channeling. Anything that can be done about that?
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