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  1. Did this happen with Rhino's roar? The augment lets you recast roar whenever you want, but last time I tried, roaring again elsewhere will make allies lose said buff which made me discard it immediately.
  2. Tbh I never felt like this was too much of a big deal over the "killing the free 2 play players". Could be salty about nerfing synergies like being able to shoot from within the rift thanks to Volt's shields or the aforementioned one in this post, whilst there are obviously some more than go on with the name of powercreep. But if you're getting conspiracy vibes about this JUST now because "ermegerd new booster after the nerf" try to farm kuva without booster. I dare you. Boosters will always offer a large margin of help and let's be real: they're still cheap. There are also a lot of giveaways to keep plats and trading rolling for everyone to sell mods, primes and arcanes.
  3. Asdryu

    Harrow got old

    This, exactly. Harrow is extremely painful to start and if you die/get nullified even Nidus will look easier to scale. I can understand arcanes- I farmed for them. Even Zenurik- I worked for it (even though I'd like to use some other focuses), but I'd like to use pads only when the situation is drastic. I agree and disagree with you. When I look for fun in a frame I look through its whole kit and Trinity is useable... It suffers from some of Harrow's problem indeed too (spending most of the time just buffing), but rather than just mass killing, she has the underrated capability to kill in creative ways. Her 1st is disappointing and it's just fun for Simulacrum's extreme tests. Feels like it should also be one handed On the other hand it feels like Harrow needs the kills more than Nekros.
  4. Asdryu

    Harrow got old

    Pun intended in the title because he has already that noble stance. Anyways, everyone was like "rip volt" but to me Gauss is (thank you) gonna replace Harrow for his 2nd ability, except for the health regeneration, but that's fine. Gauss' redline literally boosts every kind of speed, charge attack rate included and the cc is really good when you get the hang of thermal surge. Now. What do I have against Harrow? A lot, actually. 1st of: yes, I don't care about Eidolons. MVP is Volt for that. 2nd and most importantly: he's the self support that never replaced Trinity at all. Most of his buffs only go to him and being a caster frame, all the max energy he has is a miserable 150 to just reach 425 with a maxed primed flow (300 for nostalgic flow). BASIC AF! And forget about Thurible's utility if there's an Equinox, Saryn, Mesa- you name 'em. There's no energy for "assists" and any kill that's not with a weapon... as if. He's one of those frames/things that "it needs this and this and that" and when I hear so much of it I say "it needs to go" Let's see how. Duration is really important for Harrow, so narrow minded? Nyes. Now you also need stretch because his 1st ability is the main opener and will grant you safety (when you're not surrounded), but you also need strength to boost the effectiveness of its abilities and you may also need efficiency because you already have to use 1 and 2 in combination, but maybe you should've used Thurible before to make the energy you need for your cycle, but also if enemies are already high level Harrow is already squishy and your 1st ability is the only cheap resource you have and... JESUS! You see?! One other thing I noticed is that you either have enough energy to don't care(thanks to thurible and enough sandbags to kill) or flat out gasping for it. How could this be changed? Easy solution: increase his base energy- bandaid fix that might come with an eventual Primed variant. Condemn. Width of condemn is affected by range mods and travel time by duration. Condemn is already an ability that's both heavily affected by line of sight and obstacles because it's limited on the ground. This will help with the variety of builds Penance. Cost should only asks shields. At the moment, penance asks for both shields AND energy (50). Harrow already can't take many hits and penance will also lock you in place for 2 seconds. It has the amazing quirk to heal and is affected by affinity for its range. Thurible. Thurible is a standalone ability in his kit that has an amazing augment that SADLY CAN'T go in the exilus slot (why? Same question goes for covenant's one). Leaving Covenant out of it. It's what makes Harrow, Harrow. It's extremely situational and both buffs are extremely useful. The augment is disappointing, especially since it can't even fit in the exilus slot. An augment to help with the management of Protection and Retaliation would make more sense. You are NOT getting kills with Harrow if you're in a squad, and you need kills to get energy and there are also many better frames to choose if you want to go solo. This is the main issue I have with this frame of which I cannot understand what his place is.
  5. I wonder if anyone noticed that you can waste your spores/energy with Saryn by casting it on allies/objective and doing absolutely nothing
  6. Recently changed into making Zephyr's 1st ability to end sooner if collision happens while using such ability. Big problem is: while the ability does end, the effect doesn't at all, so you're still thrusted in no matter what. Why not just make it so that even while flying horizotally it makes the same effect as if I'm aiming down? Bandaid fix, honestly. There's no way to tell where you're gonna end up if you use it in a closed space. I would just suggest to make it SIMILAR (=/= equal. Some people just don't get this) to mac rush since I find it very succesful. The effect of dive bomb is already there anyway. Problem would be to set how energy efficiency works there too.
  7. Asdryu

    Gauss' Redline

    Ok now: everyone has something to say about anything, but for real: change the arcing sound of the bolts into some kind of coil whine or some buzzing of electricity. As of now it literally has the same exact sound of getting shot from multiple directions, I turn around and there's nobody and I'm like: great, it's just my ability. This thing is giving me some legit anxiety
  8. one from me: do it well and fast. Catch my drift if ya will
  9. Don't do it then. You literally don't need it. Try to be smarter with your points at least. How 'bout the dragon keys for rivens? I don't see anyone complaining for that. Dragon keys- made to unlock the vaults and that you'll forget to unequip (unless it's hobbled)
  10. "all in the name of fun" Grineer: queens, I don't feel so good
  11. You're confusing meeee!!! What does it reads?!? Oh nvm you just put another dot in there... <.<
  12. I can't imagine how devastating Saryn will become if this is what I'm thinking and Volt is gonna make every corrosive build a piece of cake to make
  13. AND tekelu skins. Omg this is EPIC
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