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  1. Asdryu

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    People being toxic for skipping the cutscenes?!? Let me be toxic to them 'cause they need to be learning some freedom and maybe paying the skippers' connection if they want to force someone to watch them EVERYTIME.
  2. Asdryu

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    You guys can do whatever you want, but if you don't give a skip for those monologues, this whole part of Fortuna it's nonexistent to me. Who the hell can still think that unskippable cutscenes are a good idea? There are people who can't stand them for the first time, let alone the umpteenth
  3. You're making some stuff sound like they're a bad thing You say bounties in PoE are random? Random, ok. It doesn't look random enough to me when I get 4 times in a row the lame wombo combo "Armored vault- Liberate the camp that's never gonna be used and Escort the Drone". Great rotation and "some" fast missions. Too bad they NEVER happen to the point that I almost forget them. While I do have the memory of a fish, I actually forget sometimes that there's a capture or an extermination, and ACTUALLY, I COMPLETELY forgot that there is a Rescue mission wich is about that guy that has the explosives attached to him. Now, the defenses: Except that the drone really isn't that much of a defense. It's rather a kill before they kill type of thing wich doesn't make you sit around waiting for nothing. I don't see how finding cashes is a defense at all but ok. "Bounties happens in the same places". We're forgetting that piece that Fortuna is gonna have a 2nd part wich may have another use for those zones. If they're there, it doens't mean they necessarily have to be used for bounties and they're in fact very dispersive. Fake. Not all bounties that I happened to do in a rotation are all the same. Even if it was, so be it. I rather much prefer to know at this point want I'm about to "re-do" (I'll get to this in a moment), that having a fake hope that I won't happen in the lame wombo-combo drone/vault/camp~cache (because God forbid capture/rescue/extermination is a thing) again. If you've done bounties to seek for augur secrets you would know. Also, when YOU LIBERATE A CAMP IN FORTUNA, you can actually do a different rotation of bounties from the npc that's gonna get in control of that zone. Most of those missions, opposite of PoE, are based on YOUR abilities (getting credits, caches, defending the drone, spy and assassination). The only timed missions are the defense, the excavators and to a lesser degree the corpus camps, 'cause they spawn enemies wich will drop something to reduce the time. Though, that last mission is a little bit too free. You can literally go mine and nothing will happen to the prisoners, like the time doesn't stop/revert or they don't kill them. Sorry, but we have WAAAAAYYYY too many timed missions in Warframe already, that I can't help but think that the bounties in Fortuna are somewhat of a "fresh" breeze and I actually like doing them because at least I get some company that doesn't even come at me yelling "THIS IS SPARTA" without any means of defense to counter my abilities (hyenas for one are impervious to most cc. May be a bit bs, but it's something), while also I get to go and sneak in their camps wich have some decent stuff loot, not to mention the extra bonus you get from doing them "perfectly"
  4. You said it and you reminded me the missions that don't happen quite as often. Sometimes I just forget that there's an extermination mission and a capture one. Liberate the Camp and Armored Vault, on the other hand, happen all the time. Escorting the drone being the 2nd, but at least that can be rushed a little bit with either Loki or Nova and it doesn't take as long as the aforementioned ones. Still, escorting the drone often times requires you to go on an opposite part of the map. I can understand that it might have to do with tourettes, but if I disable/destroy them, why can't I send the drones from there? Why can't I send a drone from the camp I "liberated" (yeah, so much for them and yet I can't use those camps). It would be much easier
  5. Prove me wrong: you made PoE BOUNTIES (I want to specify that my "grudge" is coming from bounties) with the mind based of making it as frustrating as possible. PoE's map isn't as bad or boring as people are trying to make it out to be. "Plains": the name makes its justice and you made it possible to not make it lack contents thorough it and leave huge empty useless spaces. I did not need Fortuna to understand the flaws of these... Actually, bounties in PoE SCARED me that Fortuna could've been something even remotely as bad. Let's start with the missions: "LIBERATE THE CAMP": I cannot hate this mission more. It's on its fight against mobile defense. Though, not as boring thanks to the redeeming feature of target practicing with the ships if you have a strong weapon. The spawn rate of this mission is ridiculous. You can't have a bounty cycle without this AND/or without Armored Vault, like if those are the two only missions existing on the plains, and oh~ the Lotus' transmission "Camp liberated *WAIT* incoming assault". Yeah wait. Don't give me the false hope like that there's a possible chance that for some unkown reason I'm not gonna be forced to wait here in this place to play hide&seek. Give me a way to take a stealth takedown approach that won't cause the assault to happen or something; if I don't get spotted/don't alert any enemy during the liberation, the assault won't happen and I'll immediately take control of the camp. Did you guys listen to one of my post where I suggested to have some intercations during the missions perhaps? Because Fortuna's bounties are full of those, wich makes those not such of a chore somehow (going your way to kill special enemies to reduce the timer of a corpus camp being one). Locations of the bounties and caves: Plains of Eidolon is smaller than Orb Vallis, but you can somehow take it longer to clear bounties. Now you have a bounty in hillside wich is in the right area and now you have to go in seaside. And it's usually like that. But that's not that bad usually. THE WORST are the caves. This is the equivalent of a clan leader that tries to force your new members to use their poorly made forums instead of just socializing/talking/discussing their strats. I'm sorry, but if something is bad or I'm not interested then I'm not gonna use it. Stop trying to force me. I did not ask you to do anything and the time you spent on making those things aren't of my concern. Sad but true. That area in the black circle is to re-do. If you're a newbie, there's no way you can not fail. If a liberate the camp happens in the Er-Phryah (these names...), there's bound to be enemies in the caves even if they've been dropped FROM THE SKY. How? Beats me. But that's not that bad. The worst part is when you have to find caches in "the ribs" and this is where the oxymoron of the poorly made forums comes in. The part of the mission happens and is located in point b, but you start it by going in the cave in point a. The 1st time that caves were made and it happened I thought they were bugged, but I made them today and I got flubbergusted, because I found out the problem. The mission is UNDERGROUND. That cave is SO BAD most parts of the map aren't even drawn and the caches are actually right there on the random rocks! PLEASE! And that's scratching the surface. Once you found the two caches in there, there's one left in the surface, meaning that you have to go back to point a to go back on point b at the surface and you have to be fast because you're gonna be out of the mission, so momma is gonna think that you're abandoning the mission. The "cave" in hillside ruin isn't a joke either, but that area in the black circle is crazy. Drop rates: Ok, this could be just me but: are these seriously supposed to be the uncomon rewards? I've been trying to get augur secrets from the beginning of the whole cycle, yet all I got were relics and revenant parts. Rarely the common/uncommon mods and like 3/2 times only cetus wisps (you know, at least I could use them for the arcanes). I noticed since day1 that the similar NPC that was supposed to give bounties outside of the gates of Cetus like in Orb Vallis is not there yet, so I guess you're still planning something for Plains as well, just like it has been mentioned that there might be something similar to conserving animals. It's a good occation to address this. Give bounties in PoE some of the love they had in Fortuna. At least for me, the bonuses really give me a reason to not just go there casually.
  6. The usual. You make a good post and white knights come to say that the fault is on you or derail the post to something that wasn't even mentioned. Everything that you do in Fortuna takes a long damn time, even showing the profile. Deal with it. It's a problem that is on that specific map and not just in Orb Vallis. It's inside of Fortuna's gates as well. If something blocks for more than 3 seconds you get a host migration and it's a damn plague. It's just loading a lot of random stuff that's not even in the screen nor anywhere near you, otherwise it wouldn't be a 50/50 to load anything and get blocked. Denying that won't make the problem disappear.
  7. Well, Kohm is a sensitive change. Rivens were madeto make unused weapon more used. To change Kohm's one will completely delete that point. But still, why should marelok be weaker than pandero? No reason at all. So many things wrong it's not even worth mentioning
  8. Most of these changes don't make no sense. Rubico: nothing relevant and everyone uses it like no tomorrow. Tonkor, Spira, Dread, Hek- WHO USES THEM? Vectis got nerfed too: ok whatever. I got it. This is random <.<
  9. Asdryu

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    I don't remember that part where you've specifically said "the 1st of November" More something on the lines of "early" so, Ima just wait for the 1st weeks
  10. Asdryu

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.8

    Glad to understand that I was not the only one finding the hitboxes on those pesky drones weird. Had to shoot on their right to be more consistent
  11. Asdryu

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    What will happen to melee 3.0? Will it finally be released with Fortuna as well? And will Chesa undergo some changes with the new mod for companions that's coming?
  12. Asdryu

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Melee 2.0 is getting destroyed. Put this melee 3.0 already instead of just adding changes
  13. Asdryu

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    Can we revert the looks on Vahd and Varida sets? I mean, the color sets of Vahd were off, but now it's just a punch in the eyes, not to mention the clipping and that ugly default gray
  14. Asdryu

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I like the sacrifice of the useless shields in order to increase his HP. Also, 90% damage reduction will allow rage & hunter adrenaline addicts to use them better >:3 On a side note: please, try to make the deluxe skin as skinny as possible, it's looking like Chroma's deluxe to me. We don't have many skinny frames and Nezha is our main skinny boyo. Many good ideas, finally. Can't wait for Nyx and Wukong.
  15. Asdryu

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Why doesn't mesmer skin protect from splash damage? There's no point on trying to go against a bombard like that.