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  1. The coloring on the Gauss Agito skin seems to be broken. Its WAY too bright. Please fix
  2. Got this a few months ago. Hope the rumors are true & Nezha PA comes with Guandao prime.
  3. Coolest idle pose I've seen is Nidus noble with spearguns (spear resting on the shoulder). Wish I could hold my sword like that as well.
  4. Ayyy best boi Gauss got some love. Very nice
  5. They're determined to keep high MR meaningless.
  6. Mastery should matter more, not less.
  7. DMC style launching enemies (and yourself) into the air & juggling them. (This would also coincide with a moderate buff to enemy ehp so that they could take a few hits). Every stance would have a launcher and you activate it with Block + Holding backwards + E Tenchu Z's chain finisher system. Basically everytime you perform a finisher & it kills them, your character teleports to nearby enemies & performs finishers on them too. The radius would be small & Naramon would increase it.
  8. Its power creep & there wouldn't be any "unique touch" either since most frames have a meta augment. The solution is to make augments compelling enough for your primary 8 slots.
  9. Wisp 4 - Kamehameha wannabe. She needs to take lessons from goku Harrow 3 - Don't need energy in a game with infinite energy restores & energize Volt 1 - Useless without its augment. Boring power Gauss 3 - Good Ability but it's definitely the most replaceable Excalibur 4 - Don't like exalted weapons & EB is significantly weaker than my rivened swords Xaku 1 - Boring damage buff. Frost 2 - Does nothing Chroma 1 - Does nothing. Wish it was good because it looks badass. Imagine Volt breathing lightning Revenant 4 - Feels oddly isolated from t
  10. Should be this week if they're consistent, round 18 deadline/release was January 20th/February 6th.
  11. No rules stating a signature weapon needs to come /w its owner. You could easily use Scourge Prime with base harrow. But I get what you mean.
  12. Nah. They don't usually go with their original weapons. Otherwise Ivara Prime would've came with rubico & talons prime.
  13. Scourge Prime would be great. It's thematically appropriate due to being a spear & it could use a buff. Also fine with attica/guandao/daikyu since I have g-rolls for them although they're not as interesting as getting the 1st primed speargun. Daikyu wouldn't benefit much from being primed since it's heavily single-target focused, they'd have to give it an OP passive or something. Attica is the safer option but kinda bland. Guandao would be exciting if we had a new/better polearm stance. Guess twirling spire will suffice for now.
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