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  1. The AI doesn't really react or do anything so not much of a point IMO. Grenades can be used to flush enemies out or force them to reposition but that's not really possible given how rudimentary the AI behaves in this game.
  2. You know its like perfectly acceptable to just not play the game for a bit. I love the game but I sure as hell am not spending every waking moment playing it and expect DE to siphon content directly into my hands on a monthly basis.
  3. Solid QoL change for a solid gamemode type. Good job and keep up the good work.
  4. Pretty rich of you to claim that OP is just rewriting MGS when both games have cyborg ninjas, genetically modified children and mechs. Oh and not to mention they straight up reference MGS during the Heart of Deimos quest.
  5. I think if stealth were to be improved the AI of enemies would have to fundamentally change. I'm of the mind that stealth is only fun if the AI is good. Because its all the more satisfying to sneak past and outsmart them. The current AI is the equivalent of two marbles rolling around in a tupperware container. All we can do is just wait for enemies to walk past in order to do anything. They did make a rather surprising improvement some time ago when they changed how they react to dead bodies but it only made stealth more annoying since we can't do anything to change their behavi
  6. "We don't want our players putting NPCs into suggestive poses" Designs Warframes with massive codpieces and big bootys Players create giant d***s and other naughty objects in Dojo anyways
  7. I think when it comes to things like this having modular or non-modular designs works either way. Titanfall started off with having Titan loadouts but they moved towards dedicated loadouts and abilities for Titans in Titanfall 2. I'm not saying one was better than the other but they both clearly had their merits. If Necramechs become an actually integral part of the gameplay loop in Warframe then I could see them eventually developing a modular design like for kitguns and Zaws. But for now, I don't think it's really necessary.
  8. The irony of this is yall are going to be tearing your hair out while using this garbage gun as a joke.
  9. I think in order for something like that to work Liches would have to operate similarly to Syndicates in which you have good/bad standing with them. Something like this is way more nuanced that what we currently have where converted Liches just randomly pop in and out of difficult missions. It would be cool though if Liches that you converted built their own posse and went around helping you. Maybe even eventually you could contract them help crew Railjacks or something. Or perhaps instead of them coming to help you, you can actively seek them out in certain missions to aid them kind
  10. Yeah honestly if Leyou wasn't bought out by Tencent I'd say they deserve their money back after Xaku's release lol. Thankfully DE is not under any sort of major financial pressure to put out good content other than from us players I guess. Should still strive to put out good solid content and use the freedom they have to impress us.
  11. Maybe not so much a remaster of the mechanic itself but a lot of the older tilesets especially the frozen Corpus shipwreck one do not mesh well at all with this movement system. I think reworking those tilesets would probably be the best move in terms of improving the parkour experience.
  12. Was hoping that they'd work on integration with the rest of the gameplay. Going off of today's Devstream through it seems they're slowly working on it with Litch bosses. Hopefully this Railjack expansion further improves in that aspect.
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