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  1. I think its also worth pointing out that you're comparing Warframe to a gacha game when gacha games are notoriously predatory and have considerably lower lifespans compared to most F2P MMO-like games. I will admit the current state of Warframe is unfocused to say the least but I have some faith that DE will eventually see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and straighten things out.
  2. I've played Genshin Impact and while I think the game looks fine and the open world is interesting to explore they absolutely shot themselves in the foot by making it too much like a mobile gacha game by gating everything you need to do in order to progress behind a stamina system. Say what you will about Warframe but the day they lock the grind behind an asinine stamina system is the day the game dies for good. Like imagine having to wait a entire week to beat every major boss in the game once for a chance at getting a random piece of a Warframe you wanted. Yeah no thanks.
  3. I think what people don't understand is that the boss needed to be the way it was because basically anyone at any point in the game can play it. This isn't the same as like your typical assassination mission that takes your gear and level into account. This is literally just a dramatic conclusion to what is essentially a battle pass with a narrative. I don't really know what people were expecting when the whole Glassmaker quest was just walking around a piece of tileset looking for tiny artifacts to interact with. I didn't think the boss was particularly difficult even though I
  4. I'd love to see it for the Latron but I don't think it really makes sense for the Sybaris and its variants. I think it would also be cool for some of the sniper rifles like the Rubico.
  5. I find this rather funny considering I discovered Warframe after being totally let down by Destiny 1 and its complete lack of respect for the time I put into it. As for the original topic. I agree there is a lot that Warframe needs to improve on. Recently I took a pretty long break from the game and decided to try out Genshin Impact since all of my friends were playing it and to be honest, not a fan but I will say that the exploration of its open world was far more enjoyable than all three of the open worlds Warframe has combined. I was already pretty surprised when Heart of Deimos c
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