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  1. Yeah its a cool idea but its probably going to go through a lot of revisions. Makes you wonder how many weird interactions its going to have with tileset features.
  2. My concern is whether K-Drive is suited for enclosed spaces like most of the non-open world tilesets. Titania's Archwing form was pretty jarring to use at first. A lot of crashing into surfaces and not being able to travel at max speed for very long.
  3. Not gonna lie, after playing the game for so long I have trouble staying in endless missions. Gameplay has gotten too monotonous to me. If I'm not leveling gear or looking for any reward in particular I feel no need to stay too long in endless missions.
  4. I have basically the same specs and play on med-high graphics and have not encountered any frame drops even with the latest update. I recommend changing the following settings in your Nvidia Control Panel. Power Management Mode: Prefer Maximum Performance Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Filtering Optimization: On Texture Filtering - Quality: High Performance Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization: On I also recommend capping your FPS to your monitor's refresh rate.
  5. Which do you prefer and why? So far, I only have 1 Adarza Kavat nearly fully ranked (may even forma) and 1 Smeeta that I havn't had the chance to try out yet. But from the time I've had playing with my awesome lookin Adarza I can tell you its crit-chance buff is nothing to scoff at. You get it fairly frequently and allows some weapons to red-crit which is amazing.
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