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  1. I think its an alright gun. Been using it with Chroma and it puts out some big numbers. My only gripe is that the alt fire is kind of inconsistent. Just build crit viral with dualstat mods. 2 dualstat mods will get you to around 90% status and the alt fire can reach 100% critical chance with just Point Strike. Throw on Vile Acceleration to decrease charge up time and you're good. Use primary fire to spread viral and use secondary to delete enemies. It's like a Tenno version of the Battacor, another pretty good weapon.
  2. For that to happen I think the entire mod system would need to be overhauled considerably which I wouldn't really mind if we're being perfectly honest. Lot of aspects of the current mod system are antiquated and can be simplified considerably without sacrificing freedom.
  3. IIRC there was a point where Infested were the strongest faction all because of Toxic Ancients being able to oneshot at high enough levels. I don't know if that's still the case but its fair to say other factions have caught up in terms of pure annoyingness (see new Corpus units).
  4. How to grind for Tennogen skins. Step 1: Get a job. Step 2: Grind. Step 3: Grofit.
  5. Kinda wish I could get my forma back from all the non-prime weapons and Warframes that I sold off to make room for their prime variants.
  6. I'm a bit put off about how DE addressed Empyrean's shaky release. It's great that they tried to involve the community in deciding the future of the project but I think they should have approached it in a pragmatic way. I think instead of just pushing out an alpha/beta version of the update which if we're being perfectly real here, is what Empyrean feels like, they should've just released a devblog or something detailing where they are on the update and open up to suggestions from there. It feels incredibly jarring to have the content then have it undergo considerable changes within the subsequent updates. I hope in 2020 they plan things out better and release updates not for the sake of releasing updates but to actually deliver complete and comprehensive content.
  7. Why does it even matter lol. Other weapons can obliterate enemies with a single click but one mod is suddenly the bane of game balance.
  8. I was thinking more of a Starchart 4.0 kind of thing where your Railjack sort of becomes an extension of your orbiter. Giving people the option to fly through the solar system to missions almost like in Wind Waker would be really cool. Probably not very practical but would really make for an immersive experience. There may also be a way to add an extra layer of gameplay to mission extractions where instead of just reaching the waypoint and watching an end-of-game stats and mini cutscene you could fly yourself out of the area and into safety or even another mission. Obviously make it optional as some people probably wouldn't really care much for the extra work and would just want the mission to be over.
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