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  1. Gonna be nice being able to put Hush on snipers without taking up a mod slot.
  2. I used to do high level spy missions to level my gear. Run duration Loki and just equip whatever you're trying to level and break into all the data vaults without sounding alarms. Its not exactly hard either since all the vaults are relatively easy and fast to crack (except for the ones on Lua and Uranus). There are plenty of shortcuts, can Youtube them if you want to find out where they are. You get a pretty hefty amount of exp from doing this and a chance to get Ivara parts and some 60/60 mods that you can sell for like 10p each.
  3. "Mac plays X, Y and Z therefore it should be able to play A, B and C" doesn't really work when the OS doesn't even support the API... Macs fall behind in gaming performance because Apple designs them with the mindset of form over function. You don't buy a Mac to play games. You buy them to have access to MacOS. Its actually worth noting that you don't even really need to buy Macs to use MacOS since you can run it relatively easily using VMs.
  4. Isn't DirectX not supported by MacOS? That alone should indicate that Macs aren't geared towards gaming.
  5. I feel like Warframe would be a decent choice for Stadia or really any game-streaming service since input lag isn't a huge issue in this game. People like to rip on these sorts of things but no matter how jank the experience is, its still pushing the technology forward.
  6. I was kind of hoping Wisp would be a stealth centered parkour frame but most of her abilities feel like they were an afterthought. Reservoir just seems like a better version of Volt's speed, Breach Surge is just bonus damage, and Sol Gate feels like it should've been Ember's reworked 4th ability. The only ability I actually like is Wil-O-Wisp. It seems like you can actually creatively use it. Its a real shame since a lot of the new set mods incentivize parkour.
  7. Thanks for putting in the extra time to get this update out by tonight.
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