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  1. I mentioned this in the reveal thread but I really feel like Wisp should've been more stealth centered instead of just tacking on some random DPS and support abilities. The only ability I feel like that actually fits her is Wil-O-Wisp. They had the opportunity to make a unique and actually pretty well balanced stealth frame and it really seems like they were onto something with her passive and Wil-O-Wisp. Her being able to stealth while airborne means she can stealth without energy but can't really perma stealth since she eventually has to land on the ground. This synergizes really well with those new parkour mods and also compliments that new Gas City rework very nicely. Her first ability is a straight upgrade to Volt's speed ability since you not only get increased movement speed but you also get increased health and passive radial electric damage. Really lazy design no offense. Her second ability is like Loki's decoy but actually improves on the design instead of just adding multiple versions of it on a toggle wheel (*cough* first ability *cough*). Loki's decoy was already pretty underwhelming since in order to use it effectively you needed to use a second ability in order to maximize its effective which isn't even that great to begin with. By rolling several mediocre abilities into one cohesive ability just shows how fragmented the design can be. Much like her fourth ability, I think it would've been perfect for a Loki rework but I guess they just want it on Wisp. At the very least, I think it fits her design as a stealth frame. Her third ability is just a bonus damage ability that everyone will just use without a second thought. Like at that point why not just make it a passive if you're probably going to constantly use it? Again, very lazy design. Finally, I want to just come out and say: Not every Frame needs a big DPS ability to be good. Like Sol Gate is cool and all but its just another big DPS ability that's probably severely outclassed by other abilities like Peacemakers and Dance Macabre. If they really liked the ability design, then they should've just given it to Ember or something so we can finally get rid of her dumb World on Fire ability for good.
  2. I was kind of hoping Wisp would be a stealth centered parkour frame but most of her abilities feel like they were an afterthought. Reservoir just seems like a better version of Volt's speed, Breach Surge is just bonus damage, and Sol Gate feels like it should've been Ember's reworked 4th ability. The only ability I actually like is Wil-O-Wisp. It seems like you can actually creatively use it. Its a real shame since a lot of the new set mods incentivize parkour.
  3. Tricky5hift


    You can literally get platinum for free by playing the game lol.
  4. Original PoE was great if you liked looking at the color orange and nothing else. Also the textures for the trees and foliage got major upgrades from before. Like before the trees looked extremely fake and just lacked any real detail.
  5. Thanks for putting in the extra time to get this update out by tonight.
  6. Great update but please let us use the Teng dagger skin on Zaw daggers.
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