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  1. nah, it's clearly stated on the support site that they can't gift any drops to accounts
  2. I've been linked with twitch for about two years now, watched every devstream and prime time in that timespan and never had any problems with twicth drops. Yesterday, I wasn't home and so I watched the whole livestream (from 12 to 7:30 pm) on mobile. got nothing this morning when I logged in and when I checked my account settings, apparently my twitch had a problem being linked. why the hell was it desynced??? I'm just pissed at whatever happened
  3. So yesterday, like many of us, I watched the tennocon stream to see what warframe had planned for the future, but of course, I also wanted the lotus ephemera. I started watching the stream as soon as it was up, and watched it for the whole day. Even if there were pannels I was less interested in, I left the stream running on the side. When the time came for tennolive, I was ecstatic and I'm sure, everyone else was. The thing in all of that, was that I wasn't on my computer at the time(I watched the whole event from the mobile app), and so I couldn't login to check if I got the ephemera. Loging in this morning, I was thus expecting 2 messages from teshin, one with the ephemera and one with nek p, but I got nothing. I then decided to check a bit deeper in case there was any problem with my twitch sync. Before I go on, mind that I've been synced with twitch for about 2 years now, I watch every devstream and prime time and I've never had any problem with twitch drops. But when I checked about 30 minutes ago in my account settings, what do I see ? "twitch sync: there was a problem linking your twitch and warframe account". WTF ??? how could it have desynced??? even when I changed my alias, I desynced and resynced it to avoid any problem and didn't get any, but on the big day, "Uh oH, We CoUlDnT SynC YoUr AcCouNtS, OOpsIe WoOpsIe". And now I'll never get that ephemera since DE doesn't retroactively gift things to accounts. Sorry if this feels like venting but I'm honnestly pissed at whatever caused that problem, be it twitch or DE, and I'm also pissed that I didn't think about checking that prior to the livestream.
  4. yeah I watched the stream the whole day too but got nothing when I logged in this morning. I decided to look into it a bit deeper to make sure I was properly linked and oh boi what do I see in my account settings ? "twitch sync: couldn't sync properly with your twitch account" . I've been synced with my twitch for about two years now, I watch every prime time and dev stream and never had any problem with twitch drops but somehow, on the big day, "Uh oW We HaD a PRobLem LiNkInG YouR TwItCh AcCoUnt". I'm just disgusted and honnestly, #*!% whatever happened that cause a problem with my sync, be it twitch or DE
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