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  1. Will the enemies in the current Nightwave make a return in the Infested forces? Would be interesting to see some Zealots on newly infested ships that we get sent to clear out, maybe as a indication of who brought the Infestation onboard in the first place? (Also for maybe a nice nod/easter egg reference to Genestealer Cults from 40K.) EDIT: Also, any plans to change the Ceres boss fight into a unique boss instead of just as tag team of two guys who should be dead/'dead' already? And last and most important, are there any plans to add idle dialogue between Ordis and the Operator? With how often Ordis speaks to us it would feel nice if we actually talked back to him to make it feel more like a real relationship between the two, and would help flesh out both characters more. Thank you for reading.:D
  2. So I was thinking about the sorts of archetypes in fiction that Warframes could be modelled around. We have berserkers, knights, ninjas, electricity users, pyromancers and so on. One design I realise we didn't really have was a Blade/Sword Dancer, someone who merges art and violence into a dervish of blade, blood and elegance. And such, Geommu was born, named after a Korean sword dance, the idea of this Warframe is that through more stylised, Void infused martial arts the Tenno can deliver heavy carnage while what little spirit and will they may have can put themselves into the motions, providing a form of determined grace that would otherwise be dormant. The dance allows Geommu to dictate not only how he moves, but how others move with him, whether they want to or not. --- Average health, shields and armour Passive: Has ethereal knives floating around him that have a chance to auto-block enemy attacks from every angle, does not impede player actions. First ability: Knife Swarm: Fires a projectile that bursts into a swarm of deadly, animated blades once they connect with a target. Target becomes unkillable (takes damage/status effects/etc. but can't actually die) and is hit with constant bleed procs, staggering, and has a smallish AoE of glistening knives flying around them. Target will be staggered towards other enemies where the knives will slash them as well, causing a weaker but still notable stagger. Tapping one will send another cluster out, with the option to have multiple swarmed targets stacking on each other to deal damage to themselves and others. Once the duration expires the swarm will burst out, dealing massive AoE damage and sending out a few projectiles to potentially hit a few enemies well outside the blast radius. Holding down one will force the swarms to burst preemptively with a damage multiplier. Second ability: Needleskin: Creates a coat of metallic fluid over Geommu that soaks up enemy damage, building up a multiplier for the duration of the ability. Once the duration expires the fluid rapidly hardens and cracks into millions of razor thin needles. Needles provide a large armour/damage mitigation bonus and as they are damaged break off of Geommu, causing slash damage/procs and small staggers as the enemies have their bodies covered in thousands of tiny needles. Needleskin does not deteriorate in effect over time, simply losing effect once its HP is gone. Third ability: Cleansing Cut: Tap three to send out a quick jab from a two-handed nikana, if it hits an enemy, Geommu restores health and sends any status effects to the enemy. Hold three to use the nikana for a giant slash, dealing greatly increased damage for every status effect the enemy has. Fourth ability: Vorpal Edge: Summon the exalted two-handed nikana, while active, Geommu has four passive effects. He floats like in low gravity. He ignores armour and shields with his nikana. He teleports/blinks to enemies he swings at, meaning he doesn't need to move traditionally in lieu of blinking around to slash through enemies constantly. And he causes enemies effected by his one to release microbursts every time he hits them, still not killing them, but turning them into large AoE slash zones that he can use to rapidly clear out clusters of enemies before blinking to the next group. --- Along with the heavy emphasis on blades and so on, Geommu is also about movement and redirection. Making the enemy trip over themselves while being torn to ribbons while the Tenno glides and slides with elegance and power. His passive, tiny swirling blades, glistening and shimmering, reflecting light from the surrounding environment and from Geommu himself. They both draw attention to and away from the Warframe, adding to his presence but also taking focus away from him specifically. His one, a whirling mass of death and clean cuts draws his foes together, their movements adding to his performance. His two, a second skin that takes in the surroundings and turns it against itself in bursts, sends trouble and woe away from Geommu, allowing his dance to go on uninterrupted. His three, removing ailments from himself and magnifying those in his enemies, allows him to recover from his mistakes and highlight the faults and flaws in his competition, making his performance that much smoother. And finally, his four, his greatest technique is called upon to unleash a spectacle few others can match. He cuts away the illusion of resistance as there becomes here, protection becomes helplessness, and enemies become corpses. All that is left is the undeniable majesty of his deadly art. Geommu is a performer, but he performs for no one but himself, for if there is anyone left in the room to behold his work, then clearly he isn't doing it right. --- And there it is, I hope that people enjoy the concept, it's obviously barebones without stats and whatnot, but I'd rather leave the numbers to smarter, more mathematically gifted people while I come up with ideas I throw at the wall to pray they stick. Comments, feedback, critiques and so on are all welcome, thank you for reading.:)
  3. With the new Nightwave being based on Infestation, will we be getting new Grineer based Infested enemies? Currently we only have the Charger and the Phorid, and with the latter getting a very different look in its rework we'll soon only have one creature in the Infested hordes based on one of the other major factions in the game, which seems very strange from a game to lore standpoint.
  4. If my question is picked or not, I'm very much looking forward to this Devstream, it's gonna be a good one~
  5. Any info on the next comic miniseries, if there is any in the works?
  6. ETA on when the Grineer walkers and stuff are meant to arrive for PoE? Also will we get fights between factions that include vehicles/aircraft at some point in the future?
  7. Good lord you're pretentious aren't you? We don't want half-baked rush jobs, we want it to come out at its best, that is what we 'deserve' if we deserve anything at all. If you want to play it that badly, then just play it on PC, otherwise, remember that patience is a virtue.
  8. Also, with PoE "soon" getting vehicles, will the OV get air support through the upcoming Railjack ships seen at Tennocon?
  9. The Plains of Eidolon launched with two different lore fragment sets for us to collect and sink our teeth into, and now currently has four, when will the Orb Vallis get its own lore fragments for us to find and theory craft around?
  10. If Derf Anyo is still going to be a thing, with him fighting us on a hoverboard/K-Drive, can you add the ability to use weapons on the K-Drive so that we can fight him and his personal guard using his own thing against him?
  11. Could we get the ability to shoot, aim and melee attack while sprinting for maximum speed? Also, on the topic of K-drives, reason for us to be able to attack off of them, so we can have a hoverboard duel/battle race with Derf when he finally gets added to the game.
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