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  1. They can also blind you for a bit, so that's at least something different. I mean, it ain't going to do anything to a melee player like myself, but it's still something.
  2. Those things were important to the topic at hand though, for the most part. Where were people thinking that the adults went mad and the children had to hunt them down here? That doesn't make it any less significant.
  3. We didn't know they did it like that though. But they weren't known for sure or even anywhere near the first thing we thought of. So what if they did those things too? Breaking physics like that isn't trivial for gods sake.
  4. We didn't know about the children sacrifices though, (which actually tied into The Sands of Inaros when you think about it), we didn't know about the parades and 'market's they had for this sort of thing, we didn't know just how #*($%%@ up it was. Yeah there were, they could have simply vanished, they could have mutated into horrid beasts and had to be put down, they could have been all killed by rampant Tenno, we didn't know they went insane and had to be put down/locked up by their own children (in another option you can say that you helped hunt down the madden
  5. Yes. No it wasn't, we knew they cheated death in a sense but we didn't know the details or what else was happened because of it. Where was it said in the Codex that the adults went mad and that the Operators had to actually hunt them down themselves? I said something in the Void, as in some kind of being within that reality deliberately caused the Zariman accident. We did not know this at all.
  6. Yeah sure, we'll hopefully get all that later, this is still plenty of new information though.
  7. Wot. Things we learned in The War Within- (This is all just from what I've seen and heard BTW.) Still think we didn't learn much?
  8. Warframe/Fist of the North Star Warframe/Destiny Warframe/Dofus Warframe/Dark Souls
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