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  1. Since Tail Wind itself is practically useless(for moving potential "oh boi it's good", but for dealing potential "this ain't it chief"), I don't know how you guys will buff that Damage Increase per hit, on my opinion is increase that damage to 2x per hit instead of that 50% percentage, similar to nezha's reaping charkram. (or more than 2x, since Nezha's blazing charkram has some kind of homing AI but Zephyr's Tail Wind doesn't.)
  2. I'm confused. It's litterally same link. OwO
  3. I tried to make the angle as accurate as possible, but that angle and that helm, most importantly that skin mesh. Those were impossible for me unless I use Gmod XDD. (pure Captura picture)
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704007052&searchtext=valkyr Is it possible for you guys to add this in game?
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