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  1. Edzhang

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    i'm curious by the silhouette, is it the new warframes? also with most of the frame being blurry except nidus, zephyr, saryn, and titania, i assume they have something to do with this devstream? is it nerf/buff thing to them or what?
  2. I dont have any brightness problem in orb vallis, but i do really have problem with plains of eidolon.. it’s so bright on day time, and when it’s raining, oh my eyes got burned.. already tried to adjust my brightness settings and still unsolved.. the main problem why i dislike to go there..
  3. Edzhang

    Dust covered Frames

    Wow i got exact same list as OP, though with different stories.. 1. Ember : i didnt like the frame to begin with, but i reluctantly used her because she’s great at clearing low level mobs.. after the nerf, even though it didnt really affect her at low level, i didn’t feel attracted to her anymore 2. Vauban : my go to frame for doing Law of Retribution raid, if i didnt bring bless trinity.. After i stopped doing raids in mid 2016, vauban entered my closet ever since 3. Banshee : same reason as anyone else, because of her nerf
  4. what grind wall? i already got all new stuff and already built most of the new stuff that need gyromag, atmo, and repeller.. just do it without the agenda that "i need to get everything in 24 hours"..
  5. I think the orb fight is in a good position, it’s not hard (maybe not at all), but still fun when doing it solo.. her drop table should be changed to reflect our effort to be able to fight her.. and please, no more relic in the drop table.. we have relic in almost every mode in the game, and it kinda polluted other valuable drop.. it’s hard already to get atmo system (got 4x3 in like 30 runs) and only 1x3 repeller.. by removing relic, hopefully we’ll get the repeller easier.. For AW guns, the scaleable cooldown is on spot.. 5 minutes cooldown was a good change, and scaleable will be even better.. from the first time i saw this feature on devstream, i thought “this is the new feature to replace our primary/secondary, maybe if we decide to bring aw guns, we cant bring other primary/secondary”, but this is still acceptable as long as we can use it regularly..
  6. Edzhang

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    This is what i've been waiting for since the update came in.. thx a lot.. And thx for not making baruuk too grindy.. already built mine, so at least it's not another khora or gara..
  7. Edzhang

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    did 6 runs so far.. i really like the battle with profit-taker, it's just weird that i need to bring chroma if i want to solo because if i bring another frame, i cant kill it in the last 5 minutes because even with max geared imperator vandal, i'm still out of ammo and i need to wait for that weird cooldown to be able to continue shooting the spider.. but overall i like the battle and the only thing that still bugged me is its reward.. tempted to buy baruuk with plat, since i cant get gyromag from the bounty, not to mention atmo system..
  8. Edzhang

    Newish to the game, is this AoE "meta" the norm?

    If you dont like that kind of play, you can still make your own playstyle.. me personally, usually i did solo mission with a sybaris prime/bow/any other precision weapon and see how many headshot i can land without any cc, my target was almost a 1/3 of my kill.. just make your own challenge if you dont like this meta..
  9. Edzhang

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Wow, just when i already save some money to buy the prime accessory.. thx DE, guess im gonna wait for the next PA, cause i never ever like operator cosmetic..
  10. Because warframe has moved from action shooter game to more life simulator game, where you can do captura, capture floofs, k-driving, and other things that different from action shooter genre..
  11. Edzhang

    New monk frame...its just amazing :)

    All of his abilities looks amazing, but is it just me or do his 4’s combo feels awkward and not fluid enough? i mean not as fluid as tempo royale.. Im really looking forward for a frame to dethroned my frost as my most used frame and i hope baruuk will be..
  12. Edzhang

    Iron skin vs Nullys

    If i remember it right, people were complaining about it when nidus’s stack got depleted compeletely by nullifier, so i think it’s an act of grace for nidus.. and i think it should be completely decreased rather than gradually, it’s a nullifier btw, he should live up to his name..
  13. Edzhang

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    This is what i’ve been asking for years every time i jumped into a wukong rework thread.. and while before it looked OP because it can kinda nuke a whole map, right now melee just cant.. Primal fury should be given a range buff, maybe make it slight more wider than a whip, but affected by range mod.. with this new suggested cloud walker (i like that transformation #1) wukong will have some build around range and it will benefit primal fury as well..
  14. Edzhang

    I still miss sniper gas saryn

    I prefer my way of playing saryn, using concealed explosive spira prime to pop spores.. at least i need to move and keep my distance from self-damage..
  15. Edzhang

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    As much as i want the same thing, i think DE will think twice before reducing the energy drain.. i remember back when they introduce the augment for the first time.. you can still roll, so reduced movement speed really didnt matter at all.. i brought pre-nerf synoid simulor and pre-buff synoid gammacor, and i never in the need of energy because of constant energy replenish from syndicate proc.. aside from nullifier, it made me invincible as long as i can keep killing enemies.. that’s what DE trying to avoid and they already did with hysteria’s nerf..