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  1. Thx for the update.. i hope DE will make me regret ever dissolved my javlok riven..
  2. Just wait till tennocon, because DE love to hold something big to be shown there, and im guessing railjack will be there too..
  3. Please address some of the stances not having its forward momentum when perform some combos, noticeable with hammer.. And also, thx for the PoE remaster.. now i wont get eyesore everytime i go into PoE..
  4. The wolf can easily taken down when we doing it solo.. the problem is, the spawnrate is too low (i only met him once even when i played everyday)..
  5. Thing that i noticed from hildryn : while in her aegis storm mode, i cant cast my 2.. is this intentional? cause from what i remember back on devstream 123, rebecca can cast hildryn's 2 when she showcasing hildryn's power in simulacrum.. i'm searching for answer and never saw anyone brought this up..
  6. i happened to meet wolf at last, unfortunately he only dropped spinning needle mod..
  7. I played warframe everyday since the wolf of saturn six update dropped and until now i didnt even know how the wolf looks like because he never showed up for me..
  8. My guess, DE are scared that their player might go off play another games and wont come back to this grindfest, so they try to make players spend more time grinding things that can be obtained easier before.. I’ll try to get 1 umbra forma and then im done with this alert if it still continue like this..
  9. Where is hildryn? Where is melee 2.9? From “next week” to the other “next week” to “couple weeks”, maybe it’s gonna be “coming soon on summer”?not to mention where is melee 3.0? I guess it’s being postponed till tennocon cause DE are out of idea to present at tennocon.. expect melee 3.0 in 2020..
  10. Sounds good, but i have some question regarding melee 3.0 1. It’s been brought up by some player, what will happen to telos boltace in melee 3.0? 2. Been mentioned in lazt devstream, some weapon has lost its momentum to go forward (i’ve experienced with hammer and staff), is it what we’re gonna get in melee 3.0? I’m okay if it isn’t, i just want an answer Thx for your info on mainline update, keep up the good work..
  11. Just WOOOW.. i cant remember how long since i got this impression from a devstream.. i love everything that's been shown, i really like Hildryn's abilities, amazed at melee 2.9 especially on dual dagger (cant wait to use my fang prime with a riven that i hold for a long time), and really curious about wisp.. i hope railjack will come with a good archwing rework, cause in current state even though i don't have any problem with AW, other people do..
  12. Please give us more info about melee 3.0.. this enigma haunted me and i cant keep myself sane for much longer!
  13. i'm curious by the silhouette, is it the new warframes? also with most of the frame being blurry except nidus, zephyr, saryn, and titania, i assume they have something to do with this devstream? is it nerf/buff thing to them or what?
  14. This is what i've been waiting for since the update came in.. thx a lot.. And thx for not making baruuk too grindy.. already built mine, so at least it's not another khora or gara..
  15. did 6 runs so far.. i really like the battle with profit-taker, it's just weird that i need to bring chroma if i want to solo because if i bring another frame, i cant kill it in the last 5 minutes because even with max geared imperator vandal, i'm still out of ammo and i need to wait for that weird cooldown to be able to continue shooting the spider.. but overall i like the battle and the only thing that still bugged me is its reward.. tempted to buy baruuk with plat, since i cant get gyromag from the bounty, not to mention atmo system..
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