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  1. Miser_able

    My Case for [Insert Warframe Here] Umbra

    I assume this is a reference to volt umbra thread from a couple hours ago. Man so many meta threads lately. Has the trend changed from click bait to meta threads?
  2. Miser_able

    limbo's operator theory

    Onkko is a quill, the quills are linked to the Unum. The Unum gave him and the other quills their abilities. Either that or Onkko is crazy, that too is possible. Until we meet another quill we won't know for sure.
  3. Miser_able

    Logic behind what weapons get primmed

    Tenno weapons are what get primes, but other than that it's just what the team feels like making.
  4. Except that it's against the rules and will get them banned. If we ever see people doing this just report them, the end.
  5. Miser_able

    So I recently got Nidus...

    Yea. I stopped using him in pug groups when I joined a team with 2 arca plasmors and a Lenz user. 5 rounds of void interception and I never had more than 20 stacks, even with his ravenous augment.
  6. Miser_able

    Why you should solo an Acoltye

    Just don't do the spy acolytes solo, I learned that the hard way.
  7. Miser_able

    warframe riven mods

    A) yes because making sayrns range higher, or Valkyr armor higher, or Nidus health high would not be noticeable. B) if these get new harder content would need to be added to compensate, content that would require either cheese or rivens. C) we're already overpowered so if these people aren't happy they never will be.
  8. Miser_able

    warframe riven mods

    Yea... Cause removing all semblance of challenge or skill is fun. Let's turn Warframe into a "push button to see big numbers and be rewarded" game.
  9. Miser_able

    warframe riven mods

    Why do we need that? The hardest content in the game is a cakewalk with proper gear, even without a team.
  10. Miser_able

    Missing Platinum **Submittied Support Ticket**

    Yea it will probably be a few weeks, in the meantime try changing your password and see if it stops. You account could have been compromised somehow.
  11. Miser_able

    Melee 3.0 Must Have

    What does that have to do with melee?
  12. Plat is more plentiful on pc because we have platinum coupons, console doesn't have those they only have market coupons.
  13. Miser_able

    What are features you don't want to see in the game

    Vote kick, battle royal, raids, lootboxes, forced co-op, forced endurance.
  14. Miser_able

    New players with questions

    The wiki is your friend. It should be able to answer any questions you have. Also, Trust me it's usually a mixture of both.
  15. Except that we currently have directional movement combos, and other than the forward one the rest are a pain. You know how hard it is to hit your target when the combo you want to use requires you to move backwards?