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  1. Warframe Review 2018

    I stopped reading after the second time it said fps. Warframe is a tps.
  2. Thanks 2FA, I quit.

    And that's why I don't use it.
  3. why not universal vacuum

    I don't want it because it would encourage lazy gameplay even more, and I'm glad de is moving away from things like this.
  4. why not universal vacuum

    Probably because not everyone wants it. Pretty much everyone wanted prime access accessory packs.
  5. Mod Transmute Question

    Get some of these. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Madurai_Transmute_Core There's one for most mod types.
  6. Discussion on Charge Attacks

    The problem with old charged attacks, was that people only used them. No one cared about the normal attacks because charge attacks were stronger and just as fast.
  7. They maxed all schools they don't need points...
  8. Instead of banning from chat, trasfer.

    Wooow. No need to be rude.
  9. this game became such toxic when poe went out

    Mainly; but also raids, sorties, spy missions, endless missions, events, and whenever baro shows up.
  10. Instead of banning from chat, trasfer.

    I've never heard of getting a chat ban for posting in the wrong section, just a quick kick and a message.
  11. this game became such toxic when poe went out

    Warframe has always had its toxic players, just like every other game, you just have to know where to look.
  12. Are Arcanes in Eidolons overall a good or bad idea?

    I think it's great, now you can get them without spending a fortune, you can farm specific ones, and they are accessible to mostly anyone.
  13. Inside the walls of cetus all weapons are disabled, but since we are able to still command our frames it would seem that void energy is not effected, so we could still possibly use our powers.
  14. Or maybe the quills don't like our fashionframe and don't want to have to look at it. Jokes aside, we probably leave our frames at the door as a sort of customary show of peace or kindness, such as how in the real world people would leave weapons or shoes by the door.