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  1. Miser_able

    [The Sacrifice] Are The Sentients The Good Guys?

    No one's the good guy. That's the point.
  2. Miser_able

    Umbra controlled by friend?

    It's an interesting concept but idk if it would work.
  3. Miser_able

    why is umbra yelling? what you think

    He realized the horrible truth of his own existence.
  4. You do know they are changing stasis right? At least wait tills the change is out before you complain.
  5. Miser_able

    Send this to all your hyped up friends!

    I hate you. Where did you even get that picture?
  6. Miser_able


    The in game report function is relatively new, so it's missing some things still. Use the full report feature with support.
  7. Miser_able

    Best names for The Helminth Kavat?

    You mean helminth charger, aka infested Kubrow?
  8. They are just grasping at any possible reason to ditch them.
  9. She also has an exalted melee.
  10. Will Limbo also no longer stop his own projectiles? Cause that was my favorite part of that ability. If it's going to be removed could it at least be made into an augment?
  11. Miser_able

    Exchange resource?

    Perhaps you could try managing titan extractors, those can run while your at work.
  12. Miser_able

    What Led To The Username You Have Now?

    I have a similar story in another game. But in the end I ended up with sunavabeech.
  13. Miser_able

    What Led To The Username You Have Now?

    I thought of it one day and it made me chuckle, plus I was outgrowing my old name.
  14. Miser_able

    What frame should I main next?

    I wouldn't main anything.
  15. Miser_able

    what happen if baros go somewhere else?

    The remaining relays won't be destroyed, so there's no point in wondering what would happen.