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  1. Don’t answer long,just say YES or NO!

    Yes or no.
  2. large dog maybe

    Nope. That's just the large size.
  3. Opt in as host?

    I want the inverse as well, I want a "never host" option.
  4. Fishing dye packs bugged?

    Did you have your spear equipped while waiting for the fish? And how long did you wait?
  5. best and worst looking cosmetic

    IMO!! Best: ki' teer armor set #2 (forgot the name.) Worst: targis prime.
  6. New Unvaulting Price?

    When unvaulted the can farm for the Relics or choose to buy the packs.
  7. Yea it was designed that way.
  8. Skywing uses a brand new style unique to it.
  9. Vacation

    Except that it's against the rules.
  10. Alad V's Zanuka Project

    If you felt as though you were being ripped limb from limb, even if you weren't, the stress and pain could be too much for the brain, this overload could be fatal.
  11. Who is Pedlek?

    Probably his apprentice/assistant.
  12. Who would win?

    Who'd win, the CIA's best operative, who's never lost a battle, or some anthrax? Same sort of situation. No matter how good the soldier, poison always wins.
  13. Theory about how kuba works+STALKER

    The tower is still running because it is alive. It's growing and healing, and it gives to the ostrons. Also, one of the abilities of the tower kuva cannot be explained away as nanobots. If a small amount is ingested it allows the unum to see through the eyes of the thing that ate it.
  14. Lost in the Void

    First off, welcome. I wouldn't recommend getting a kubrow right now, as they as very expensive for newer players and you need those credits for other things. I would also unlock as many planets as you can, as this grants access to new resources and quests.