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  1. casting shatterstorm right now removes her armor. a lot of people dont like this since it ruins her look, so DE is changing it to not remove her armor. OP doesnt want this change, they want it to still remove armor
  2. probably because it doesn't make sense for them to make armor they cannot themselves use. operator cosmetics are based of outfits the people actually wear, they weren't necessarily designed for us.
  3. you do know the Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment makes dna degradation stop so you no longer need stabilizers?
  4. the kuva liches weren't given wraith stuff. so most likely the corpus ones won't be vandal
  5. Seeing as how it's already possible to reach MR 30, you don't really need the mastery from formaing lich weapons. So yea, it is completely optional
  6. unless DE completely rips out the entire matchmaking system and redos it from scratch, then host migrations arent going anywhere
  7. DE doesn't want us queuing up stuff to build because that means we have no reason to login as for augment slots, thats just powercreep waiting to happen
  8. surely it would be easier to just write down the password somewhere? like a stickynote on your desktop. or if you really want to get creative, rename the warframe launcher shortcut to your password
  9. Since sentinels are descended from sentients, they might have retained abit of their adaption, instead choosing to adapt to factions as a whole instead of damage types
  10. There's already a mod for that, it's just not for Helios, it's the botanist mod for oxylus
  11. All sentinels are orokin tech, no matter their appearance, since they are an offshoot of the original sentients.
  12. Well, since infested weapons take over other things, they could be primed by having the infested take over the primed version of whatever they took over to create the base version. For example, infesting a cernos prime to make a mutalist cernos prime.
  13. I remember hearing a theory awhile back that what it counts as "usage %" is how much mastery you've obtained while that weapon is equipped. that would make sense for me, since the stropha is listed as one of my 3 main weapons even though its new. I was using it when I finally around to maxing all the stuff I was missing to get to mr 29 and 30
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