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  1. that was DE's way of apologizing and compensating players for the changes that had just gotten implemented. I have no idea why you're bringing this up, its completely unrelated.
  2. if you can't handle an acolyte, Idk if youre the target audience for umbral forma
  3. don't forget to include the acolyte spawns that you would get in those 5 missions (assuming you don't run any other SP mission) since each one drops 2 that would bring you up to 5 per mission. 5x5 is 25 and 25 x 7 = 175. thats 25 less than the 150 you need for an umbral forma, meaning you could either stock up for something else or choose to do up to 12 missions where you skip the acolyte.
  4. He already carries an infested sugatra. so its not too much of a stretch. (the coccyst btw)
  5. that is not correct whether or not the lich has an ephemera is decided as soon as the lich is created, and if they have they it is a 100% chance they will reward it on convert/kill.
  6. the point they're making is that subsuming the augment would take capacity but not take a slot. most frames with enough forma will have left over space, so that wouldn't actually affect anything. you'd just have left bonus energy on spawn.
  7. have you gone to the plains and done the Steel path Tier 6 bounty?
  8. what do you even mean? "take down a founder"?
  9. I kept noticing them spawning in an infested tunnel that connected the 2 big rooms.
  10. or just add a new option "toggle third person sniper" the whole reason the disable scope texture exists is because some people found the textures to be too distracting, but they still wanted to use the scope itself.
  11. yea, I found another one of those in another area it said "[<melee action>] jump down"
  12. Iron bride is REALLY buggy right now, for a lot of people you straight up can't use it.
  13. it shouldn't since resources and mods are rolled on separate drop tables, you can get both if it rolls that way.
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