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  1. Miser_able

    What if we had Rivens for warframes and pets?

    Wow. I never expected such a polarizing response from you.
  2. Miser_able

    What if we had Rivens for warframes and pets?

    Dear God please no. I'd rather not see chat filled with "God tier chroma power strength riven, 1 billion plat and your soul" or "one of a kind Smeeta ability duration riven for the low low price of infinite Plat"
  3. Miser_able

    Usage stats, how do they work?

    I've heard it's based on mastery points earned while that item is equipped, though I don't know if it's true.
  4. Miser_able

    warframe anticheat?

    Yea, what monkey said. If the game detects you have a cheat system running you get an instant ban when you log in.
  5. Miser_able

    Keystone/The Amazing Eternals

    I do miss it sometimes, but I understand why they canceled it. And the obligation to not talk about it was lifted because it did go into open beta, though that was shortly before it shutdown.
  6. Miser_able

    Monster Hunter Inspiration

    Warframe's combat and character system is completely different from monster hunter, which focuses mainly on being somewhat of a glass cannon, dodging or blocking the enemies attacks then putting in what damage you can. Slow player movement but fast monster movement. This is completely different from warframe's style which focuses on hit and run tactics with the enemy being slower but having the advantage of numbers. Basically, these games have their own completely different styles that imo would not mesh well.
  7. Miser_able

    DE, you really nerfed K Drive EXP? or is a bug?

    What changed is that spamming the same trick over and over again no longer effects the multiplier, you have to use other tricks. Although since AFAIK it was not mentioned in patch notes it might not be on purpose.
  8. Miser_able

    Operators? Really?

    Hear hear!
  9. Miser_able

    "Beta Players"

    Oh Yea? When did I join? When did you join?
  10. Miser_able

    "Beta Players"

    DE knows because they have access to the data, we don't.
  11. Because people don't care about the rewards anymore. They are only after xp or focus.
  12. Miser_able

    Isnt saryn supposed to be melee caster?

    You do know that toxic Lash applies to all weapons now right?
  13. Miser_able

    Which Enemy Is the most annoying in Fortuna?

    The medium sized green Spiders cause they have so much health, and their attacks do a ton of damage.
  14. Miser_able

    Only one focus tree may be active? But why?

    Focus schools represent disciplines. You can't have multiple contradicting beliefs. You can change your beliefs, but you cannot have more than 1.
  15. Umbra could be the exception, cause afterall "Lua gives you strength umbra" The normal frames could get the energy from operators, while umbra draws it from Lua (somehow)