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  1. where are you looking in the foundry? it should be under landingcraft, like the other segments.
  2. yea, he says that line when you have enough lures when you break the final synovia. you can still lose a lure after that and accidentally kill it,
  3. usually when I see that I can't trade with someone I ask if they have 2FA enabled. every single time, the answer is either "no" or "what is that". I'd suggest trying that
  4. if prices drop lower it means less people spending plat, and less income for DE so yea it does matter
  5. People hate it when others leave because less players means less choices of rewards and thus you are less likely to get something valuable.
  6. Yea, I've not even bothered getting void hole cause I'm perfectly happy with my particle ram and seeker volley. I love just slamming into enemies with my ram or shooting them with my guns.
  7. Quite true. I've been here since 2013, and I've never burnt myself out because I never really concerned myself with the meta and being most efficient. My number 1 priority was always fun, if something wasn't fun I didn't do it/ use it. Sure, I am Mr 28 and I don't have my focus maxed, that's cause I don't like eidolon hunting or ESO. They just aren't fun to me, so I rarely do it. All too often people get sucked into that habit of being most efficient and sacrificing personal enjoyment in the process, and they forget that because you gave up enjoyment to obtain something you've tainted that thing and it will never bring you happiness, it will only bring back the memories of how you got it, Making you bitter and burnt out.
  8. There's a reason we can only use vehicles in open world. They just won't work with all the tight spaces in normal tiles.
  9. You can go to the veil yes, but the sentient stuff requires the other story stuff.
  10. Those events are aimed at being able to be done by anybody. But an event taking place in the railjack only veil proxima involving story that takes place after you have completed every single story quest probably won't be accessible to everyone and could be harder.
  11. How about credit splatter when you get shot?
  12. If your last lich had the kuva Nukor, you can't get another one because no 2 liches can have the same weapon in a row. You need to fight a different lich to reset it.
  13. How about using them to make a special Cipher similar to the razorback Cipher, which allows us access to a new boss in the void? Say perhaps, the neural sentry?
  14. Melee attacks (DEFAULT KEY E) do a light swap to melee mode aka "quick melee" . In this form you can melee, combo, and even heavy attack, but you can't block because mouse 1 will shoot and mouse 2 will aim. Holding weapon swap (DEFAULT KEY F) will do a full swap to melee mode which has all the previous features while also being able to manually block. If you press mouse 2 it will block, not aim. If mouse 2 still aims then you are not in melee mode.
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