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  1. Miser_able

    People missing the point of arbitrations

    Don't forget reason number 4. Something came up irl that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. They may not want to leave, but real life will always take priority over a game.
  2. I had exactly 0 ducats before I started working on the sword, and I still had stuff left to buy from baro, but I'm still working on getting it. It's not hard. As for why it uses ducats, perhaps we basically melt them down to make the gold accents on it. Which could also explain why get ducats from prime parts, melt spare parts down into ducats.
  3. Miser_able

    Thanks for the daily login change!

    I would have chosen cheese, to go with his wine.
  4. Miser_able

    Thanks for the daily login change!

    Mmm I can taste the entitlement. It's very vitriolic.
  5. Miser_able

    elite alerts rewards?

    It is, but you can buy the mods from the new hexis vender.
  6. Miser_able

    about the new melee sounds...

    That is of course assuming the old files still exist.
  7. Miser_able

    Okay, I'm gonna have nightmares tonight...

    It's the same rule with threats. An open ended threat is scarier than any threat because their mind will make something far worse.
  8. Miser_able

    An askance to DE from a solo player.

    I solo ESO to 8 all the time with Saryn prime, so it is possible.
  9. My arca is just as effective as before, even better cause it ricochets now. Check your gear to make sure you aren't using an extinguished dragon key
  10. Miser_able

    Elite Alert's need to be deleted

    It's probably a bombard. I got 2 shot by a bombard in an elite alert.
  11. My friend got a 50% coupon. I got a blue resource booster.
  12. Miser_able

    Elite alert/arberations requirements

    Talk to the Arbiters to figure out which mission you are missing.
  13. Miser_able

    Please allow this

    Iirc, supposedly the event that introduced the radiation mission modifier was a reference to fallout 4. (deserted landscape, radiation, color tinting, etc) though idr if it was every officially confirmed.
  14. Miser_able

    New arbitration

    I'm not that bad... 😞