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  1. Let's be real here what exactly is Limbos niche beyond being an unkillable solo god who has a few rules to follow? Any other frame that fits into a party setting does just as well as him if not better because players and team mates dont need to understand other CC frames kits to not rage at you.
  2. Sounds like YET ANOTHER GUN for Harrow to fix.
  3. Zarr - Ruinous Confetti Canon mode for Zarr increases its destructive range (and self damage range) and every status effect in the game has a 50% chance to proc separately on the shell (all pellets will carry over the successful rolled status) Example: you fire canon mode and each status rolls a 50% chance to proc and get the god roll of having every status effect proc on detonation and each explosive pellet carries each status that proccd from the shell.
  4. Pretty much not possible, as ive been saying for years.
  5. Man poor tc hasnt seen half the stupid S#&$ this community does.
  6. Agreed. Its ok DE, these things happen, hope youbget it fixed soon and till then ill wait patiently.
  7. Most sane people are aware theres a limit to how many unique tasks you can give to the general population before you enter skill gate territory And trust me thered be a much larger backlash to that than a system repeating itself.
  8. I have 2 coins and 1 is a nickle Which one is it?
  9. Oh but on topic a concise list of my issues with Hildryn -Her one has bad crit and status chance. *reasoning; DE by now you MUST be completely aware that crit/status are MUST stats (either one or both) to assisting in weapon viability yes? *Raw damage does not scale well vs late game hp/shields/ armor which is circumvented through status affects and/or crits and crit power. The best i could give her fist ability is a 68% status chance which is terrible for a weapon that -costs a portion of her survivability -slows her movement speed during charging -Takes ALOT to get it off the ground Her second ability Shield Pillage is *fine in my book it drains shields and armor and assists in survivability/cleanses status and rrestores her "energy" all in one go. Her 3rd ability Haven deserves at least a few tweaks *Either allow it to inflict radiation procs to assist in crowd control or LOWER the active cost due to its inability to afflict status affects because by turning this ability on youre actively entering a playstyle of -Spam 2 to stay alive and feed a low damage skill that really isnt doing too much for the team- Her 4th ability *due to the nature of needing high power strength to make her 2 function well enough at high levels results in a very unusable, low speed, low crowd control tool that drains energy at an insane rate and cannot be mitigated by being able to use her 2 to give shields back during its use. *Its basically only good if your sentinel has the instant shield recharge active and ready to use otherwise by using this in higher level content and especially coupled with Balefire youre actively putting yourself in danger if your arcanes/sentinel dont trigger. *This warframe for some odd reason feels like it was designed with the intention to use 2 rank 3 shield restoring arcanes and not without them. *She feels like she was tested against relatively lower level enemies and not at all vs the infested where some oddball things occur like Toxic ancients one shotting her through her overshields because their breath isnt a status effect, its raw toxic damage that seemingly ignores over shields. *the same seems to occur vs a nox when you have over shields the slime kills her through it despite me having overshields. From my testing in arbitrations/sortie/void fissures shes OK...just very...Ok and doesnt do too much very well and doesnt seem to specialize in anything particular. She feels like the badly speccd Jack of All trades where everything is spread too thin and she does nothing particularly well and no way to mitigate the punishing costs and restrictions placed on her. This makes me a tad worried about Wisp, Garuda was an out of the park Warframe and so was Baruuk but Revanant and Hyldrin drag this into 50% chance Wisp is going to be horrible territory.
  10. I would really like the dev team to occasionally PROVE what they are talking about when they say things like this. They usually test their new frames against level 30 or 40 corrupted/corpus where sneezing can kill them and say its fine. Where in her heavy flaws vs infested, lack of proper CC or dps in alert 4 orb valis, unnecessary restrictions and costs on mobility and her skills that already cost her survivability. She's not strong shes ok and can survive if you pump her power strength as high as it can go and mash her 2 and have 2 r3 arcanes and will still get washed where other frames, even mag, limbo or trinity, can keep trucking where hildryn cant anymore.
  11. Im on an annual mandatory 35 day vacation. Will you even be able to leave?
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