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  1. Like nora over lotus constant spewing of things i already know. Rather take the mic hype over the 2 that treat me like im 5.
  2. Welcome to Limbos life, stand right here next to Wisp among the greats.
  3. Feels like a weapon strictly designed for Harrow or Garuda to fix its short comings.
  4. Not really weak past 95 at all. While i agree theres better snipers or straight up overpowered snipers like Rubico prime the draw of Komorex is its rapid status application and aoe. It can handily kill enemies above 120+ when built towards weaknesses
  5. Agreed. Its ok DE, these things happen, hope youbget it fixed soon and till then ill wait patiently.
  6. Im scared that this isnt a joke post. Console me OP, tell me the good stories.
  7. There is though i cant remember if you can inflict radiation on yourself. I do know you can touch a laser in an orokin map, get rad procd and then kill your team mates.
  8. They arent covering the map and stopping time yet. Gotta get those rookie numbers up.
  9. Why is there a Trolok in our ship beneath an infested chair and how is it still alive? Why do we go to an infested chair used primarily to implant a cyst...to remove a cyst If we know the location of the infested hive mind why do we just let it be? We are supposed to be space ninjas but the first warframe was a rogue specced mercenary...why
  10. See? I like stuff like that and/or manic defense Or just like a mission chock full of very fast Nox in a radiation/magnetism hazard Something off and weird And fun
  11. You will fight an army of max range Limbo primes.
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