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  1. Ehhhhhhh no. They add those gates because of the many frames just like Limbo who can turn off the game.
  2. Agreed. The problem is if they baked in the mandarory mods other mods will just become mandatory which re creates the issue. Choice is an illusion vs optimization which this game encourages through its bottleneck design.
  3. Tbf its better than what we used to do which was bayblade ourselves across the map with dual axes
  4. That is not possible unless youre either A not spamming his skills B using 0 range mods Because A + B = locked down map -without- needing a bonus secondary mechanic to function and also doesnt have the ridiculous bonus of dragging enemies from stupidly far right into itself. I say this as someone who plays solo Limbo and solo Vauban frequently.
  5. A CC that has to jump through hoops is somehow worse than all the other -press this to turn off the game- powers that dont have to jump through hoops? Khora doesnt need to expend bonus energy to make her CC work Vaubans CC not only rips armors off targets it curls them all into a neat little fish in a barrel for you to shred to pieces Hyldrin is literally vauban but bigger I could go on but i just find it weird how stasis gets picked out considering the hoops he has to jump through to achieve the same (or technically less) results than warframes of the same archety
  6. I have the weapon, the worst part about all of you grinding so hard for it is that its not good. At all.
  7. You forgot the part where the moment the second leg connects the host migrates.
  8. Theres gonna be a third one and its going to be a support mech to help heal and generally defend the other 2 to compliment their lack of self healing or the ability to do anything helpful at all. Then the Legendary Trinity will be complete. The Overly Egotistical Warrior sword and board necromech demanding healing as they take on more than they can handle The ADHD riddled archer/mage dps necromech who is probably dead and upset but who cares theres a million of them The Ever Absent Healer because they are either afk, dead or no one in their right mind would play this
  9. If thats the case then the mindset is absurd at best. Imo theres nothing fun about Saryn being able to straight up delete the concept of enemies in a vast majority of content at such an insane range and it takes too long for this to stop. Honestly there are times i wish i could understand their design decisions. That new necromech for example seems... Bad.
  10. I dont really care what most people do. The only warframe that causes me to occasionally leave the mission is Saryn. Because i would actually like to play the video game and not watch someone wipe the room through walls over and over. Other than that i do feel the community should take an extra effort to understand other warframes but then again... the community is... Eeeehhhhhh.
  11. Correct me if im wrong but doesnt nyx purposely make her bolts just strong enough to strip 99% of enemy armor to get the highest bonus damage applicable across the board?
  12. I dont even know why you did that thinking it would slide. DE has a history of knee jerk nerfing things the community reacts to. Remember pre nerf Nidus? Wasnt even bad, he was a victim of being new.
  13. It wasnt. You again homed in on a single example of many presented to try and mis represent my post by very keenly ignoring the context of what i responded to.
  14. Nice vacuum response now next time how about reading what i responded to because you basically just argued that 0 variables or circumstances exist, you picked one of 3 examples of many and chose to home in on that one. Why you died on that hill? We will never know. After seeing what you said in a different thread i think im happy being on different platforms.
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