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  1. Lightweight Artillery - 9 () Archgun launch animation is 50% faster. Warframes can move during the animation. Heavy Ammo Mutation - 7 () Converts unused ammo pickups into Heavy ammo. Rifle/Pistol 5 and Shotgun/Sniper 10. -60% Ammo Maximum. Resourcefulness - 11 () *Explosive Archguns only* If the aoe hits 5 or more enemies, ammo efficiency is increased to 100% for the next 0.3 seconds. Magnotek - 7 () Aim-glide is 200% longer. Defeating 5 enemies during an aimglide will proc a 45% movement speed buff lasting 10 seconds.
  2. I don't know enough about lore to say whether a Grineer/Corpus hybrid weapon could even exist, but an Orokin "aesthetic" weapon (assuming it'd just be an Orokin weapon) would be a primed weapon. Maybe the Zharmin could be a prime original akin to Euphona Prime? Either way the Zharmin looks great!
  3. @keikogi Looks much better!
  4. Took me a second to work out the outcome of that change but it's actually way more interesting. Just a thought... but wouldn't it cause his first to cost 0 energy? I'm not necessarily against that since it'd work out to be interesting synergy wise. Teleport... explode... lift enemies... absorb their shadows. It's also only every 8 s (unmodded) so the combo wouldn't be overpowered or anything. You're probably right, I'll replace the drain with a flat 25 energy cost and keep the reduced effectiveness. Hopefully that balances out. I wasn't actually thinking of the augment as a paral
  5. Gotcha. You should add this to the concept under "hidden content" even if these aren't the final numbers. I would personally love this passive but I could see players that don't mess with long survivals getting pissed off and whining lol. Cool. Gotcha. I feel like the ability description could be more... descriptive. The ability is actually much better than I thought now that you fully explained it.
  6. I love the idea of multiple tails growing, both thematically and as a mechanic, but why aren't the tails used by her abilities? Passives that strengthen over time, in the literal sense, are fine but once they reaches cap after x minutes has passed, the passive loses all of its appeal. A possible solution could be having an "on shield gate" effect costing one tail (e.g. increases energy regen by 1 for x seconds). The tail growth rate would probably have to increase to accommodate the periodic loss of a tail. Each ability used could reduce the time it takes to grow the next tail by x second
  7. Yea, I was going to say the same as ParrotTom. The themes don't seem to overlap at all. Aesthetically... maybe? You may be thinking of the "souls" I had in the Loa concept and mixing it up with this one. If not that, I don't really see the parallel between a Reaper/Ghost frame and a shadow frame.
  8. I can see what you mean in terms of abilities that resemble current frames, but you have to remember that this isn't uniquely found in fan-made projects. Take Xaku's Accuse, Nyx's Chaos/Mind Control and Revenants' Enthrall, they all boil down to controlling enemies actions to differing extents and for differing reasons (synergy wise). The same could be said for invisibility, clones, and other easily categorized abilities. For those reasons, her 2nd and 4th probably aren't overly "copy paste" for DE's standard. In any case, I might put some more work into those two abilities just to fully
  9. The visuals are great and I have to commend you for going the extra mile with the 3D render. On to the kit; [1st] This seems like a much simpler version of Chroma's Elemental Ward where there isn't any guess work as to what element will do what. Cold freezes... fire burns... toxin does toxin things. The only exception is electricity which is kind of confusion. With the other three elements the trend was, "that's how the [insert element] do," now all of a sudden electricity has a special effect tied to it? Now it'd be difficult to attribute new effects to each element without some ov
  10. Added the "target through walls" to Finder of Playthings(P1). See hidden content below. Abduction(1) stats were changed. Scar(2) is completely reworked. Idol(3) replaces Flailing Vines(3). Flailing Vines was a Temporary Ability and was meant to be removed. Marionette(4) is completely reworked. All synergies are new.
  11. Added energy return to Collector(1st) if shadows collected exceeds 100. The value of the returned energy is subject to change but is currently 1 per shadow. Added an augment for the Ombres Passive. See hidden content below. Added an augment for Shroud(4th). See hidden content below. Added loot pick up to Umbra's Directive(2nd augment). Added a soft cooldown to Shadow Dancer(3rd) as a movement speed buff. Added a new reload mechanic to Shroud(4th). See hidden content below. Changed how damage is dealt by Shroud(4th). See hidden content below.
  12. There are a few sword summoner type frames out there but I don't think there have been anything like Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm (although definitely some inspired by it). It'd also be cool to see something like Archer's Noble Phantasm which would just spawning swords everywhere (probably been done tbh).
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