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  1. Loot manipulation in games is almost always a bad idea, because it is near-impossible to balance loot manipulation. It's almost always either too good or too worthless. Forcing players to choose between loot manipulation powers and ingame power is often worse, because it ends up distorting any sort of farm meta into "take the absolute bare minimum you need to minimum-effort clear the best farming levels/bosses/etc, then shove as much loot manipulation onto your kit as humanly possible." Diablo 3 nuked magic find for a very good reason - as long as it existed, it was basically the sta
  2. Death spiral mechanics have a long history in various games. They are rather uncommon nowadays because people have learned that in general, death spiral mechanics are not fun or easy to balance. If they're on an enemy, it creates a win-harder problem, where being slightly better than the enemy makes the enemy weaker faster, which means you win harder. If they're on a player character, it creates a lose-more problem, where doing slightly worse than expected makes you weaker and makes it harder to recover. Furthermore, loss of capability due to damage is not fun for most people. I
  3. A lot of players enjoy Warframe fashion. Because of this aspect of Warframe, I think the inability to color Warframe helmets and bodies independently is a major oversight. I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement as a feature, but allowing players to color helmets separately from bodies would both make it less likely that a helmet would clash with a skin, and additionally permit more interesting color combinations on your Warframes. DE should consider this feature to make skin and alt helmet purchases more appealing while permitting players more creative freedom to personalize their
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