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  1. Sometimes you get a Riven challenge that you really, really, really don't want to do at all. Maybe it's frustrating. Maybe it's not the sort of gameplay you signed up to Warframe for. Whatever the reason, you just don't want to do it. Right now, you don't have a choice in the matter, unless you choose to not do the challenge and get rid of the Riven somehow. But what if you could 'reroll' veiled Rivens at the cost of a Riven transmuter, changing their challenge? It would give players more of an incentive to hunt Eidolons, simply because Riven Transmuters themselves would gain more value. It wouldn't significantly change the gameplay around Rivens. And it would make Riven unlocking less frustrating because if you get a condition you don't like, you could just reroll it. This would reduce friction in the game without meaningfully impacting anything else about it.
  2. This thread seems to misunderstand the design intent of Rivens. Rivens are best thought of as Warframe's equivalent to the cap-breaking mechanics in other F2P games, where lower-tier characters/equipment/etc. that you happen to really like but are intended to be lower-tier, starter units or equipment can be (deliberately inefficiently) augmented in a way so that they can be used in very high level content. It was never intended to be a thing that you put on every single weapon, it was never intended to be a power boost to the most powerful weapons, and it was never intended to create the cycle of people throwing thousands of platinum into god roll rivens for new high-tier weapons and then getting mad because the sellers aren't pricing in the fact that if this is happening the weapon is inevitably going to get nerfed and they themselves couldn't price in the inevitable nerf. This change exists to kill that cycle of Riven market boom-busts. Yes, it means that if you have a mediocre weapon that you like, you might need to wait a few months for Riven dispositions to go up enough that they become 'usable.' On the flipside, it also means that you can probably end up getting a Riven for said weapon relatively cheaply.
  3. I mean I'd be down with the Supra getting a buff or Amalgam mod that gives them AoE splash in the alternative to fixing them, because I want my exploding machine gun more than I want my functional Sentinel. More seriously I think DE needs to rethink how Sentinels work in general because splash-damage attacks are actually a pretty useful toolkit in enemy arsenals that could be interesting to play around, but Sentinels deciding to basically instantly choke and die and having a very limited number of lives if you start throwing AoE around is a huge problem in general. I'd give Sentinels all an innate self-resurrection capability and have Regen, its primed version, and the Djinn precept all play with that. Regen and Primed Regen might cut down the regen time. So say if the default regen time is 60 seconds, Regen might increase the Sentinel's regeneration speed by 20% per rank, same as Primed Regen, so a Sentinel with maxed out regen would have a 27.3 second regen time and a Sentinel with a maxed primed regen would have a 18.75 second regen time. That makes Sentinels low maintenance but they also go offline every so often in high-AoE environments.
  4. MJ12

    First person view

    Oftentimes in a modern game, third person models and viewmodels are not the same, because a viewmodel has to look good while being stuck in your face forever. Similarly, animations that look good in third person might look silly or underwhelming in first person, and vice versa. A good-looking first person mode is going to effectively require redoing many of Warframe's animations and models, and having separate third person and first person assets. It's not very practical, especially since very few people are going to end up picking up Warframe if it has a first person mode but wouldn't do so if it lacked one.
  5. DE's intention here is pretty obvious-they don't want people spending 3000 platinum on a god roll riven for a new and super-powerful weapon, because the riven is going to inevitably get nerfed and that's going to make people feel really awful about it. Warframe riven buyers/sellers have never been really good at 'pricing in' the possibility of future balance changes, simply because pricing in future events is not particularly easy. Balance changes in a game like Warframe exist not only on the moment-to-moment gameplay level but also on the ingame economy level and the monetization level, and rivens starting at 1.0 had some pretty negative consequences to the monetization layer of Warframe. Sure, those consequences made DE money from the mega-whales willing to pay thousands of plat for a god roll riven, but it also could easily lead to some pretty intense bad blood and bitterness from players who didn't properly price in the possibility of future nerfs.
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