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  1. The problem is the accessibility of these items. Arcane Energize, Arcane Grace, (other Arcanes), Riven Mods, Acolyte Mods, Kuva Weapons, Kuva, Primed Chamber and Helminth are all great endgame rewards. The problem is that the bar is lowered on all of these to the point where they because staple items for everyone and not a very good "endgame item". Rivens Mods are the only thing in the game not trivialized to follow this trend with past content, and you can see this in the way players react when someone has a very good Riven Mod for either being extremely lucky, or working towards thousands of
  2. This still happens consistently. Usually for me, if I wait 3 minutes the game comes back to response, but you get disconnected. It crashes my clients though.
  3. This is honestly the only time I've seen this community be so enthusiastic about something being gone and it's Nightwave. lol
  4. Dojo captura would be neat. It should be a research in the Tenno Lab with a high cost as an unlock imo. I realize you meant using actual captura scenes as room. That would be cool too. :)
  5. Nightwave could easily work without bringing back alerts. Just stop adding Lore to it, and make it scheduled and systematic with no need for Devs to intervene aside from adding rewards to the shop. Make challenges directly reward Creds and remove ranks.
  6. Trade limits are healthy, and when you reach the high Mastery Ranks, it's pretty hard to use them all everyday with consistency.
  7. I would rather just send my Warframe with my Operator. It would be more practical.
  8. Wait for a Deluxe*. A bad model can't be fixed with a Tennogen skin. This is why for me personally, I don't use anything but the Deluxe Khora skin. Khora's base model is something I just don't like. Lavos is quite ugly for me, and Tennogen can't fix that.
  9. Warframes movement system is already addictive. The only thing that should be reworked are things like Necramechs that are clunky in comparison.
  10. Imagine having a maximum level that cannot be reached by completing every challenge religiously for 257 days or just over 8 months.
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