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  1. Voltage

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    I steal billions from Nef Anyo, and Ticker can have a few thousand. 🙂
  2. Voltage

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    I cannot wait to see what is in store for players after the release of Fortuna! Question: With the possibility of reintroducing sentinel Riven mods, what will the plan be for Artax? This Riven was available for only 3 days before it was removed from the pool and it's going price on PC is over 20,000 Platinum. Exclusive upgrades (such as Primed Chamber) set a dangerous precedent.
  3. Voltage

    Forma Rank Up For Platinum

    Paying any amount of currency to bypass the affinity grind would not be good in the slightest. I would invest in an Affinity booster and Charm for the Smeeta Kavat if you want faster leveling.
  4. Voltage

    Orb Vallis map of caves?

    2 of the caves aren't actual caves, but small indents in mountains.
  5. Also, if a player gets 2 of the same buff, it would be nice if the icons were separated so we can see how long they overlap.
  6. Voltage


    There is already an up-to-date resource for promocodes here:
  7. Voltage

    Warframe Black Friday Sale

    Awesome! Just in time for the holiday season.
  8. Sold Rivens will be edited in. Thank you
  9. Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most updated list of my Riven Mods can be found on Riven.Market.
  10. Voltage

    How is Garuda

    Assumptions regarding what I said is a bad path to take. I did not imply that she is not a melee frame, nor did I say she was bad at it. All I said was that she is not the "best melee frame in the entire game" by explaining that any Warframe can be centered around melee if you choose to. Precision is up to your skill as a player while operating with high speed Warframes. Nova has instantaneous Wormholes that are based on where your cursor is with a base 50 meters. If your aim is poor, then of course your precision will be inadequate. Volt can increase his sprint speed to an insane amount, and the precision of you parkour will determine your success while meleeing enemies and navigating missions. Nyx with the Arcane Menticide helmet and a full parkour setup will result the same as Volt in terms of precision and parkour. If your playstyle for melee leans towards Garuda, then that is perfectly fine, but to say she is the best in the entire game for melee centered setups only applies to you.
  11. Voltage

    Nerf my guns but don't nerf the enemies!

    Orb Vallis enemies cap at 125 anyways (136 if Eximus). It was nice having challenging enemies in a 1 hour run of farming for Toroid, but I can understand the frustration by other players as well. Constant enemy cc combined with their damage was far from challenging and more of just annoying. The changes they made are fine as they are, and I actually applaud them for their quick responses to feedback since the launch of Fortuna.
  12. I think the problem here though is partly the community. You shouldn't be investing in a system with such absurd amounts (up to 5 digits of Platinum) that can change at any given time. I don't agree with the variable stats that can go up or down on a moments notice, but this is not 100% DE's problem. The most I have invested into a given Riven Mod has been 10,000 and 11,000, but that was because I understood what I was biting into (the Vectis Prime with -Magazine for Primed Chamber, and the Artax). I only drop a large amount when the weapon is one that I love (Telos Boltace, Grinlok, Prisma Twin Gremlins, etc.) and would not care if the disposition changed. Many players however, don't appreciate the weapon and only appreciate the results. At this point, the disposition changes causes them to go insane as their reasoning for their purchase has just crumbled in front of them. This is also true with the Relic system. Every new Prime Access or Prime Unvault, we see new relics and there are some which have not been seen in circulation since Specters of the Rail was added to the game. Long term systems are great to keep players engaged, but they have to be structured to function after long periods of time.
  13. Voltage

    How is Garuda

    She has a melee weapon yes, but any Warframe can be centered around melee. Volt/Nova/Nyx can easily become extremely fast Warframes while wielding a melee weapon, and I would argue they are more effective at killing with one than Garuda. "Best melee frame in the entire game" is jumping the gun, and given she has to deselect her melee weapon to use hers, this makes Khora, Excalibur, and other exalted melee warframes more desirable as they can equip Telos Boltace and other forms of QoL melee along with their special one.
  14. Voltage

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    Thank you for the quick fishing fix and companion precepts being affected by Fetch. I can't wait to have more uses for Toroid and see more ranks with Vox Solaris. The foundation is set and the wait for the endgame continues!
  15. Voltage

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    Thank you for the hotfix. Will K-Drives and Kitguns be added to the profile Mastery UI? Zaws had this same problem when they launched, and the visibility of what has been gilded/leveled helps players keep track of their Mastered items. EDIT: After this hotfix, cave fishing still has a hitbox problem. Fish are unable to be targeted at times with no health bar or hitbox. 😞 Thank you to @Senguash for the gif (after this hotfix) of this bug.