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  1. Voltage

    Network Not Responding?

    I started getting this message during plague star and now each stage will not give the reputation reward. Other clan mates of mine also have trouble logging in. 😞
  2. Ouch. Even if we are active on the Forums, you are welcome back to ours. PS: Loadout is called Prime Time: Good luck!
  3. Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most updated list of my Riven Mods can be found on Riven.Market.
  4. Voltage

    What constitues a good teammate in your opinion?

    I define a good team mate as someone who revives players, is built properly for the mission, is decently efficient, and uses Corrosive Projection.
  5. Voltage

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    This is ideal. Hopefully @[DE]Drew and other staff members have thought about ways to bring back community hot topics. I can't wait to see how the Forums look after all these changes, but I feel after the changes are added, the only way to truly improve the forums is creating a proper ratio of Moderator to Member. I notice more and more that threads take longer to be locked if it is posted during a certain time of day. It would be nice if this question is addressed in the near future as I have asked a few times since May and I know others have as well. I remember @DeMonkey has a great thread about it as well: Improvement is always welcome in my books, even if it's a small change, but moderation staff has a big impact on the atmosphere of the forums. 🙂
  6. Voltage

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    Interesting. I think the best medium would be a subforums for hot topics in which moderators / staff move massive megathreads and other news to this place where players can see what is new and trending. I suggested the leaderboards thing because it is already a forums infrastructure and takes the least amount of effort to implement. Your quote from Danielle explained that better and I haven't seen that before. Hopefully CHT return as it's been way too long 😞 .
  7. Voltage

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    I really don't understand how it is harmful. The only 2 things that it showed were useless upvotes, and hot topics. The former is meaningless because you cannot be downvoted, and the latter was awesome to see what is trending in the community. If we can't have them back, it would be nice to get anything that makes hot topics visible. The "hot topic" tag placed on posts does little as spam will trigger it. I remember community hot topics in 2015-2016, and it is sad that the last one was before Specters of the Rail.
  8. Voltage

    Upcoming Forum Changes (September 21st, 2018)

    The last Community Hot Topic thread was about Draco, and the Warframe Forums Leaderboard is not visible for normal members. That was the last source of locating hot topics every month. Will we be able to see the leaderboards or see community hot topics in the future? It's been 2 years. Also, will we see more forum moderators to take care of the new platform being added to the forums? The playerbase is only growing, but the moderation team needs to keep up. More moderators would result in faster reaction time. It is disheartening to see a thread up for hours that is derailed with binary spam 😞 .
  9. Voltage

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.8.2

    It would be nice if Riven Disposition changes were planned as well to reflect the intent of the system. The meta gap widens further as time passes ... stares at Gram 1.44 Disposition before Prime.
  10. Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most updated list of my Riven Mods can be found on Riven.Market.
  11. Voltage

    Gladiators events(pvp) (pve)

    I would not like to see a Battle Royale game mode or any sort of "Hunger Games" type of mode. It does not fit Warframe and should not be forced into the existing structure of the game.
  12. Voltage

    Captura/Screenshot mode in dojo/liset?

    I am not sure how a dojo instance could be made into Captura considering you are not the host of the session and other players are there. However, I think the Liset would be awesome to have as a captura set.
  13. I am looking forward to upcoming content. I am still waiting eagerly for Elite Alerts and the Clan Nemesis system. Thank you Rebecca! PS: I'm still waiting for that Raid with me in 5949 days.
  14. Voltage

    Battle Royale

    No thank you. This game does not need Battle Royale. That gamemode can stay away from the model DE works with.
  15. Voltage

    My feedback on the New and Improved Nezha

    There is a wonderful search bar at the top of the Forums that can be used to locate threads with ongoing discussion on topics that peak your interest 🙂. Feedback also goes in the feedback subforum 😛. There is a thread here that also suggests your concern: I do hope Firewalker sees a change like this, but I am doubtful.