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  1. It's almost like the core gameplay loop needs to be worked on. Fissures were a short sighted "fix" for the Void, and the way DE tackles endless leaves most players bored and feeling unrewarded quickly.
  2. "Reasonable time frame" completely trivializes getting a good Riven in comparison to the investment it takes to get one now. I don't see a problem with leaving Riven Mods as-is besides removing Disposition. It's the only real perpetual endgame in this game that actually affects your combat and gear. Everything else in this game can be finished, and it's nice to have something you can't.
  3. It's been a spiraling trend since The Old Blood in late 2019. Most of the problems in my opinion come from the fact that any feedback taken into account is already taken too late as potentially bad design decisions are already in motion or released. Dev Workshops are rarely ever about ideas and working on taking feedback and more of "we are about to launch this, it's almost done, what do you think?". This creates a problem where if an idea is very bad (Riven Disposition, these new Arcanes, necramechs, etc.), it is already heavily invested into before being disliked by the playerbase. Deimos Ar
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Deimos Leaper doesn't appear to spawn. It seemed to spawn in the Toxic Tunnels bounty according to another thread on the Forums, but was removed. This leaves this enemy with no spawn location. EXPECTED RESULT: Deimos Leaper spawns somewhere on Deimos. OBSERVED RESULT: Deimos Leaper has no spawns in the normal enemy groups. REPRODUCTION RATE: I would say 100% since Friday. I haven't seen one since then, and that coincides with the Forum topic talking about the removal of the enemy.
  5. Removing the randomization kills the uniqueness of the Riven, and it will result in a system with much less variety. Everyone already uses almost the same builds with the way DE changed melee and status. Rivens are luxury and should stay that way. It's the only item in the game that separates people's gear apart. I'm part of the small percent that enjoys that aspect, and it would be a shame if everyone just worked towards the same cookie-cutter rolls because Youtube, Twitch, and Discord say so. The limited availability of a powerful Riven is very nice. I've easily spent upwards of 6 digits of
  6. Related to Conservation, can the Codex scans scale off rarity like the fish in Plains of Eidolon do (12 for common, 6 for uncommon, 3 for rare, 1 for legendary)? 20 scans for every type of Conservation animal is outrageous considering how tedious spawning them (and scanning them) are (birds are the worst offender). Additionally, Velocipods only require 5 scans for Codex completion. Why is rule this not applied to Nexifera as well for being a similar type of animal?
  7. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if conservation Codex scans scaled on rarity like the fish in Plains of Eidolon do. 20 scans for every type of conservation animal is outrageous considering how tedious spawning them are. Additionally, Velocipods do not follow this trend and only require 5 scans. Why is this not applied to Nexifera?
  8. There will always be mandatory mods, and the current mod system has been in the game for 6 years or so now. I don't see DE changing such core mods without insane compensation for the thousands of Forma some players have invested in the way the current system works. These suggestions don't really change much in how weapons are built. Weapons are not like Warframes. They are built with mods for a specific purpose, and that purpose is to kill enemies. Very rarely are you modding a weapon for a gimmick that is not to kill anything.
  9. Probably another Dex cosmetic. We haven't seen any Mastery since Sybaris.
  10. I hope they give us the option to equip them in any mission so i can level them in Gian Point or another mission while having a real Warframe do all the work. Seriously, I don't mean to sound so harsh, but Necramechs are just an inferior Warframe with no practicality.
  11. Thank you for the hotfix. The new bounties are decent (mostly reskins of current bounties and Mobile Defense, with the exception of the new Sac one that is tremendously annoying due to low enemy spawns), but the requirement to complete isolation vaults to set up your new bounty makes them very cumbersome for players with not much play time. Requiring ~20 minutes for a player to even access the new T3 bounty isn't very good design. The experience would be enhanced tremendously if players could just hop into the new bounties and skip the old one that players have done painstakingly since Au
  12. Depends on what my mission is. I'll go for Daikyu for single target kills, but Mutalist Cernos is an awesome AoE weapon that can do hours of Steel Path Mot with Ivara using Empowered Quiver. Mutalist Cernos is a great crit weapon that also spreads status and Hunter Munition procs well. Maybe I have bias for having perfect Rivens on both Daikyu and Mutalist Cernos, but I really like both depending on what I am running. Cernos Prime is also a nice weapon. :)
  13. Mutalist Cernos is a great weapon. Maybe you're just building it wrong or misusing it :)
  14. Please consider making all modular systems in Warframe fully modular by allowing seamless swapping of parts. This problem continues to grow at an alarming rate, and the frustration only grows over time. I understand that this is a huge thing to tackle from a development perspective, but it is a necessary one. Each time even a single part is added, there is an exponential increase in possible weapon composition, and they have to be Forma'd from the ground up. This is especially frustrating for long term players who have crafted Zaws before Plague Star, after Hok got a few new Strikes, Fort
  15. Thank you for the speedy hotfix! Please consider rebalancing and increasing the drops for the new Arcanes. Players need a total of 103 (63 Theorem and 40 Residual) for completion, and these require more time investment than any other Arcane while also having incredibly underwhelming effects. These drop rates (currently 6.25% from Tier 1, 7.14% from Tier 2, and 18.75% from Tier 3 respectively) are likely going to be buffed later as all updates have shown in the past couple years, so it's just better towards player time investment to do it sooner rather than later. We don't need a repeat of
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