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  1. Parkour 2.0 was added in Update 17 in 2015. DE removed friendship doors from Railjack missions quite swiftly after the launch of Empyrean. This has nothing to do with reworking tile sets. It's an intentional design choice to leave them in the game for this long. If removing them from Railjack makes that part of the game better, then removing them from the entire game will too.
  2. I just use Nova Prime. I shelved my Loki Prime from Spy missions ages ago, and I've never used Ivara, Wukong, or anything other than Nova for the last 3 years. You spend about 1-2 runs finding the optimal path, and then you can just memorize wormhole placement to finish the vault in a few seconds without being detected. If you really need invisibility with mobility, the Operator gives that to you with any Warframe choice.
  3. This is hardly the case since the speed nerf to Cloud Walker. I take Volt Prime with Prisma Grinlok/Snipetron Vandal, Aksomati Prime, and Ninkondi Prime for Fissure Exterminate and Nova Prime with Prisma Grinlok/Snipetron Vandal, Aksomati Prime, and Telos Boltace/Ninkondi Prime for Fissure Capture, and about 95% of the time I have the most kills/damage dealt. Wukong is way better than his previous state and with a much more interesting kit, but he still excels at nothing. His gimmick of being immortal is now handed to Inaros, he can barely deal comparable damage to any proper arsenal setup, and with the Cloud Walker nerf, he is just slower to other Warframes.
  4. Currently Smeeta cannot give buffs from Charm for players piloting a Railjack. This needs to be fixed/changed. I host most of my runs, and it is getting quite frustrating that I am the one who cannot get a single Charm Affinity buff despite most of the work from the mission coming from me, the pilot. It would be nice if Charm would proc while you are piloting, and there is no reason not to. It is that much more painful doing hours upon hours of Gian Point in the Veil Proxima when your squad mates can potentially earn more Intrinsics than you despite them taking much more laid back roles compared to piloting.
  5. No what I am referring to is that the friendship door's design is quite similar to the structure of squad link.
  6. You don't really min-max though. You slap maximum health and armor, maximum speed and boost, munitions vortex and void hole, and forward artillery. The rest of your capacity goes towards quality of life mods, but hardly needed. The modding system in Railjack is extremely shallow, and there isn't much more than 1-2 good builds and the rest are meh. The lack of variety in missions has mostly to blame for this.
  7. They are working as intended, but that intention has a negative impact on the gameplay experience. This issue will be vastly exaggerated when we get squad link. Requiring players who are a bit faster than others to stop and wait to continue a mission is bothersome. Like someone pointed out earlier, they are fine for Rescue missions. Other than that, they are just bad and need to go.
  8. Oh right because the glorified friendship door known as squad link totally isn't this very "problem" people had with Trials. /s
  9. No. The point of the current system is you must invest into new items. Given Kuva weapons can get upgraded within their ecosystem, it makes sense to have a transfer system for investments as you progress your way to 60%. Other items don't have this upgrade pattern, so a transfer system here is quite unnecessary and counterintuitive to the structure of the games investments towards gear.
  10. So your solution is making Rivens shallow and bland? Just because you substantially decrease the time required to get what you want doesn't make the system suddenly amazing. If players could lock stats, everyone would chase the same rolls as they do now, but the supply of said rolls increases. It then becomes boring as you no long possess unique Rivens. If you find repetition boring, I'm unsure how you have managed to still enjoy the game since becoming a Founder. Warframe has always had grind and this grind is the gameplay. It's fun to grind out better gear, and Rivens are the only non-trivial system for upgrading your gear.
  11. Locking stats on Rivens would make them incredibly boring.
  12. Dumping Liches would be nice. However in the mean time, you could use some awareness and not accidentally stab one again. It's one of those mistakes that should only happen once.
  13. You realize that (old) Primed Chamber's only real equivalent to a cosmetic is the Gold Skull Kill Event Badge or the Phased Anykros Skin right? People who wanted to distinguish themselves apart sought for the item almost nobody had, not the item that only represents an account age. Everything you listed just shows when you were around, which is really cool, but a different objective than owning a Primed Chamber. This is why I feel Primed Chamber should have been a reward anyone can get by participating in weekly leaderboards and coming in the top 10 for any category. This would still keep the mod an achievement, but would make it permanently available to anyone.
  14. Nerfs are required for the health of the game, but many times they are the result of repeated mistakes and the failure to understand powerful mechanics. I wouldn't mind nerfs for game balance if there was a deep understanding of why something was nerfed and why it was overpowered. I'm tired of seeing Area of Effect in Warframe nerfed as time goes on, because at this point DE should know right off the bat when an AoE is too powerful for its radius.
  15. If I had to guess, nothing will change as your IGN is tied to Xbox Live or Playstation Network, not Xbox One or Playstation 4. Thus, when a new console comes out, hopefully you can just sign into your Xbox/PSN account and be all set. Granted, I don't play on console so I don't know if this is how it works.
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