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  1. Other Riven Mods: Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most up to date list of my Riven Mods can be found on my Riven.Market Profile.
  2. Voltage

    Daily login reward system idea!

    This sounds unnecessary and tedious. I would rather just get my rewards in the UI after typing in my password.
  3. Other Riven Mods: Please message me in game, on the Forums, or reply to this thread if you are interested in any of these Riven Mods. The most up to date list of my Riven Mods can be found on my Riven.Market Profile.
  4. Uhhh.... Telos Boltace, Ohma, and Kronen Prime all do pretty good damage. Tonfas are made to slide attack though, so if Maiming Strike is nerfed, then they will be greatly hurting the Tonfa class.
  5. Ranting like this is in no way constructive. The message of your post is that you disagree with opening up the login system. On the other hand, your structure is rude and does not add anything to help the developers improve the system, and it certainly doesn't promote a healthy discussion. I think the current login system was flawed before it was added in 2015. I do feel bad that new players would need 2 years of logins for a Sigma and Octantis. I believe that the current plan is a good one. Allowing veterans to trade these items stimulates the market and allows players to earn or skip their login days (for mods and weapons).
  6. Voltage


  7. Voltage

    Stalker and acolytes on Frame fighter

    I think having enemies in Frame Fighter would be cool and give purpose to the codex. Having X enemies scanned in 1 faction unlocks a Nox or something. Stalker and Acolytes could be unlocked for having the Shadow Stalker and The Second Dream quest completed. Locking the usage of them behind a 7 month rotation seems odd for a mini-game.
  8. Voltage

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    The reason Capture missions were abused like this is because Cerberus, Pluto was killed with Specters of the Rail, and Baal, Europa became a different mission type. Galatea, Neptune was abused as an endless Capture mission because Oxium has no consistent spawn mechanics. I am not asking for this change to be reversed, but the abuse could have been avoided by having more than a single mission consistently available for Oxium. This change does not make much sense to me. Shouldn't this mean that crafting Warframes should unlock them in Frame Fighter? The Sacrifice quest is cool and all, but if a Warframe that is auto-crafted gets a Frame Fighter Scan, then why should Warframes that require farming be given extra farming just to use in a mini-game? I already have every Warframe scanned in Frame Fighter, and it felt like I was redoing my starchart....
  9. Voltage

    Dev stream comment...

    It was a joke. Digital Extremes makes those on Devstreams all the time. The sense of humor from some comments should be taken lightly. Sheldon does not actually mean to leave content to rot.
  10. Voltage

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #115!

    Awesome stream! I cannot wait for Elite Alerts. I hope the progressive Emblems earned could be a profile stat visible to other players. That would be very interesting. Is there a planned cap on alert emblem marks? I am also curious and hopeful to see this relay reconstruction event be an Operation with leaderboards. I hope the Melee 3.0 Dev Workshop post is coming along as well. I am eager to see the mod changes and hopefully Riven Disposition changes as well.
  11. Voltage

    New Phahd Scaffold bounces off Volt shields

    INB4 it is a feature to prevent you from using it in Eidolons. In all seriousness, I do hope this is fixed as Amps are only useful in Eidolons, and Volt is a staple in the hunt. (You could count the Stalker as Amp content too, but he has always been irrelevant).
  12. Voltage

    limbo in the conclave, fair or not?

    Conclave has many rotten playstyles and Limbo is just one. Zaw spam, Glaxion on Loki Specters, Limbo, Exalted Blade spam, Hysteria, etc. Also keep in mind that enemies who enter the rift lose all shields. Many Conclave players frown upon using abilities too often and while your statement is true, you would have to be in range of the player. If you try to use Valkyr for example, players will just run away.
  13. Voltage

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Will the Relay Reconstruction "event" be an Operation with leaderboards? We have not seen a Leaderboard Operation since Operation: Ambulas Reborn; over a year ago.
  14. Voltage

    Will i get ban?

    I wouldn't play the slippery slope. That sort of topic is pretty unnecessary to be quite honest. If moderators do delete them, just move on and not go back to that topic. You shouldn't be banned. You may or may not receive a Warning, but I think you are fine.
  15. Voltage