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  1. We have gone a very long time where clans have meant nothing in-game. I understand your sentiment, but it's good that your clan roster means something again. I can't wait to push for first place if I can on a long weekend run 🙂
  2. You either invest in the system, or Endo/Sell the stuff you don't want. What's wrong with something being good when it's niche? It's not worth the payout to you, but it's worth it to other players like myself. Again, if you don't like low disposition Rivens, just don't get them or keep them to begin with.
  3. I use a Lecta Riven on my Secura Lecta. I also own Riven Mods for below-neutral dispositions. I think you fail to understand how exactly Riven Mods work and how even low disposition weapons can benefit from the right roll. We shouldn't just remove items because of disagreement with how the system functions or is intended. If you don't like low disposition Riven Mods, just don't get them lol.
  4. Can you please add details as to what exactly doesn't work? I can't fix broken codes that I have no information on. Thank you!
  5. I hope it has Archwing. The Jordas Verdict was the only high level Archwing mission and I really miss using them in space for high level missions. I sure hope they didn't scrap the integration of Archwing here. It would be a shame if this was a reskinned Tusk Thumper/Exploiter Orb.
  6. I'm curious how practical these mods are in various locations. In normal gameplay I really don't see myself Wall running or wall latching, but the new Gas City tile might promote such actions.
  7. The new Eidolon will require an Archwing as per: I'm guessing any land portions may be parkour based, and that would be a really fun change of pace. Maybe this is DE's slow progress into what Trials will be. Unfortunately I won't be touching this boss until after the Operation ends, but it seems cool so far.
  8. I wonder how 2FA will be applied in trades. Will the Mobile App for Warframe support it like Steam/Google Authenticator? 2FA is awesome for security, but the way this game does it is outdated and clunky.
  9. The new player experience being improved is not through spoonfeeding them. You should be giving new players knowledge and education on game systems, not just handing them items out of the gate. That same mentality is why Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis offer little depth and a lack of item progression. So no, giving away a free palette when starting doesn't improve the player experience in my opinion.
  10. The palette doesn't need to change. The way palettes work is perfectly fine as is and we get many free seasonal ones and Baro. If your friends left Warframe because they couldn't use a black color out of the gate, you may have given them a heart attack after seeing TennoGen. Platinum is tradeable as well...
  11. It's almost like you can buy it for Credits if you get it from your dojo research and Baro charges much more than just Credits. Ignis was valuable as clan research XP. It's trading value remains low and the item value hasn't been touched. Every Event weapon has come back from Baro, and Switch needed it as well for that platform. My only complaint about the Ignis being from Baro is that it's a scam to new players. Baro selling Ignis doesn't affect the effort I put into my high score or the clan research owned for the clan I'm in.
  12. One of many codex bugs. There are so many issues with that system. Hopefully in the next UI remaster phase they address the codex and fix all the bugs, missing items, and inconsistencies.
  13. I will be beaming with excitement when we see the new Vandal weapons. 🙂
  14. Ambulas Reborn was the last clan event. I think after "feedback" DE went away from speed based and went to endurance like most events. I will wait and see how scoring works, and that will be defined within patch notes as usual most likely. This happened with the last two competitive events in 2017: There is always a "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW/DO" and "CLAN SCORING AND REWARDS" section in those posts which explains what exactly you do for a score.
  15. Aura Forma seems like a bandaid to the Aura system. Aura mods should all drain the same and be consistent within that regard for example. I suggested changes to Aura mods December 2017, and I still feel the same about them: Archived Post It would be nice if getting polarized slots for an Aura required a tiny bit of work, but once complete, there would be a large variety of options. Locking this variety behind a bandaid consumable from Arbitrations feels unnecessary for the grind and effort for the item so late in the game. I already have every Warframe using a Naramon polarity, so there was no reason for me to make more than a few of these. I feel like Aura Forma could be improved by allowing them to work on Stance mod polarities at the very least. They are an unnecessary enhancement as well.
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