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  1. Updated. Thank you. Apologizes for being slow. I've been really busy. I follow this thread and get notifications from anyone who posts here :).
  2. Voltage

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    When will we see Sentinel weapon and Arch-gun Riven Mods?
  3. Voltage

    Does event will come back ?

    Pfft. Lore. I want the Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge and operation scores on my profile.
  4. Voltage

    So about them Repeller Systems

    Will they be like Cetus Wisps or Market resources? I hope the incentive to grind the Profit-Taker isn't outright removed. You only need 8 Gravimags, one of each Amp Prism, and one Eidolon Amp to forget that the different systems exist. The grind is hardly there and you can skip all of it for 160 Platinum. I don't really see the need to decrease grind further. Fortuna already has lack of depth and lack of stuff to do 😕 . I hope the Exploiter Orb and the other unreleased Orb have interesting drops.
  5. Voltage

    2020's Operator, Challengs, Sol Nodes.

    I want more variant modes with cosmetics and other cool items. I miss the Quick Steel tactical alert.
  6. Voltage

    Add Cycles to the App

    I would like to see this, but my major issue is that the companion app cannot be open simultaneously with the game. If this were added with notifications, please add the feature to use the app and the game at the same time.
  7. Voltage

    Inability to link certain mods in chat

    Most of the time DE adds items, they usually forget that they need to be in the codex, linkable, and/or tradeable. It will likely be fixed next hotfix.
  8. Voltage

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Excuse me, but what? Host force-starting timer is an amazing feature. It also lets clients skip the "spam left click 30 times" cutscene. Reverse this change please.
  9. Voltage

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    I would love a Design Council Accolade, but I understand how irrelevant it is, so I don't think too much about it. Accolades could be cool achievement showcases through hard tasks, but they remain as a badge for players that were selected to be a part of a group based on employment, volunteering, purchases, or account creation date.
  10. Voltage

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    This topic is a slippery slope. On one hand, we are in the age of accessability where many players want everything available in some fashion. On the other hand, the collection value of this mod has reached an insane point. The value of the mod exceeded a quarter of a million Platinum on PC. I would love to have one (again), but I do respect those that do own it. If anything, it should be exclusive to an event for top 100 players on each platform. It's one of those things where if you really want one, you can farm the Platinum, track one down, and purchase it. The market for it is highly competitive, but it's not impossible to get one.
  11. Voltage

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    The symbol of their participation was transferred to an accolade on the profile, which is cooler in my opinion. I am actually one of many that suggested the accolade idea a long time ago during the community debate to bring back Lato Vandal. I believe that's as far as it should go.
  12. Voltage

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    Oh, I know your intent is fine, I was just describing what the emblem would represent. Closed Beta represents your account creation date and not much else. It would have been fine to get something in 2013 or so, but in 2019? I don't see that as too necessary. It wouldn't really hurt the game at all either, but just not relevant anymore I'm afraid. Also, I'm glad you are a fan. Keep it up 🙂
  13. Too bad popularity goes hand in hand with usefulness. There's a reason no one cares about Vauban due to how dated his kit is, and Nyx suffered the same problem. CC was good 4 years ago in Trials and other modes to shutdown enemies. This has since changed through many enemies with resistances. DPS and buffers is where things have shifted through ESO, Arbitrations, Eidolons, and now Orbs.
  14. Voltage

    Closed beta/Founder Glyphs

    I would rather see cosmetics and badges that are earned through knowledge, not solely based on account creation date. It would be much nicer to see an accolade/badge/sigil that represents your involvement in the game and completion of a task than "I want more stuff because I created my account 6 years ago". Design Council and Closed Beta sit on the same level of relevancy my friend.
  15. Voltage

    End game idea

    This idea just sounds like a variant of Arbitrations that has some challenge to it (artificial, but challenge nonetheless). The emblem idea was actually proposed for arbitrations that was scrapped by DE. I would love to see a Stratos type emblem (something that shows progress) based on grind.