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  1. I don't have a second Khora set, and I still think it's dumb. Giving away free stuff doesn't condition players? Go look at Ignis Wraith. People call you toxic and a scammer in trade chat because you're not giving it away like everyone else expects. Look at this thread. There's already people asking for free Nidus and Harrow parts because those take time to farm. I'm not new, I've been paying attention to how this playerbase has shaped. It's rotten to isolate those who still want to actually play the game for their rewards. Twitch drops are horrendous, always have been, and will continue being so. It's completely insane that there are exclusives, cosmetics, and actual items like Athodai that require players to step away from the game and AFK a stream, leave their PC on over night, or watch someone else play a game they could play themself.
  2. Giving away free stuff and conditioning players to expect being handed things isn't what I consider "helping". I don't consider it toxic to expect people to grind for items or buy it for Platinum. I'm aware though that I am not everyone else praising DE for conditioning lazy players. If you consider it toxic to dislike the fact that players get free passes on grind for not even playing the game, but watching someone else play or just leaving their device AFK with the stream open, I don't know what to tell you.
  3. TIL it's selfish to expect people to have to play the game for its offerings. lol. This playerbase looks down at anyone who doesn't want to handhold players, and it's sad. Giving away 3/4 of Khora like this is honestly just wrong.
  4. Hall of Mirrors is signature. Eclipse is one of the best buffs in the game. Your probably going to get Sleight of Hand, and that's a DPS ability. Whatever ability Mirage gets transferred, it will be broken.
  5. This is why I think it's ridiculous: Twitch giving out a single Forma Blueprint or a cheap cosmetic is fine, but the handholding like this or with fully built Primes with TennoCon is really just annoying more than anything else. I'm fortunate to be in a time zone where I can claim these as well, so it's extra annoying for players in Asia, Australia, etc who will have a hard time getting a free pass on most of Sanctuary Onslaught farming.
  6. These drops are pretty ridiculous. If you want Khora you should have to play the game or buy her with Platinum. Getting her for free from leaving your Twitch AFK for 30 minutes feels so wrong lol.
  7. 4th abilities are not allowed. However, that doesn't mean that some 1st/2nd/3rd abilities aren't overpowered.
  8. This is why it's a slippery slope. The "worst" ability on Volt or Gauss is way more powerful than the worst ability on Atlas or Zephyr. This is another short sighted decision like Riven Mods or the Relic system.
  9. When can we expect an email if we did in fact get the prompt? I still haven't gotten an email after getting top 1000 😞
  10. I don't see a problem with that standing cost. God forbid a Warframe update takes a few days/weeks/months to finish. Honestly, I'm bothered that they didn't lower the blueprint costs in today's hotfix, but decide to say they will on Twitter. I just burned 100,000 standing after TennoCon, and now I'm really annoyed that in the next 3 weeks, I either get pissed on with my reputation spent because it's halved, or I have to wait 3 weeks to invest in the update. Seriously.... I can't believe DE continues insulting people who like to invest in the game.
  11. ^This. I'm not sure why we are getting mech suits when we already have Warframes for that. It also looked extremely ineffective compared to using something like an AoE Ability/Weapon for a crowd of infested.
  12. Can you link the image? I could try and figure them out
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