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  1. None of these problems are actually a fault of Sanctuary Onslaught. Public matches are always a mixed bag and nobody is forced to stay more than they showed up for. Likewise, matchmaking for modes tends to also be a mixed bag as most players participating need it for account progression or they are there for a personal farm. RNG drops are just that. Sometimes you just don't get what you want while sometimes you do, that's just how it is. AFK detection is sub-par in Warframe, but that's an entirely different topic and not specific to any given mode. Outright kicking players for a small amount of AFK time in a mission isn't moving in a positive direction at all.
  2. While true, the distance between updates that adds anything to Forma has become quite stretched, so there is plenty of time to turn a BP stockpile into a built stockpile.
  3. That's so unrelated. You may as well dismiss it with "just go get Platinum". I personally don't mind this suggestion, but I feel like 2 Forma BP for uncommon is a better middle ground. It would be way too easy to get Forma if it was 3 or built given how Relics work.
  4. Ninkondi wasn't crap when it launched and neither was Mios. There's no reason a new archetype needs to fail at simple math problems. Weapons in Warframe are a math puzzle. They aren't customizable like a Warframe or vehicle. They are designed to kill and it's really easy to figure out the potential of a weapon by doing some math. DE had time to do napkin math on a Multishot mod for Hek, so they should have no problem doing the same for the Ghoulsaw. The consistent track record of missing the mark on the first go with plenty of historical feedback to reference before the launch of anything is quite astounding.
  5. It's more like we have bugs such as projectiles not penetrating water in Plains of Eidolon that affects hunting that has existed before the Nintendo Switch version of the game did. The amount of backlog passionate players have outlined is all in the hands of DE. Profit-Taker still has a leg regen bug, it took a year for them to fix exploits that skip sections of the fight, and as iPathos commented later, the codex has been not finishable for years now.
  6. I trade for Platinum (mostly normal Mods, Arcanes, and Prime sets) between updates so that I can afford good Riven Mods for myself. It's the only system that really has a long progression to it and can never really be completed. I don't farm Kuva and I don't have the time to spend in trade chat/websites/etc to snipe Rivens. I usually end up buying them off a full time trader because I'm too busy either in a mission or trading in a single region.
  7. I can usually get a Prime the same day (worst case the next day) it's released with only playing a few hours. Relics have been quite easy to get through since they were added.
  8. Would you consider optimizing the spawn of Vomvalysts as an exploit (something people do in Eidolon hunts for 4 years now)? It's the same principle. I feel like an exploit should be reserved for gamebreaking behavior, not being clever with mechanics.
  9. The value requirement is arbitrary. It would be nice if some Nightwave tasks were actually interesting instead of a laundry list with FOMO rewards to get you to login.
  10. Or the more frequent case where you see your report collect cobbwebs, grow a beard and then die a slow, painful death :)
  11. All of this. Trinity is a great example of Warframe's design as a game. Over the years we've gotten tools, mechanics, and changes to the game that enable players to be less required to play as a group and have their cake and eat it too when it comes to roles. Trinity was a star when Warframe was more role centric, but everyone has an Operator now, multiple Arcanes, massive AOE through weapons, and buffs through Helminth. Support Warframes have fallen out of style with the exception of Wisp because she has one ability that gives health while the others give DPS. There's no real way to bring Trinity up to par without changing the core design of the game to require people to play together. Given the profit the game generates by being extremely solo friendly and not having much team play at all, I don't see any way to make Trinity or any support Warframe truly a viable option without lazily slapping buffs on her existing abilities like we see with the potential augment coming for Bless.
  12. Your analysis of why people like Smeeta is quite off. It just comes down to the Resource/Affinity buff that is a direct upgrade to a loot game compared to utility that really makes no impact in general gameplay. We need to remove stat-sticks from Warframe as a whole, not double down on them.
  13. The proper approach is converting all Veiled Rivens of every category into "Veiled Riven Mods" that unlock for the weapon category you equip them on and complete the challenge. This increases the availability of Rivens to unlock without diluting loot tables or making them tedious to earn. Bonus points if Veiled Rivens can stack in your inventory for no Riven slot cost and only cost a Riven slot when you "identify" the challenge on the card.
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