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  1. The people who complain in your scenarios never complain about 3 different points of view on the same topic simultaneously. There will always be complaints. However, if it's not clear to you, there is visible and verbal disgust and disappointment with this Nightwave Intermission across all platforms from different players with different play styles. DE will always face criticism and complaints, but they should choose a path for content and stick with it. They undermined the entire seasonal system of a battle pass and slapped anyone who's been remotely engaged with Nightwave for the last 8 months with rewards you cannot use if you've done the first season. We aren't even at season 3 and DE is recycling season 1 rewards. Nightwave is "actual content", and it's been delayed several times already. Intermission has no lore, no new challenges, and no new UI. All it needs is the name / diorama for the Creds, and rewards. It's less of a joke than the Saturn Six Armor and other rewards returning. I can list stuff that DE could add: - Solstice skins from previous Tennobaums - Solstice syandanas from previous Tennobaums - Glaxion Vandal (in Creds store) - Spectra Vandal (in Creds store) - Past event badges/sigils - Simaris Showdown TennoCon 2018 Glyph - TheWarWithin Teshin Glyph - Fortuna Cache from Fortuna Launch - Spektata color picker from a long past Twitch reward - Bastille color picker - Misery Beacon at a high rank (for Codex hunters) - Vaulted Relics pack - Machete Blueprint Do I need to keep listing the countless old items that are exclusive still?
  2. It rewards players who haven't played since Spring 2019. I really can't see how rewards from earlier this year in a battle pass system repeating right after the second season wouldn't bother any semi-active players in the last 8 months. Umbral Forma is the only redeeming reward if you played Wolf of Saturn Six. DE could have at least thrown cosmetics from 2014, the Bastille palette, or some other exclusive rewards a very small minority have right now, and not something people just farmed earlier in the year. If the devs recognize there is a content drought, recycling items from 8 months ago should have been recognized as a bad idea.
  3. Why not? I've been doing this for 4 years creeping up on 6000 hours. It's a perfectly acceptable play style. OP I agree. I'm not a fan of Destiny 2 by any means, but your description of what they do for a Battle Pass sounds leagues better than Nightwave.
  4. The entire Wolf of Saturn Six season was undermined in this "Intermission II" (aka Season 3: Season 1 Reborn if you ask me). I don't need to repeat the plethora of comments of disappointment. Should I have skipped Emissary because next Intermission after Season 3 will just bring back the Operator suit? 😕 This is another instance of getting slapped in the face because you do content immediately on release instead of waiting for it to be undermined later. I dislike when more and more changes to game make me feel like I wasted time farming it earlier on. The worst part is that Umbral Forma is locked to Nightwave, so it's very hard to say "I'll skip" because: - You can't get Umbral Forma elsewhere - The catch up mechanic invalidates how long the season lasts. (You can do 30 ranks in less than a week if you wait until the end).
  5. In my opinion they should change Focus to have some nodes have infinite investment. The ranks would scale exponentially and barely give extra bonuses, but allowing players to put millions or hundreds of millions of points into Zenurik for an additional 1 energy/sec or other min-maxed skills would be fun. Something like that would also keep Plains of Eidolon, Eidolon Hunts, and the Focus system always relevant until the end of time. It's way too easy to finish the Focus system, and it lacks any real depth that a usual skill tree system entails.
  6. That's just a bad excuse to have things the way they are now. You shouldn't need a Riven Mod for a trash-tier weapon so you abuse its disposition just to make an ability well modded.
  7. Unfortunately the most optimal builds for some Warframes (mainly Khora/Gara) is to bring a really high disposition Riven Mod (Mire, Jaw Sword, etc) on a melee and mod that melee specifically for the Warframe ability (Elemental and Damage mods). It's a really annoying requirement if you want to have the most effective build. For some reason those Warframe abilities don't have separate modding screens like Exalted Blade, Regulators, Iron Staff, etc...
  8. I doubt most melee builds will really change all that much. Besides Primed Fever Strike being Naramon, almost all the mandatory mods are Madurai and that won't really change (I could be wrong though). I've got every melee with atleast 2 Forma installed, so I'm curious what I get back.
  9. Voltage

    Idea for Codex scan

    Helios should keep Investigator for itself. It's a precept that makes the sentinel unique. Allowing that mod on other pets invalidates Helios completely. As far as the Codex goes with old scans, I highly doubt things will change. It's a buggy and neglected mess for years and has no return on investment if developed to be much better.
  10. I enjoy the avenues for power leveling. I run a few ESOs for weapons to try a full build out, and I do Adaro for Warframes. I don't find it too tedious or annoying.
  11. Tusk Thumpers spawn only during the day cycle. I am going to assume you wrote this thread right after encountering your "bug", and that would end you sitting on a Night cycle in the Plains. You can get more than 1 spawn in a given instance, there is just a delay between them. The fastest way to farm them is queuing a stage 5 bounty, finding and killing a Thumper, going back to the gate, and repeating the process.
  12. Awesome, thanks. Time to read all this! EDIT: So I don't see anything involving Riven Mods which I am going to assume is a different thread, but with what we have, here are my concerns: Range will remain the most powercreep stat after these changes as it has for years and be reinforced even heavier. Even if "normalized", the most effective method of killing will be around weapons with the largest range. Riven Mod range values also seem concerning as this might reinforce getting high Disposition range weapons. "The Scoliac Problem" could be spreading to other weapons. Condition Overload and Maiming Strike are being toned down. Now, I don't have a huge problem with this given how many buffs are also coming to the system, but this will heavily reinforce my first bullet: range. For example, Ninkondi Prime. Ninkondi Prime is quite a good weapon because of the IPS and Electricity. Even with the buffs it receives, the loss of applying more than 3 Condition Overload procs will have it lose out to something with a larger range. Since we don't have concrete numbers on what "normalization" on range looks like, I'm going to assume a polearm is still longer than a nunchuck by a visual amount. This change also cements Plague Kripath as the hands down best melee as you will be unable to get around the lack of innate Viral on a melee by utilizing more status procs than the Kripath. While the CO + Maiming combo is a huge outlier in terms of melee DPS, it's the only thing that saves sad weapons like the Machete. Hopefully those kinds of melee get a buff that is enough to outweigh this loss. Slowing down the player. The fluidity of the combos on streams and in demos are really cool, however they look flashy and slower compared to current melee quick attacking + sliding. This may result in death compared to a slide attack. I am unsure how this plays in an Arbitration or higher level missions, so I will wait more to see if what I said holds true. Knocking enemies. Stormpath on Telos Boltace highlights this immensely. If an enemy is knocked but not killed, you have failed to do what a weapon is designed to do. CC can be left to Warframe abilities and Magus Lockdown, but knocking enemies away from the player and not killing them will be counter-productive to striking the enemy in the first place. The way this can be addressed is to give something similar to Frost's Snowglobe ragdoll damage to ragdolled enemies from heavy attacks. This gives reason to slamming an enemy into a wall as it would do more considerable damage. I just hope there is more competition in the melee category when this launches without heavily nerfing the player. That's all I have to say at this time. Thank you for the workshop!
  13. Atlas. Even Inaros does the "no abilities" gimmick better than him.
  14. Operator cosmetic crafting costs are one of the only things to build with resources from open world landscapes. The removal of Arcane crafting has already reduced the amount of resources needed to a trivial amount. They should stay how they are.
  15. Remember when T3 and T4 keys used to be in Alerts? Large Credits caches? The Nightwave store should incorporate these as well. Relic Packs and 100,000 Credits bundles would be nice alternatives.
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