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  1. Depends if you have Riven Mods or if you do, what kind of Riven Mods. I much prefer Vectis Prime over Rubico Prime. I have CC DMG MS -Magazine on Vectis and CC DMG MS -Impact for Rubico. Vectis just feels so smooth with 1 magazine and does its job well with Volt :).
  2. Affinity heavily depends on Faction. Even with an event booster, Corrupted and Infested enemies really don't give you anything.
  3. I'm giving a hypothetical where DE does the pass properly and rewards players with Forma compensation and multiple weekends of double Affinity for such a large scale change. My stance on this thread is the right way to go about this, not necessarily the possibile issues DE creates themselves.
  4. I think it scales exponentially because 10,000 posts for me and I am only "Mastery Rank 24" :(
  5. A major part of the gameplay loop is optimizing equipment. Rebalance updates have some content in the form of adjusting your loadout. Omni-Forma (even for just Exilus slots) bites into this. A consumable like this also enables players to cause a storm until DE caves in, undermining the entire polarity system by introducing Omni-Forma for all slots. Just because something is a hot topic with a large following on one side doesn't mean it is necessarily healthy for DE or the playerbase long-term. A good example of this is Fissures and the Prime Vault. People clamored praise towards DE for such a
  6. Awesome! For players who did not get the Sevagoth in Action Glyph, is this Glyph going to be available from Teshin in Sisters of Parvos like most other "Major Update in Action Glyphs"? Thanks for the stream :)
  7. Please just reread the OP. 40% is a fabricated value from yourself which does not check out in math. The problem and calculations are already in this post and the UI is in fact correct. The blessing for Credits is currently an outlier due to poor calculations, and it should be fixed to be the intended 25% bonus.
  8. Maybe I am the only one, but I don't like this idea. I really like how polarization as a system has the player think about the trade offs of what they want to maximize and how those polarities influence other config slots. It then rewards the player who wants it all and crafts multiple of the same Warframe to have specific builds for specific situations. Over time, equipment and the arsenal has been dumbed down so far that experimenting builds either leads to breakthroughs that immediately go on YouTube and other platforms following with a nerf as everyone just copies those builds, or there is
  9. Afaik, it's undocumented but intentional that many stances lost bonuses/forced procs in many combos.
  10. I see lots of effort went into a second iteration of your previous topic, but I still don't see how this has practical impact for the game. Slower fire rate weapons already have other characteristics between their other stats. Artificially inflating the chance a Vectis can proc Viral to try and keep up with a Convectrix doesn't even make sense and undermines fire rate and mechanics like beam status to be quite honest. Equalizing proc frequency for debuffs removes character and unique weapon feel. There is a lot more to a weapon than the chance to proc a specific type of status proc. Weapons th
  11. I care more about the health of the game than the performance of the augment. With that said, I'm very much in disagreement with this post. Shock can be disregarded for the most part, and casting your other two is quite fast to begin with. You can only place 2 universal reservoirs at a maximum, and the mod slot cost isn't appealing to me. I rather run a different Exilus like Primed Sure Footed, Firewalker, or a Drift mod to squeeze out more of a buff. This augment is rather sad to exist and really shouldn't even be an augment.
  12. I don't see the return on investment for developer time for adding this option. 100% of this list is buffs with no downside. I guess I'm a prick for knowing how to use Volt's Speed? Why such a negative label on another player for you being unable to handle the buff? That's not the responsibility of others nor is it Digital Extremes'.
  13. Thank you for the Profit Taker relic fix. Much appreciated
  14. Still no fix for Profit-Taker stage 4 bounty not rewarding Radiant Neo Relics. The rewards have been bugged like this since atleast November...
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