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  1. Again take a look at his ability then think, level 5 is not hard.. some of the other Liches can be taken down with one shot each health bar at level 5. my point was some ability and immunity should be illegal. Let your Lich teleport then let him use iron skin and good luck figuring that out to give him xyz of health to his iron skin... and immunity against corrosive on top of that is just absurd (you will get zeros of damage until his iron skin completely destroyed). And I read many people talk about death, I played this game for 5 years and I can safely say that I died after the release of Liches more than I died since I started playing... It's a video game but why I need to die to know that I fail to guess the right parazon (It's RNG not my fault). so let's Ignore that and talks about what happens when you get killed and your teammates at extraction, the mission automatically end and you will get no Kuva if any drops... even the death scene is just over dramatic. Just quick death and revive screen for the love of God, maybe let the people get kuva automatically when they get killed until you sort out the death thing.
  2. Take a look at this... someone, please test before you release such a thing... Iron skin on top of immunity to corrosive... heavy hitter weapons with high MR people in the squad struggle to kill it after 5 min of repetitive button smashing. IT'S NOT FUN, IT'S PURE FRUSTRATION!!! WTF!
  3. I hate to give negative feedback to a game I love and played for a very long time (over 3k playtime) and was there when things were hard. With each new major update, the game is changed slowly to something I do not like, many of the players who start with me just left the game and I guess it's time for me to quit as well (will still daily login, who knows DE might manage to hook me back as that happen when I quit before). I do not mind change and the online games is all about adapt or leave, you can not make everyone happy but at least leave a small portion of the game untouched for the veterans to enjoy... this is general feedback as I go through the change log, run the game and saw the changes (many things upset me to count), I guess new player might enjoy and love the changes as I talked with some people but I guess you pissed some veterans in the process. Good luck DE and live long warframe.
  4. Hi, Give us an option which prevent others from casting their abilities which can target Allies, to be specific Loki third and Limbo first in a similar fashion of muting Octavia Mandachord: Ally mandachird Volume in Audio option. Warframe is a PVE were most people are cool and very friendly, yet some people find a way to express their toxic personalities in a very absurd way. I played this game long enough (3000+ hours) to tell with confidence that the abilities I mention earlier are troll when target allied warframes, I totally understand if it target hostage to protect it or move it faster and prevent damage but I can not remember one time it was used on random player unless it is a troll (you can troll your friend to your heart content but not strangers). I face it countless time were a Loki player troll me, keep switching and abuse it to drive me insane.
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