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  1. Ahhhh what a pleasant surprise being 2nd! I was travelling all day and came back to a wonderful surprise. Gratz to RV and especially @--RV--Silverdk for the beautiful obstacle course. It was also really great to see all the other submissions - especially those from other consoles. I couldn't imagine trying some of the parkour on a controller - you guys are gifted. Thanks so much for showing off our dojo obstacle course, and huge shoutouts to @Hiatel of "The Floor is Heaven" fame for being the mastermind behind the design of our course! See you guys at Tennocon!
  2. If you insist! After thousands of attempts and days of trying, here's Quasars official entry for the Easter for Dummies contest. Clan: Quasars Platform: PC Course Design: Hiatel Recorded by: Ebbtides Edit: Typos and uploaded a much higher resolution, 60fps version of the video
  3. Looks like good fun. Excited to see everyone's obstacle courses!
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