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  1. There are things about Vauban that I like and things that I don't. First - overall I think it's an interesting looking kit - I don't mean this to be a bash post at all. Part of what I'm concerned over stems from not knowing numbers ... but here's my thoughts: Telsa Grenades - The main thing I wanted from this ability was to make it relevant damage beyond level 5 enemies. Beyond that I liked (in theory at least) to use them to cover hard points while I focused elsewhere. Making them rollers is interesting ... but it does get rid of their one niche. But the new version looks possibly fun and interesting - but the damage needs to be there. Mine Layer - I'm rather confused and let down by this entire ability. Zip-line - Why would I want to use a 2-enemy pull when I have Bastille? Nail Bomb - Why would I want to use Nail Bomb when I have Bastille? Puncture procs ... lower damage ...? Well in Bastille they can't do damage and I can kill them with a trigger pull I might be underestimating this ability due to not knowing numbers ... but in the video the range looks short and the damage very low Boost Pad - Why? Why would I ever use this? Open worlds ... well ... I have my surf board and my arch wing ... why use boost pads? If I want to run across the land ... there's Gauss Damage Boost I'm guessing at the beginning of the mission, I'll cycle my 2 to this and leave it there Orbital Bombardment - This looks fun. Hopefully it lives up to the hype Bastille + Vortex - Looks good, possibly great. Just please don't make it so mod hungry. It's current version is so hard to mod for while maintaining some room for some tankiness. The Minelayer is the biggest point of confusion/disappointment for me. I was hoping for a bunch of things that would synergize with his stronger CC: things like turrets that do damage (esp to things in Bastille), a tentacle to pull enemies into the bastille, etc. I don't hate what's here mind you. Far from it ... but I am quite confused by the Minelayer stuff. The actual numbers and ease of modding will be the final determiner. I really hope that he's 'end-game' viable. Then again ... once I get my hands on the kit ... maybe I'll see where everything falls into place and love it. Who knows?
  2. I managed to get a -12 Mod Capacity. I received a Kit Gun riven. I placed it on a Y slot of a kitgun (Rattleguts) to unlock it. It happened to end up a Rattleguts riven with D polarity so its off polarity, but still attached to the gun giving me a -12/60 capacity
  3. I don't like it ... frankly it ticks me off... So ... instead of the awesome Oni theme that was suggested a few months ago ... you made him a walking fat joke about eating, puking, farting and rolling ... Wow ... great ... so much for the positivism shown around Hildryn. Heavy guys can't get the same respect? I mean the devs just laughed at him the whole time he was being shown
  4. So ... instead of the awesome Oni theme that was suggested a few months ago ... you made him a walking fat joke about eating, puking, farting and rolling ... Wow ... great ... so much for the positivism shown around Hildryn. Heavy guys can't get the same respect? I mean you guys just laughed the whole time he was being shown.
  5. Some of Wukong's new combos are really awkward. Mainly and specifically Falling Oak Buster - He falls down in the combo and it takes him "forever" to stand back up. I has a lot of "feels bad" - This horrible interrupt in the combo feels really awful. And it's not like you can frame cancel out of it or anything. It doesn't chain - you're just stuck waiting for Wukong to stand back up, pick up his staff and move on. I know a lot of work went into everything, and I tried to get over it ... but after weeks of playing him ... I find myself NOT using Primal Fury because it's distinctly worse than using any of my really good melee weapons.
  6. I'm really not sure how to feel. I've often felt like the only person in the whole game that plays Wukong, but you're getting rid of the primary ability I love him for (defy) and tweaking (possibly negatively) the other ability I really like (Primal fury). These are my thoughts - Clone ... Thematically it's on point ... as a player I don't even give my companions useful weapons or use specters because I want to do the killing. So this ability does not speak to me AT ALL. Defy - I'm the most anxious about this change because this is the main reason I play Wukong. I've always thought it was a VERY fair ability. In dangerous missions I'd have to find opportunities to cycle the ability safely or else I would die. Yes it's possible to die - the enemy can and will widdle you down and even at times just blow you up. I suppose - If it works like Nezha's Warding Halo, I will probably be happy with it. If it "works" like Chroma's Vex armor - Chroma has no survivability... then I will probably be disappointed... duration is also going to be a big factor here. I see some build ideas in my head ... but he's going to be a hungry beast wanting too many different things to be useful (like Khora) depending on how you design this one ability. Cloud Walker - You took a crud ability and made it better ... probably still not very good ... /shrug ... looks like it'll be useful on spy missions now and healing speed will also be a big factor in how good it is for me. Primal Fury - Why get rid of the growth? That was so cool and so thematically on point!! That's a major disappointment. Also PLEASE get rid of the stupid pogo-stick attacks - or at least make them actually useful and hit something. Overall - I'm cautiously optimistic as there are some very good changes in here ... but that defy ... hrm ... Oh - the passive ... weird, but ... ok whatever ... kinda don't like the RNG attached to it. I hope it comes with a super good feedback loop so I know when one got popped.
  7. Will Defy now work like Nezha's Warding Halo? Personally I'm super anxious about losing his tanky ability. Wisp is a stronger more survivable frame than most "tanks" in the game.
  8. Can we get some of those challenging elite missions back into the rotation? We really loved the hour-kuva survival challenge + hour survival one-two punch, but there's never been anything like it since.
  9. Can you at least give some padding around the "wolf credits" expiring? As a teacher my schedule can be a bit random and it'd be nice to have a couple of days after the end date to spend my "wolf credits" before they disappear.
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