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  1. so its about placing warframe images added on top real pics with close resemblence to ingame places\zones ? sounds fun
  2. be nice if the steams can be watched upto 3 days later that way we all get to watch see whats new\ whats coming
  3. maybe more tasks is solution 100 tasks that way all can pick en choose and get goods by doing what they can do as for price dropping on aura mods this is short lived the new rail jack \ revamps brings new tenno s to the game so prices will recover series 2 has some great goodies ! operator gear is sweet ... will our Operator legs show also as there is nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin
  4. be nice if some stuff required more than 4 man perhaps 8 man job one can easy adjust software to respawn a dying mob elsewhere to keep numbers up on mobs
  5. so many fixes nice .....and thank you for adding operator armour in nightwave fingers crossed i get it
  6. will part 2 have molotov spectres or molotov bps so we can lob them as operators \ wolf armour for operator could be fun as rewards
  7. this the real names in order of rest of text Liliana and Chandra very nice names
  8. all bugs will get fixed eventually be thankful its all up en running that is the main thing hopefully can get statues in dojo done this time was awaiting plague star to return again
  9. why do we get returned to ship with fails when host leave s the game i thought this bug was fixed by allocating next strongest host just rotten
  10. will night wave part 2 contain 1 . wolf armour \cloth for operator 2 . Molotov Spectors for us to use 3 . wolf armours for pets \sent pet add-on s 4 . Molotov blueprint so operators can lob them
  11. hosts leaving causes loops doors won't open peeps forever joining are forced to abort it would be nice if the host leaves we all returned back to ship like the group never happened than force us to abort\ quit .or perhaps select next strongest computer in squad to take over has host please find way to remedy this thanks
  12. yes would be nice if we could choose between old melee or new ....some of us love cut en slash over guns is there a primed cleanse mod set maybe b a r o dig them out for us at some point prefer game leaned more ninja then reg gun games as there is far too many gunning games they get boring any muppet can pull trigger takes skill to dance the death with blades\staff\s ect . it..said futuristic ninja game when i downloaded it graphics is awesome ..great fan of tenchu shinobido
  13. please can we double the music track slots \ capacity i bought all packs its horrible deleting just to make new one if you can thanks
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