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  1. This was all I needed! Thank you so much DE 🙂
  2. Am I the only one wondering how exactly will Saryn work without the spread on death? In low level missions casting spore on an enemy might instakill it meaning no spread. I thought these tweaks were supposed to help Saryn in regular missions? Please for the love of all that is sacred don't nerf Toxic Lash and Miasma as well. You do that and we're back to old Saryn.
  3. Thank you so much DE! You simply can't understand how happy this makes me as someone who'd LOVE to main Saryn but doesn't like being pigeon holed into her current super restrictive playstyle+bugs. Thank you so much for looking at her again. Also, nerfing Molt+spore while buffing what Saryn should actually be about is perfect. That's how you nerf an unhealthy playstyle.
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