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  1. I disagree; I believe it's a symptom of the lack of satisfying "working content". The entire year has been one drama after another, from the removal of the "Guides of the Lotus" to DE (Glenn) banning players outright. Drama is always downstream from unsatisfactory content. Perhaps I've just grown bitter at all the new players having fun 😞 and then there's me with nothing to do anymore... I was really hoping Rail-jack would be a game changer we were promised. But no... it turned out to be worse than Lunaro. Bugs, uneven game-play; lack of story content (or rather complete disregard for it). If the Night-wave was supposed to flesh out the story of Warframe, could it flesh out the story THAT IS RELEVANT TO US, not some random characters we can't relate nor interact with. It's people like this dude that pisses me off the most: This "everything is fine" type of attitude is garbage and makes the game worse. We criticize things because we love the game, NOT because we hate it. But this guy has to lie to me and say: 1) He's never had a bug in Railjack (HAHA) 2) He's never had a problem with enemy scaling.... try do missions with a Grattler or any other Archwing other than Amesha/Cygnas at higher levels. 3) Quietly not quitly
  2. 1. Really.... never had a bug. I'm gonna call bulls@h% 2. You have never been to the higher levels of Rail-jack 3. We were all ready to give Rail-jack a year since they announced it for next year... I'm tired of being treated like a #*!%ing beta tester. It happened in Plains of Eidolon, it happened in Fortuna, and it happens now. I played WF for 4000h because in the past they were releasing "GOOD" satisfying story content like the Second Dream and War Within...now it's like they can't be #%$ed anymore. If they don't care...then neither should we.
  3. Hi DE Railjack is a slap on the face for a player that has been with you since 2014. I had a long 5 paragraph post about why I'm leaving Warframe and tried to make it sincere as possible...but the truth is I'm angry. I'm angry that you've made the game an INSANE GRIND-FEST (more-so than ever before) and IT KEEPS HAPPENING with your big and fancy updates. From Plains, to Fortuna and now Railjack. I cannot believe how it is SO HARD to measure player enjoyment from all the RNG grinding, BUGS, and TIME-GATING. Long story short, We hated time gating as MR1 players and we always hated it till MR28 now. In rail-jack it takes ages to buy parts for your ship to make it fun....and not a chore. Enemies are too strong and come in waves of expertly mobile ships, which are equipped with armor that pub-stomps all the arch-wing weapons and arch-wings in general (faster and stronger than you in every-way except the Amesha...which is now getting a nerf wtf) It is not fun IT IS NOT FUN. IT NOT FUN!! Did anyone play-test this at DE? Did anyone say...wow...won't these "Skirmish" missions get repetitive after they realize THAT'S THE ONLY MISSION in every planet. Did anyone at DE say...wow...the story quest that everyone loves about Warframe shouldn't be tied to RNG Did anyone say: PLAYERS SHOULD BE REWARDED FOR MAXING OUT THEIR PRIMED MODS THAT THEY'VE GRINDED OUT FOR 6 YEARS! INSTEAD OF INTRODUCING NEW THINGS THAT AREN'T EVEN FUN FOR PEOPLE TO CHASE AFTER? You know what....after shouting this out aloud I feel silly. It's the 31st December 2019 end of the year and I guess....the end of Warframe too. It was a fantastic game that flew so high in its prime...but it just couldn't stick their landing after 7 years. The game will probably be replaced by other loot fests such as Monster Hunter and...yes even Destiny 2. I can only hope the new story quests will bring veterans like me back...because after a few days on Railjack I can already see that it is disrespectful....YES DISRESPECTFUL for you to ask players to grind for this time-gated RNG buggy mess that you call an update
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