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  1. I wonder if a pc to pc account merging will be possible. I have another account which I would be glad to merge.
  2. Khora, revenant, ivara+zenith, BARUUK, Mesa, banshee, Octavia are just few of the solutions. Put some effort before demanding nerf.
  3. Banshee can trivialise bossfights and that's it, nothing else. There are far more warfrane that can cc, nuke and shot bosses and still no one is mad about that.
  4. Hello everyone, When I watch the featured dojo I always wonder, what if these dojo had the chance to give a preset blueprint of their rooms to be bought by other tennos? Dojo would be paid in resources or plats for this trade. Solo clans dojos or tenno that would like a gorgeous dojo would be happy to have such stunning dojo. It also help to keep old feautered dojo-room famous.
  5. Imagine waiting the last second to get set and still blame DE
  6. The amount of people ranking up and then complaining is ashtoning. DE said what you were getting in the patch notes, if you didn't like don't do it. I'm refusing to rank up untill they will change prize and symbol.
  7. To complain that f content drought after few weeks? Nah I'm good
  8. Make sure to reinforce your available Warframes, change abilities randomically and feed the beast, you'll get to rank 15 in no time.
  9. I think Baruuk's 4th received the same treatment. Today I was doing 46 unit damage to acolytes. And the rest of the enemies feels like a punching bag, they fly but it takes way too long to kill them. I use smeeta only.
  10. Wait, are these the extra changes just in case the previous balance wasn't enough? lol
  11. Why I would use that ability in the first place? I wouldn't even use it in open worlds.
  12. As a tenno Who falls asleep during void fissures endless, no it doesn't really. Make your mind on which relic open and you'll be quick enough.
  13. Can necramechs be primed? if not what version they may get?
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