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  1. Personally what I find "not fun" is waiting the double of waves/excavator/minutes to get a reward. Arbitration is meant to push a player to make a build strong enough to survive at high levels, if you take away the constant risk of end match when you get killed, you are going just to promote lazy builds.
  3. Update: I'm going to be without PC for 2weeks between 1 and 16 May. I'm sure PS Is coming back right in these 2 weeks
  4. This is a quote from Devstream 125 overview. To me looks like umbral warframe will be released, but not every warframe will have this variant.
  5. Nidus's spaghetti Is a "aggro" ability, no?
  6. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=cross+platform+warframe
  7. You can sell each syndacates wep for 40 pl, It means 2catalysts in your pocket
  8. I can't access to POE straight from my orbiter, it stucks during loading screen, is only me?
  9. Makes no sense to me tbh, LD highest arcane price is about 150p if we want to be generous. I was thinking about 20k standing cost as the 6 main syndacates.
  10. Hello, I as many other fellows tenno reached the top of Vox Solaris, I've bought everything Little Duck has to offer (as quills) so I was wondering, can DE please add something at Onkko and Little Duck offering that may actually give sense to farm? like Relic Pack or "fragments" of riven mods, it looks sad that once done all the offering we have to leave them forever.
  11. When people learn to use the search bar, so never.
  12. God I Wish i could meet him, so i can have some fun
  13. Volt, chroma, mesa, saryn, trinity
  14. - you can replay the quest if you want to but no no infested flesh or parts insidethe operator - he does that since you completed the war within, no not always...like you have a chance to meet him of 20% every time you come back in your liset -wait that's illegal
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