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  1. Wich country are you from?
  2. Having to play solo because you risk to have leechers in team. Warframe A cooperative game. 'nuf said.
  3. Recruit chat can:'t be the solution for every single mission. The problem Is that players don't want to cooperate in the Mission and this may happen even in a recruited team.
  4. •Railds are multiple missions divided in differenti phases and with 2 difficulties •There used to be 2/4 raids •One of the main problems was that at each patch/hotfix they had a new bug By any chance wouldn't be appropriate make a client only for raids?
  5. My dirtiest Dream about fists weapon would have a hit counter and every time It reach the top the weapon summons a titanic punch that deal huge DMG in 30meters range. It could be a passive for every fists WEP or an augment.
  6. The Wolf of Saturn Six Eris's Emissary Pluto's Prayer?
  7. No as the main reward for this mode Is the focus farm. Everything else Is just optional.
  8. >Open Syndacate console >Visit Chephalon symaris >Enter simulacrum Notting too difficult of you ask me.
  9. You misunderstand me I mean a whole raid with all 3 orbs
  10. I Hope Is going to be a raid where in order to reach the third orb you have to kill the first and second
  11. My point Is pretty clear on the first post If you want increase your post counter you can go in off topic. Bye.
  12. Every time? We are talking abount 13 months since the last Prisma weapon has been released.
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