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  1. I don't care, as long as we get umbra formas I'm in
  2. Since when Inaros is a Tank? Inaros is a wall, it's different. Inaros is no good
  3. Do not play for any reason Corpus defense nodes and maybe they will listen.
  4. Dear sound/dev team, Between 2009- 2019 existed a game called S4 League. Beside it's unique style (anime shooter PvP/PVE) that game used to have an incorporated mixer. If you had a music that you really wanted to listen in game, all you had to do was change it's format to file.ogg and insert it in one of the folders of the game. Could be possible to have a similar feature in Warframe aswell? It would be really nice and would of the problem alt+tab change music. You could manage your songs in the liset or "ESC" button.
  5. I wish I could play "corrupted" in every single mission. Including at work. Yes I consider my job a "mission"
  6. >Nyx >Inaros >Hydroid >Trinity These warframescare useless or close to be. Some have been deemed as outdated compared to newers or simply they have no reason to exist.
  7. "- Scarlet Spear will make its return at some point!" THis brings happiness.
  8. Why would you nerf every weapon? Because you heard it? Look. I do understand you want challenge on Warframe but this game received a recent balance pass that has created a fair balance with all weapons and enemies. You can keep your nerds for yourself.
  9. I mean, they could merge those 2 options and when you select it you can listen the story and select the bounty. No?
  10. *Everybody needs it there. When you go on taveuni you are not going for relics. If you do so you are farming relics wrong.
  11. That sounds great but the problem with steel path is that nobody plays it.
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