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  1. I might be wrong but you can chang the color of every icons in options
  2. and this post has been made by assumption gang. They said they will nerf mostly the speed, it's not that bad.
  3. Any news on: The new war Umbra warframes Raids More development co steel path Old events return Duviri paradox Third orb Not to be toxic but there are already so many answers to give before organising a Q&A. It's about time you give them
  4. This has been answered countless times If it waste time in the dev stream I'm going to be actually mad.
  5. This is how my Tenno would look like the very next day of the release of sticky notes:
  6. You are missing the point, playing another game won't change the fact that the game is going downhill. It's okay complain about it, it's not okay say: Just play something else xd There is no game like Warframe.
  7. What? You put on decaying dragon key for shield gating? Lol
  8. Hello Rebb, May I ask you if is the team working on the return of scarlet spear? Can we expect a return for this year?
  9. Don't get me wrong but how many times they have to write that this was an optimization for graphic and sound update? They've written about it either n every single social app.
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