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  1. Adapitation has to be build up first. If you die on the 1st hit...
  2. There was almost fail in the last Ambulas Sortie I did. It was because, even when we had a Mesa around, the other 2 squad mates (we were 3) were jumping around, seemly farming kills, and leaving the Ambulas unguarded and never even attempted to hack them. The moment I left the Ambulas I was guarding to take down the one they didnt guard and got hacked, the enemy hacked the one I left behind back. And the dropship picked both of them. 2/3 just like that. It was annoying.
  3. Mine was a pun: The Sexy Jester was about to launch and I asked if they used her on Phobos (The desert title was there at the time), if the Grineer would think it was a Mirage. I got hundreds of upvotes (and facepalms) because of it.
  4. No. The guy means that Blizzard went full political about the Hong Kong thing. Keep politics out of here.
  5. Her theme is gore. 2 of Revenant's powers uses things of vampirc origin: enthrall others and turn into smoke.
  6. You lot are still talking here? All those last 2 pages were of people repeating the same thing from the 1st page over and over while OP left the thread the MOMENT he made it.
  7. Would need a few tweak... scratch that, a LOT of tweaks. Enemies trying to destroy objectives would only work in Defence and Defection, which is already a thing. Warframe has a much bigger problem than the Warriors franchise: the enemies there can be always challenging because player power is capped. When down to it, the loop of Warframe is like playing DW on Normal, getting Mods and weapons to a level of power, the game turns to Very Easy. As you raise the difficulty, enemies in Warriors charge attacks faster, they are tankier, they are faster, more L33t units spawn... Which is what Warframe does. But in Warframe, your power scales exponentially depending on Weapons, Warframes, Mods, Focus... Instead of being a straight line like in Warriors. Each Character has unique attacks and HP, but we can go from Banshee to Inaros. Enemies that would be a threat to Banshee in terms of "If that hits me it will hurt a lot" will just tickle the mighty Sand King. Is any of the Warriors game a Multiplayer? I cant think of any from the top of my head. But still: So this means you MUST balance the enemies in every single combination of Warframes, Mods, Weapons, Focus. Because you can have the "Look at my new shoes" players who are just there for fun and "LOOK BROTHERS: THIS RIVEN CAN EVEN MELT YOUR MOM'S FAT!" players who are completly maximized. So, while Warframe and Warriors are comparable as horde games, the circunstances are very damn different.
  8. The tradition of these threads: OP: THIS RIVEN IS *Insert word about impossibility* Everyone Else: You... Well... Just... do *describes easy solution* OP: .... *OP has left the chat*
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