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  1. In other words: Crewships are tortoises. Railjacks are golden eagles.
  2. To add to this, imagine: you WILL have to maintain ANOTHER ship. How will you leave it floating there when you go into bases? Will it just vanish? You will have to begin from 0 again. Alongside the Railjack, you will have to farm things for the fighters. While you can start to farm AW mods and weapons in the early game in the (very limiting, though) Archwing missions after you complete Mar's Junction. In the end: Another thing to grind. Another isolated system when Archwing is being implemented in parts in the rest of the game since PoE. Another thing to maintain. Another thing that will join the Rendundant Departament of Redundancial Redundancy when we already have Archwings which will get tweaked in the future. (Or just nerf. Because Scott never says "Tweak" or "buff", only "Nerf". What? He said those two other words when he spoke on AW changes? Are you drunk? I WILL SMOKE THAT BEER!) Another thing for the devs to focus on top of everything else. Oh, btw, going back to the point above: .Does that mean they will abandom AW? Because fighters will surely make them irrelevant. Another system that was left in the dust for the new one even though it will be used only in Railjack at the start, just like AW had its own isolated missions in the begining. Maybe in the next half-decade it will be in the same level of implementation AW currently is.
  3. The problem is that you two have not brough butter and coke for me.
  4. I dont think so. There will be the ground part of it. Maybe those who didnt get to the Veil can participate in that area.
  5. Didnt that already happen when we had Jordas Golem in Eris? I remember a ton of people complaining how hard it was and when I went to help them... dude... normal Odonata, Imperator and almost no mods. That fight took me 1 minute and the essential AW mods are not expensive to max or farm. I wanted to disconnect.
  6. So, ignoring the video. The big problem is "less lore being given for more gameplay systems"? One would think gameplay loop would be more important for player retention then lore.
  7. Someone said something positive about Revenant... *grabs popcorn and waits*
  8. Oportunities to use this meme dont come often, you know.
  9. Its called: "You posted on a PUBLIC forum, expect every kind of opinion and view to come your way."
  10. Keep living, child. One day you will have it at 96.
  11. ... *puts Viral on high stats weapons and sets mission to "Public"*
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