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  1. Something is not right. Because 2 of those items are one of the last Amp parts you can get, by the time you get to that Scaffold and Brace you should already have a pretty good amount of resources to build any Amp.
  2. No, its because we all know its a bug and dont find the need to point it out. i'm sure some people already made a thread in the Bug section.
  3. Because its the "Complete 3 Sorties". He did the one of yesterday, there will be one today... then the rest. He just needs to do the daily that will drop today in... 8 hours or so. Thats the point.
  4. Maybe go outside and see if the Sun is still yellow or pass time with other *shudders* p-people.
  5. No. My expectations are low. So I will be pleasantly surprised with the things announced.
  6. What they fail to tell you is that for the full damage of the stacked self-damage to hit you, there must be enemies within that ever growing circle around her, so you need to bullet jump out of the way before de-activading it. And its Impact damage. Also, something else they failed to tell you: because of Melee 2.9 changes, you can just press the fire button to use your primary/secondary and then melee again to go back to Hysteria (works with all Exalted Weapons). Funny thing is that the % of the increased drain will stop going up along with the circle. The energy drain will continue but that is with all of them. And considering the last point... they misformed you completly.
  7. The thing with Umbra, was that all Warframes we make are at zero. Like Ordis said, they have no memories. No motivation to actually move. Umbra? He does, and is reminded of it all the time, thanks to Ballas. Umbra was remade using Kuva, so we did not just grab the design and made a new copy from scratch. We pretty much rebuild the original Umbra Warframe, memories and all. And that makes him unique. Even if you picked the option to "Cast this memory to the Void", the experience and fully developted will are there, that was never removed, which also explains why he fights with us when in Operator mode. Could the other Warframes learn to move on their own and gain their own will like Umbra? If the Second Dream scene where your Warframe snaps War is any indication: Yes. But it would take time as they would have to start from zero.
  8. If you look at the items you need to make the Warframes. Most of them include either Nano-Spores, Plastids, Neurodes... Infested tissue. Then there is Helminth. So no, the Warframes after the original ones are not mechanical. And with Mirage Prime Trailer, we can conclude that the lingering persona of who the Warframes were before being transformed lingers in their very design. We are making replicas. But they are not mechanical, but biological.
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