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  1. Send, stay away from the basement. Power is out there.
  2. The Arcanes will all have a +60% Hostler speed (maxed probably), helps, but not the almost instant of WOOD.
  3. It was an attack on e-peen. They put pants on top of it.
  4. Everything since U7 is a bandaid. I mean, we all know DE hates their players. That they are a corporate on par with EA. Warframe has no lore LMAO. The very people who develop the game itself have no idea what they are doing for 8 years, which is why the game is dying. Oh and Covid is a lie and they are not bound by Canadian Law, they working from home is a lie made to DEceive and make us DEspise them even more because its not fooling anyone. Its their objective to evolve into DEA and overthrow EA as the worst gamming company in the world.
  5. Its likely whoever is responsible for the forums (its a 3rd party) decided that e-peen farming might be a pain in the buttchecks to be just thrown in your face when you look a bit to the left. Because, lets be real, Rep Farming is a thing both in-game and on-forums.
  6. To keep my gameplay variated, I use melee, primary and secondary. There are times I run towards an enemy while shooting then melee them when close enough. There are times when some of them are far too close (eg: Toxic Ancients), I melee them for a quick stun and back away while shooting. There are times I use my pistol that is automatic, and when I noticed its not cutting it with a particularly burly enemy, I use my primary (I make my builds to compliment each other, Shotgun? Rapid fire pistol. Rifle? Semi-auto pistol. Sniper? Explosive secondary...) Which means that... unless the enemy is from the starchart where I can use 1 weapon the whole mission, I will swap around my weapons... oh and there are the Powers too. So, unless I'm trying to brute force through with 1 weapon, I will not use 1 weapon to kill an enemy. By the time I kill with a Primary/Secondary, I, or my team, would have already cut off some or most of their HP through any other means. THAT seems to be the problem we are having with those like the OP. There are no other factors. No other variables. Its just you, the enemy, all alone, with no powers being used and only that singular weapon in your hands.
  7. Oh its because the community is a many headed hydra that cant agree on anything. No matter what is done, someone somewhere is gonna be a salty, baggy ,shaggy no matter what is done. Those who dont care will remain silent. Those who get baffled and try to reason will be called White Knights. Those who get baffled and express it will get bombarded with reasons from either side. Those who feel this is a personal attack will kick and scream to the high heavens. Those who want upvotes will passive-aggressively the devs. Those who are already jaded and tired of this same, repeating song and dance will poke fun and throw sarcastic comments at every opportunity. Hail Hydra.
  8. I hate it. Cant they just put them on our Inventories? Playing the game is such a bother. They must be maxed too. Getting Fusion Cores is such a bother.
  9. Rank 10 Ghost Clan with all Dojo Research done (but no Ignis Wraith) and Drydock Build for all those with network issues. Emblem: The whole Dojo has 5 Floors (2 of them are basement/reactor area), but the Labs are all in the Spawn Room as well and the Drydock is just at the front, so dont worry about going on a marathon to get to them. You are welcome to stay as long as you follow the 3 Rules: 1) Be Respectful (Snark/Jokes may be exempt as long as its not malicious) 2) If you dont login for 30+ days, you will get kicked. 3) つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Praise Booben ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ We dont care for your Mastery Rank, if you want to know. If you follow the rules above, your welcome. Spawn Room: Drydock: Extra:
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