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  1. So, @MagPrime, I will tell you some cat tales to compare notes. Nina is the most relaxed, I can grab her, pull her, throw her up and down, poke, squeeze, and the most she does is maybe give a meow of protest. She gets very relaxed at times and likes belly rubs. And when I'm making lunch, she is on my feet or under the table and waiting for me to sit down so she can put herself at my side and strech a pawn towards my face in a "pick me up" gesture so I put her on my lap while I wait for the food to cook. Xinxin, the sister, is mostly the same as her twin, but has the habit of sleeping by putting the top her head on the surface she is on (mean it. if you want to replicate how she slept then put yourself face down and try to get the top of your head on the mattress and sleep like that, thats what she did), she doesnt like to be carried or hugged unless its in 1 very specific circunstance: when I'm going to sleep. She then plomps herself on the side of my face. She is both the most and least vocal of the two, her meows are very low and she mostly shakes her wiskers when responding a call. Both of them have this habit: its 10pm? One or both of them will keep doing something to make me go to bed. Like one is doing right now, laying down on the mouse and heabutting my hand when I go hold it. Xeno, their brother... troublemaker, goes out on the roofs and walls to explore and pick fights with street cats. A few days ago, he fought a cat on my neighboor's wall and fell down on the other side. He came back after spending a night out and hasnt tried to get out of the house since. He can learn. He is the loudest. He wants to scratch an "itch" but no one wants to give him anything. Calling his name results in his tail becoming a flagpole and then headbutting everything around him except coming to me. I then pull him closer by his tail when he does eventually get close. He doenst like to sleep on the bed much and mostly on the roof, and with good reason, he is very heated for a grey and white cat. All are 6 years old and oddly enough, the girls only went into heat once.
  2. And with Archwing... And with the Operator... I even remember a guy who said they will not do any planet beyond Pluto because they dont want to play the Operator and dint mind missing any content that required doing things from that point forward. My skepticism was really high during that talk. And its full on schadenfreude now that I remember it. Wonder what happened to them.
  3. I think your cats are twice as big as mine.
  4. They already reduced it. And there are many ways to get Focus fast, the main one being ESO. Eidolons Brilliant/Radiant Shards are not capped by the daily cap. And no, the cap IS needed. You were not here for when the Syndicates came and people were farming themselves to burnout in order to get to Rank 5 as fast as possible, it was spam of Radial Javelin, Rhino Roar/Stomp, Mag Polarize and Trinity Energy Vampire on Viver. It was META at its finest and we had increased points/XP and then a cap because of it so players do NOT get everything in a single day and/or burn themselves out to get that shinny/level ASAP.
  5. And then people found out that comparing a fully decked out Archgun to a fresh out of the oven Railjack was BS and evn in Veil Proxima, your full powah Archgun would tickle pickly tingle the enemy Fighters.
  6. The moment you get close you get a big "Press 5 to use Transference", it's already a big hint that your Warframe and weapons will not cut it. And looking at the Siphon as it raises the braid at a direction and you see a red/black cloud coming from that direction... Looter shooter reasoning says "Shoot/Hit/Stab/Blast/Kick/Tackle/Tickle/Penetrate it!" as far as I know. The Braid stands erect and succs cloud? Hitting erect dangle bit doesn't flaccid it... Maybe hitting the cloud? Erect dangly bit explodes... Climax. All it needed was a child's touch.
  7. He tried to meet the "Fellow kids" and failed spetacularly. OP has achived Boomer status in the Warframe universe.
  8. So, I havent seen any Content Drought thread in a while. Half-tempted to make one so balance is returned to the forums.
  9. Today. So I can be disappointed, salty and come complain in the forums about DElays and incompetent devs when it doesn't come.
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