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  1. The time when cosmetics were plat only being fine are gone.
  2. And the guys who made their channels on Anthem? Well, they have to change their names now.
  3. Can we finally have Umbra walking around the Orbiter when he is not being used?
  4. Not exactly. You see, it was a Battle Royale. Unfortunately, Warframe has a better mobility system that is completely unfair in PvP.
  5. Remember when Anthem was going to be the next Warframe killer?
  6. "Why the randomness?" Well... if they ever got back to doing them they had to start somewhere... you know? They said they wouldnt do more because it took development time to make the cinematic and to pay the VA. But this one had some Mocap... maybe? It had something the others didnt have: actual gameplay used in Captura instead of full cinematic. It might cut the development time and only have the VA as the biggest factor. Who knows? Someone ask this at the Devstream.
  7. I made the quote on the spot. Its more or less what I see at times. Players who spend such long time having fun here deciding none of those hours were valid because they no longer find the game fun NOW. >Tactical cowardice engaged. >You're not Ciphas Cain. *Failed Speech Check* >You are condemned to receive a knockdown at the most inopportune moment. Please wait for Murphy.
  8. How convenient the guy who disagrees with you is in another platform.
  9. Armchair Developers. "After thousands/hundreds of hours I've sunk into this game, spending years/months being entertained and having fun, I decided that this game is not fun, its a complete waste of time now. Even though, as I mentioned previously, I was entertained in those hundreds/thousands of hours and months/years, I am no longer thinking any of them were valid. So I declare that this game is a waste and its dying."
  10. Buffs? What buffs? I can only see red! They needed enemy survivability again! *Deep Breath* RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-E-E-EEEE!
  11. I first discovered it when the Viver thing happened. People were doing circlejerks of sh*tting on the Devs in passive-aggressive means (AKA easy upvotes without mod intervention) and then someone noticed there was a limit.
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