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  1. I don't like sand. It's coarse, though, irritating... And it gets everywhere.
  2. Unreleased Augments Confirmed. They were DElayed.
  3. I got the new things for free? Why wasn't I told? Or even had those put in my inventory?
  4. No build was shown, so I'm unsure if that had a riven or not.
  5. Depends... you will want Link Shields on High Shield frames like Hildryn. Frost has high Armor, Average HP and high Shields, so all 3 Link mods help. Or use Pack Leader and hit fools from time to time.
  6. I can clear Lich 5 Missions with those. Considering the +Armor they will get, I wonder if I should bring Taxon with Helstrum modded for Viral. So, Sentinel to help or go broke?
  7. He heard that John Prodman was coming and comited Sudoku.
  8. @(PS4)sweatshawp are you going to keep feeding the troll, Dood? The "you mom is so fat" jokes wont hold a candle to them with how much you are fattening them up. And I also think its going widely off-topic, a Mod might need to come to clean this all up.
  9. So you are saying bullet sponges are what creates challlenge.
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