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  1. OP likely went to a fissure without a Relic, selected the Reward of a teammate and didnt notice he got nothing. A few times, OP would put a Relic in and then would get the ACTUALLY get the item inside it.
  2. You know who will win this thread? When Warframe is taken down and the Forums with it, a Mod will come in the last seconds and put a "Goodbye, has been great" and lock it. I call abuse of authority!
  3. You searched for white stuff and got it thrown back into your face. I see what you are doing there!
  4. Underated movie. That one. But it felt like something was missing from it. Like it was rushed. It was an adaptation from a book, was it not?
  5. There was this game that there was a Mesa. And it was colored black.
  6. DE team buff requires paid Subscription. It comes with exclusive Employment Frame, Dev Reinforcements and Canadian Lockdown Lift. Mind you, might be DEbuffs added, like Increased Work Hours and Crunch. The later can give the following DEbuffs: Depression, Crying Fits, High Level Stress, Lack of Sleep and DEsconection from the Company. But don't worry! The package comes with a rope and knot instructions manual!
  7. Alchemy Frame was nerfed too, didnt you know? The Concept Art will be better than the 3D Model.
  8. We had 4 Tactical Alerts for each of the pasts Hallow's Eves. 3 for normal cosmetic things. The 4th for Stratos Emblem. We have people screetching "tHis iS NoT aN EVenT!!!". And I have to agree in a non-triggered fashion. But what else could it be called as its similar to Ghouls and Thermia Fractures? I mean, its there. It doesnt have special mission as of 10/21/2020. So, I came with a name, since this is Hallow's Eve and considered lower than an event, I propose we call it... Lowve
  9. Any reason for such. They even forget that the last Hallows' Eve were just a Tactical Alert because now its "Just a shop".
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