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  1. I think he meant the knock-off toys I usually find in street vendors' stalls.
  2. Kaotyke

    Why Do People Need An Opt Out For Stalker Mode?

    Honestly, if this thing is ever implemented, we will RARELY see a player as a Stalker. It will depend on many factors: Where the Stalker is locally. Which means that he might be online and you wont and vice versa... How many squads are in your node.... If your name will be visible in that node... Sure, there can be thousands of Stalkers running around trying to shank people, but... I just dont see it sticking. Like Lunaro, once the novelty passes... its dead. And those few who actually play the Mode will be asked for a pic in squad chat because of how rare it is to find someone who actually uses it.
  3. I dont think you understood. Some of the games that were called pretty popular those last few months have been called failures by the publishers, as they didnt get to the $$$ they wanted. Some exemples are Tomb Raider and CoDBlops4. Just look for Jim Sterling, even if you dont like his style, look for the games he mentions, popular games with big fanbases... And they having articles that they havê "fallen Bellow Expectations".
  4. Kaotyke

    Poor Umbra...

    I remembered that I asked for Umbra to roam around the ship when we dont have him equipped, to have the ship feel more alive. That was in June. Maybe I should ask again.
  5. Kaotyke

    New free roam areas (planets)

  6. Kaotyke

    Omg... Nidus is insane.. !

    No. He is sick. One might say he is even infected.
  7. Kaotyke

    Why Do People Need An Opt Out For Stalker Mode?

    Its not that hard to understand. Its just a "I dont want it. Why? BECAUSE I DONT WANT IT!! I DONT CARE OF WHAT YOU WANT! I DONT WANT IT AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERRRRSSS!!" I would ignore those people if I were you. Many have been saying they will quit the game if X is ever put in, have they ever quitted? No idea. But the game didnt feel any negative change if they did considering the number of players just kept raising. Now, for me to not want it is a pretty simple one: P2P connection, 4 players is good enough, but if the Trials and Conclave taught me anything is: anything above that and people start to skip around.
  8. One thing I know for sure: Anthem will sell Below Expectations.
  9. While its nice to have this dodge freature since PoE, I still believe that it should be less physical than what it currently is since the physical aspect of the gameplay should be the Warframe. I would like for it to be mini-Void Dashes to the direction we move to, same distance, its as fast as the Void Dash and consumes no Void energy.
  10. It also gives DMR, all he would need is to be able to recast it. Maybe make the disarm dagger explode, disarming in a radius of it.
  11. Kaotyke

    Unofficial rules of Warframe

    Rule #5: Dont be an @$$.
  12. Kaotyke

    we need excaliburg for smash ?

    Thinking in terms of how the SMASH hás to be cinematic, I think Mag or Volt would be better.
  13. Same problem as always. Specters with Melees most of the time either just do nothing or block.