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  1. Imagine Arbitration with Banshee +300% Armor.
  2. Kaotyke

    Bullet jumping..

  3. They are projecting. Dont worry about it. Let them roleplay.
  4. Kaotyke

    Holy motion sickness batman

    Put all graphics setting to the lowest and disable all other graphical options. See if it helps.
  5. Kaotyke

    Gift from the Lotus alerts

    Yeah, maybe "Gift from Rebecca" thats a great idea!
  6. Kaotyke

    Zephyr Deluxe

    Its dead, Steve. Its DEAD.
  7. Kaotyke

    Name a Synergy

    I call it "The every day essential"
  8. Kaotyke

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    @fishworshipper I will say that logic is flawed as all hell, let me quote a post I made about "Natah letting everyone recover and then using the Tenno to weaken them" in another thread the bolded part is the one of interest: We have. Crewman Synthesis:
  9. Operator > Void Mode with the crouch toggle > Write freely. if the guy has Unairu, its a respite for the whole team.
  10. Kaotyke

    [Spoiler] The Lotus didn't 'use us' - She was Real

    I remember people wanting to kill the mission control of the Megaman series and the Admirals... because they always spoke the same things. Being Mission Control with a background is a job where you have to use a full body armor, because everyone will one day want to kill you for doing your job.
  11. Kaotyke

    Random alerts rewards needs a buff

    I usually get 15 Traces per relic and there is also the minimun of 7 that pops up to make me twist my nose, Its too much RNG. Also, in those alerts I dont need to use a Relic to get those Traces. Aside from the other Alert's rewards, I find the Void ones to be a good deal.
  12. Kaotyke


    Get your priorities straight.