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  1. Kaotyke


    Because the Whip is the same as Excalibur's Slash Dash, Atlas' Fisting, Wukong's Iron Jab...
  2. Kaotyke

    Lotus, Void, Holy Rell.

    Dude, leave it be, its ChaoticEdge. And your faith has a very big contradiction: You praise the Void, but shun Wally, they are one and the same.
  3. I would wait for the melee overhaul before asking the question that effects the whole year.
  4. Kaotyke

    No Frame Fighter Data for Baruuk

    He is a pacifist, he went full
  5. Kaotyke

    Operator age?

    And they are all rigs AKA robot bodies. They being that tall is not actually surprising.
  6. I mean, the reason for employment is pretty simple: protect the system from the Grineer, Corpus, Infested and Sentients with the added bonus of being in a united faction. Grineer want us slaved and/or dead, Corpus wants us as lab rats, Infested wants to eat us Sentients, with the exception of 1, wants us dead and/or gone. No one with a right mind would want to join those. The Syndicates are working from passive efforts like gathering knowledge to outright protecting the colonies, so there would be no problem joining them, hell: I even would officially join SM if I could. As long as you dont do anything that put you at odds with the Tenno who stayed, like blowing up their Orbiter in the extreme case, everyone would just shrug and give you a high five when you pass by each other. And Lotus? The baby birds have to someday leave the nest.
  7. Kaotyke

    Nyx prime's behind

    Asking the real questions right here...
  8. Couldnt have you asked for the Moon or something? It would have been much easier.
  9. Whats with people and thinking "seeking new employment = betrayal"? None of the companies I worked with though I was betraying them when I asked to leave since I found better opportunities.
  10. Kaotyke

    New loading screen, entry and exits in missions

    Steve claimed that he wants to make seemless loading screens with the Railjack update. Adding this would be a waste.
  11. Kaotyke

    Questions About RailJack

    Most dont know = Players. And those who do know are not spoiling anything = The Devs.
  12. Kaotyke

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    Teammate#1: Would someone please kill that freaking Captain so we can breath?! Teammate#2: 2 Skulldozers entered the building! Teammate#3: I shot my last RPG at him and the damn captain is still alive?! Me: Allright ramblers, we are rambled.
  13. They have shown in the 100th stream I believe. Vauban jumping in the air with War and doing the attacks there, while slowly going to the ground instead of maintaining their place in the air like DMC does.