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  1. Anyone heard from DE about this? *EDIT* I found out what was causing the crash. I uninstalled Razer Synapse and tried to log into Warframe again and it worked.
  2. Zuhan

    Login Crash

    Still have the problem 😞 *EDIT* I found the problem. I uninstalled my Razer Synapse program and tried to log into Warframe again and it worked.
  3. Zuhan

    Login Crash

    Is there anyone else having this issue? I enter my email and password and click login only for the game to crash.
  4. Same issue for me. Launching it through steam. I'm updating my graphics drivers now. Will report back once it is complete. *EDIT* Graphics card update was no good. Reinstalling Warframe now. Will report back shortly. *EDIT 2* Warframe freshly installed and still crashes at login. Did a restart thinking it might be something else but the restart didn't fix anything either. *EDIT 3* I went into the "c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Warframe\" and deleted the hexadecimal folders and relaunched Warframe. It launched in Windowed but still crashed when I tried to log in.
  5. Is there a PSA about the Trivia issue everyone had?
  6. All of those you mentioned "Raytracing, Smoke/Fog Resolution, Lighting and some depth of field upgrades" are the upgrades that Steve was bragging about a few months ago when they were implemented.
  7. I see the new lighting that Steve did a few months back. Lighting makes a HUGE difference. Graphics will be the same as they are now.
  8. Whoever the moderator is, this needs to be put into the Bug section of the Forums. NOT the Players helping players section. How are other players going to help with this issue?
  9. Not sure why these posts get moved to PHP. These posts need to be put into the Bugs section. I never got the email popup during the Trivia portion.
  10. Anyone heard an official word from DE on this?
  11. The update will be a new open world with new enemies and what not. There was no mention of new graphics.
  12. At least you got to enter an email. I never got the popup.
  13. I just made a ticket. Hopefully we will see something happen. I mean, there are SEVERAL people that participated in the trivia and didn't get the email popup. DE needs to find a new way to give these things out, clearly Twitch doesn't work.
  14. Adding my name to the list of no email popup. @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca
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