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  1. With the new Warframe being locked behind this operation, when it ends will we not be able to get the Warframe? If the operation is as often as the fissures I don't see an issue, but if it goes the way of Scarlet Spear, I see it as a very poor move.
  2. They said it would be recurring in one of the streams in April. I remember feeling relived that I would still be able to try it at a later date due to be being deployed when they originally had it. This last Devstream they just did they mentioned it again.............
  3. They said it would be like Plague Star, Ghouls, and Fissures but it has yet to come back since it's first iteration. I was on deployment for it when they put it out and missed it. I would like to see it come back soon :/
  4. Is there a Deimos boot yet with fishing? Wanted to finish my collection lol
  5. I still haven't gotten mine yet either. Un-linked and relinked my twitch and nothing. I normally don't have issues with these things either......... @[DE]Megan do you know anything on this? Are there any updates?
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