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  1. Why can't I donate the Ball Floof to my Dojo? I thought it would have been a PERFECT thing for it. Was going to set up a soccer room and everything :'(
  2. @[DE]Megan I completed Clem's mission earlier this week and it has not been registered with the Nightwave. I can't rerun the mission to clear it on my list either. Help please https://imgur.com/HcOMlvC https://imgur.com/ihz1c1I
  3. ALT+Enter puts it into windowed mode. Change your resolution while it's in windowed mode. Keep in windowed until the fix is released
  4. My resolution is bugged to, but you know, being an Adult i'm not complaining about it. I'm just going to go to work and when I get home it should be fixed. Some children have no lives and all they do is play games. Sad world we live in -_-
  5. Certain bug are easy to spot and fix, others are not. The cosmetic issue may have been a simple / out of place so they fixed that, pushed it and moved onto the next. Have you ever coded before? Do you know how difficult it is to find these bugs in the code? Also, it's not exactly STOPPING anyone from playing. Its inconvenient but playing in Windowed mode works just fine.
  6. You need to chill. They are working on the fix. Stop being an impatient child.
  7. Stuff running in the background maybe? Other people on the net? Bandwidth issues possibly?
  8. They are adding the videos piece by piece. Not all frames have videos yet.
  9. The Warframe Launcher can't download at your speed because THOUSANDS of players are downloading at the same time from the same server. No way around it sadly.
  10. OH GOD...... I'm so glad I was able to donate the Roomba to the Dojo. Its adding a little "LIFE" to it 😄
  11. Its a nice workaround, but being old I need to see things lol 😛
  12. If you press ALT+Enter it will force the game into Windowed mode so you can do settings again. Not a fix I know -_-
  13. 😞 Glad I'm not the only one. Hope this gets a hotfix soon. I wanna play, and not in Windowed mode.
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