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  1. I'm pretty sure the names are just two random characters. I don't see why there wouldn't be a Tenno Councillor UA, but the names are also meaningless so idk if it matters.
  2. But how small of a part? It could be the first third or it could be the first tenth. We don't know. It did look ready to go, though. So either they were far enough along in July to have started polishing things up and something else has been blocking them that could be resolved any day now, or they polished only the first bit to show at TennoCon and they're actually way behind and/or the scope of the quest is a lot larger than they let on. Neither of which would be much of a surprise :/
  3. 80%? Their marketing still says 2021 so that does seem to be their goal. TennoCon was about 3 months ago, and what they showed then already looked pretty polished so idk what they're still working on. The rest of the quest, I guess, but they haven't exactly been forthcoming about how much more there is and what the status is or what we should expect from it.
  4. And yet melee Liches are fine. Why would melee Sisters be any different?
  5. I don't want to think that way, but it's honestly the kind of corner DE would cut nowadays.
  6. They'd be tradable if Sisters could just spawn with melee weapons from the start. The whole Holokey thing is a half-step from greatness and I've got no idea if DE is even aware of it. Add all Tenet weapons to Glast's shop rotation, add all Kuva weapons to a new shop with Cressa or Palladino, let Sisters spawn with melee Tenet weapons, let unwanted Tenet/Kuva weapons and Hounds be sold at the shops for Holokeys, and add some evergreens. That'd fix a lot of problems with Liches and Sisters. No more abort-farming Cassini a dozen times for the right weapon and more reasons to keep playing them after you have all the weapons and Hounds.
  7. Hydroid, cause I wanna get the Spritsail armor. That's a good reminder to sell the set I'm holding on to, lol.
  8. They're a bit spotty sometimes, so your mileage will vary. I wouldn't rely on them too much, just use them for getting an idea of how to lay things out. Also, plat spent rushing Dojo content will be recovered to the clan vault if you ever destroy the item you spent it on (decorations, rooms), so it's well worth throwing 100p or so into your dojo. Then if you want to, say, build a new room like the Bash Lab and have it day 1 you can build 2 copies: one rushed with plat just stuck somewhere in your Dojo, and one in the final location but built over time. Once the second one is finished you can queue the rushed one for deconstruction and put the plat back into the clan vault. Super helpful for getting in reactors and the like as you build it out.
  9. There are a few dojo planners out there you can use, for example the one I think they used: https://dojoplanner.stom66.co.uk/
  10. Also, Dullahan Liches are still bugged. Be cool if this could be fixed before the end of Nights of Naberus. It also highlights one of the many ways something like a Show Peculiar Content option would be so valuable.
  11. DE: Improve something meaningful about Yareli?
  12. I'd be interested in reading that post if you can find it.
  13. Makes sense. Slash damage is basically the same thing as Toxin but for Armor, but Slash damage itself doesn't bypass Armor - only the procs do.
  14. That claim has never made sense to me, either when DE's made it or when it's been explained by someone else. There just isn't enough data you'd need to store for it to be such a big problem unless DE's doing something exceptionally stupid with their databases. I think there are only like 13 or 14 data points you'd need to track per Riven: weapon, polarity, MR requirement, number of rolls, mod rank, the stat type and value of each of the 4 possible stats, and I think one more I'm forgetting a unique ID for the mod itself. Fewer if they're clever. Rivens aren't free to store, obviously, but compare 14 bytes and ints to how many settings and options exist just for a single Warframe: 3 different mod loadouts each with: 10 mods 2 Arcanes Helminth options 3 different Conclave mod loadouts Affinity, Level, Forma Count, potato, Exilus Adapter, and Focus Lens Mod slot polarities 3 appearance configs each with: Skin, Helmet, and Animation set A set of 8 colors 5 attachments, an auxiliary attachment, an Ephemera, and a set of 8 colors A Syandana with a set of 8 colors 2 emblems 2 sigils each with 6 sliders and a color And probably more I'm forgetting You can also double the number of mod and appearance configs for any item, and each extra config costs only 10p - half that of a single Riven slot - yet has far more information that needs to be stored. You can also buy more item slots without any limit I'm aware of and fill each of those slots with a new unique item with its own unique set of mod and appearance configs. Primaries, secondaries, melee, and some pets can also be renamed with plaintext DE has to store somewhere, and that ain't cheap either. Just how much data needs to be stored for that, data which gets bigger every time DE adds some new feature? But somehow Rivens are supposed to be too expensive...?
  15. Because they might want to pay you for more?
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