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  1. That's nice, but that wasn't the change that was important... For the past week you've left Whipclaw half-broken because of the added LoS check. LoS checks in Warframe do not work well. Please make the sensible decision to replace the faulty LoS checks with something else. Not only does this newly affect Khora, it also affects Ember and primary Tombfinger kitgunts. Purposely making something buggy and annoying is not the right way to balance it.
  2. Is there any way y'all can not run ads on Twitch? Get to the stream? 30 second ad for Taco Bell. Refresh the stream because it's out of sync? 30 second ad for another game. You're definitely not hurting for the ad revenue.
  3. The check could succeed if it has direct line of sight or if the target is some distance away from the endpoint of the LoS check. That'd be simple enough to implement, but it'd only help with the clutter issue and not the other two.
  4. The Whipclaw LoS should be replaced. It doesn't work well. Also, from what I understand this also negatively effects Ember and primary Tombfinger kitguns, and has for a long time. The LoS check should be replaced in those instances as well.
  5. Ah, you're right. Must've read the wrong date on the wiki. Relics are more generous, but Keys had a better community around them. If you've got some random Relic you want to run, you're simply not going to find a party. No one wants to run your Lith P1 or whatever, if it isn't the latest PA set or unvaulting it's basically impossible to find a group ingame. But with Keys everyone was running the same missions, so it was easy to get a group. And because you could draw out a single key to get more rewards from it there was an incentive to stay and challenge yourself. With Relics you're ince
  6. The "good old days" ended right around when Void Keys were removed, so the middle of 2016*. The DPS meta hadn't evolved yet, so defensive and CC frames were just as important as DPS - if not more. Because of the way the Void Key system worked recruiting for parties was easier. "H T4D" and you'd get a dozen invite requests instantly. And when people joined you each took a role: someone would be a defensive frame, someone would be support, someone would CC. You built your group for the mission and there was more cooperation - no one was a one-man army. Now with so much powercreep over the years
  7. A nuclear bomb is a physical object but you're not gonna survive the blast hiding behind a crate. Whipclaw is an explosion. None of them should have LoS.
  8. If you've got examples of the LoS reporting a false negative (a block LoS when there shouldn't be) consider adding them to my bug report regarding this issue: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1236913-whipclaw-line-of-sight-checks-report-false-negatives-in-level-geometry/ DE's LoS checks are faulty when used for things like Whipclaw/Fireball/Tombfinger where the check originates from the surface of an object. Lifting the origin of the explosion off of surfaces should help, but there are still remaining issues. Small clutter objects and decorations block LoS, and changing that would r
  9. Like I said, nothing the Xoris introduced was new. You could (and still can) get functionally identical performance on your Combo Counter using Naramon alone. Naramon's Power Spike has been in the game unchanged since 2017. Warframe is a game where you hit things, so there are always things to hit. You don't go 5 minutes at a time not fighting enemies. The difference between the Xoris' infinite Combo Counter and a functionally infinite Combo Counter using Naramon is really just pedantic; they both do the same thing. And with a proper Riven and a way of generating energy like Energize (or
  10. There are three modes of failure that I'll give some names: Clutter Blocking When clutter objects like barrels, railings, etc block line of sight: This is annoying, but solvable. Some objects like railings that shouldn't block line of sight often do. The first hit lands between the Scorpion and some railings and is blocked: The second hit is also blocked because, uhh.... 🤷‍♀️ Railings and short walls Small rocks Clutter objects Trees, bushes, and other foliage Marking these kinds of objects so they aren't detected by the check can elimi
  11. The Xoris? It had a 0.5 Disposition. Everything the Xoris did was already being done better, and had been for years. It was a downgrade in power for anyone with even a basic stat-stick Riven. All the Xoris did was make Khora accessible, since you got the weapon for free and could stay in your Zenurik safe space. Well, I don't think you should. But if you were going to, you'd probably put the LoS check originating from the individual spores when they pop, or if multiple spores are popping at once (like from death or Miasma) you'd just run a single batch of LoS checks from the originatin
  12. It's a bit of a weak excuse, especially considering DE regularly features Dojo decorations in "suggestive" poses. There are plenty of big tiddy anime waifus made out of decorations already. Just spawns some NPCs and let them roam around on their own, no placement needed. Maybe an NPC barracks room could be added as a prerequisite for NPC spawning.
  13. Khora has deserved a nerf for a long time, but the LoS added to U29.5 was not the right way to do it. Replace the faulty LoS checks with something else.
  14. Just to be pedantic: Exalted Weapon: A weapon summoned by an ability and modded separately. Exalted Blade, Artemis Bow, Balefire, etc. Pseudo-Exalted Ability: A weapon-based ability that scales with mods equipped on another item. Slash Dash, Whipclaw, Landslide, Shattered Lash, etc. Default Weapon: A weapon given by default when a different weapon isn't equipped. Garuda's Talons being the sole example. Whipclaw already acts like a pseudo-Exalted ability, because it is one. Adding something like Garuda's Talons would be to add a default melee weapon you could use on Khora
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