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  1. All these new Khora skins and I've got to go to work ;_; Both Fiera and Graxx have heads shoved really far back, they've basically got no chins. Helmet problems are very common for Khora, please address this. This even goes back to Urushu: Still think this is a pretty terrible Augment. Expanding it to Moas doesn't really change that. Sentinels need a survivability rework. Let them use Link mods and let them go downed to be revived like any other companion.
  2. I think it's a little different due to the way the alliances work. You need to support your two primary Syndicates unequally if you want a different set of 4, because Hexis and Perrin IIRC are the only syndicates whose allied faction isn't the other faction's enemy. Hexis and Perrin are the only two who you can support 100% without problems.
  3. Support Hexis and Perrin equally and you get Hexis, Perrin, Loka, and Suda standing equally. Loka and Suda you get passively at half rate, and since Hexis and Perrin are only half opposed their gains only half cancel out. Gaining 1 point in Hexis and 1 point in Perrin gives you a net 0.5 points in all 4.
  4. Again, calling "Discord exclusives" "PC exclusives" is to creep into actual "PC exclusive" content like the aforementioned Crusader Kings III, which work differently and result from a very different business decision making, the latter of which is important in discussing business incentives and negotiations. You are smashing two very different things together for no other reason than because you seem to think one of the elements is irrelevant, which it is not. This is a logical car pile-up. No you haven't. You've been de-emphasising the role of storefronts by using the blanket
  5. ... Is this in any way different from how things are now?
  6. Cool, making headway. And DE making such a PC exclusive bundle makes no sense, for the reasons you and I have both outlined. It would generate more revenue if made universal since there is no exclusivity deal in place to offset the lost revenue from excluding console players. An exclusivity deal would be nearly impossible to be reached in the first place since no one entity "owns PC", and since the individual parties making up the PC ecosystem wouldn't be likely to collectively bargain nor accept selling the exact same cosmetics. Making a pack like this makes no sense and is very unlik
  7. For us non-Portuguese speakers: Khora's Venari used to be able to equip Ephemera, but this was later disabled. If you had an Ephemera equipped on her before that change, it cannot be unequipped. I agree that this bug is annoying and should be addressed.
  8. 🤦‍♂️ Ok, please define exactly what you mean by "PC exclusive".
  9. Very cool, but I'll stick with 4 :P
  10. I did want to chime back in and report something that might be worth investigating about the LoS. I didn't get a good clip of it happening, but I'll try and explain what might have been going on. I was on the Void tileset and placed a Strangledome (pink). This was on the two-layer circular room with the waterfall lift on the side and the tree in the middle. I was on the second floor around one of the death orbs, with the curved side hallway. A Heavy Gunner (red HG) in a side hallway got grabbed and dragged towards the dome, and was pinned against the wall. I couldn't hit it when whip
  11. Usually I don't bother with Sigils unless it's for faction standing. Palatine's pretty cool, though, and I'm pretty surprised how many other people call it out specifically.
  12. Do I really need to say more? Edit: And just so you have an answer to your semantic argument: Both! No, "Steam exclusive" is not the same as "PC exclusive" in the way you've defined it. You only consider something to be "PC exclusive" if all PC players can access it regardless of storefront. Yes, "Steam exclusive" is the same as "PC exclusive" in the way I've defined it. You could not buy a Steam exclusive pack on your Xbox. Only PC players would have access to this pack. It would be exclusively purchasable by PC players, a PC exclusive. This is an argument over the semanti
  13. Yes, and if you read the bit right after I tried explaining where this misunderstanding might have come from. Because that's not what I've said, and you've completely misinterpreted what I wrote. What do you think I've been doing? I've been trying to get on the same page with you but you keep hammering away at the same unrelated arguments to the things you've misunderstood. I've got a pretty good understanding now where we've diverged and why nothing either of us is saying makes sense to the other. I've tried explaining why we're not on the same page, but you've i
  14. Right right, this exactly! "Evergreen content" is a great term. People get really hung up on the "end" part of "endgame" for reasons like "the game doesn't have an end", when really what's meant is "content for people who are at the end of what's currently available". The purpose of an endgame is really just to give the furthest players something to do while we wait for new content.
  15. Sorry, I should have been clearer with how I structured that post. The bits in italics are the arguments you've been using, or at least how they've been coming off to me. Though like I said, this is probably just due to you misunderstanding me, which you've been doing quite a lot of. For example again here: Where it's like you didn't even read the quote you're replying to where I answered everything you've just repeated. Then you haven't been clear about this. Sweetheart, I'm just trying to be specific since you keep getting so hung up it. I've said from the beginning w
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