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  1. The Khora Urushu Helmet does not align properly with the neck of the standard skin. It sits too far forward. The Khora Urushu Body does not align properly with the heads of other helmets. It sits too far forward in most cases, with the exception of the default helmet. Even the Khora Urushu Skin's own helmet seems to sit too far forward. The Khora Laveau helmet barely attaches to the neck at at all, and even has placement issues on the standard skin.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Count me in, unless you count warnings that are over 4 years old.
  4. Name: Marionette Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy, Marionette can control enemies and reconfigure herself into a terrifying Maw. The core idea is that Marionette is the tendrils you see in the picture, not the parts. The parts just give her structure. Passive: Marionette deals extra damage for every different faction whose weapon she carries. Carrying a single faction's weapons (eg Grakata + Twin Grakata + Atterax) provides no bonus, carrying two factions (eg Grakata + Plinx + Galvacord) gives her 1.15x damage, and carrying three factions (eg Dera + Akstiletto + Pupacyst) gives her 1.3x damage. This damage is multiplied at the end of damage calculations similar to faction damage. 1. Ragdoll: Marionette sends out the Void Tendrils from her left hand and grabs the targeted enemy. The enemy is pulled to her and held in front as a shield, absorbing incoming frontal damage until the ability expires, the enemy dies, or the ability is recast. The enemy is thrown towards the crosshair when released. Marionette can use one-handed weapons while holding a Ragdoll. 2. Puppet: Marionette leaves behind her collected Warframe parts on the ground and enters the enemy grabbed by Ragdoll. This enemy becomes her Puppet and can be remotely controlled. Marionette uses the enemy's health pool instead of her own. Marionette can shoot the Puppet's gun, which inherits her applicable weapon mods. The Puppet takes 2% health damage per second. The Puppet does not need to complete hacking minigames when using consoles. The Puppet will not alert other enemies unless it attacks an enemy or breaks a container. The Puppet will eject Marionette at 5% health and becomes open to Mercy Kills. When exiting Puppet, Marionette will not have her parts or weapons with her for a short duration as they Iron Giant their way back to her. Until her parts have returned she has no Shields or Armor. This takes some amount of time depending on the distance she is from her parts. 3. Strings: Marionette anchors herself to the ground using her Void Tendrils. While anchored she cannot leave the ground and moves at a reduced speed, and she cannot be knocked back, knocked down, dragged, staggered, or otherwise CCed. Enemies within the range of her roots are grabbed and cannot move. Strings can be cast while controlling a Puppet, in which case nearby enemies will become hostile to the Puppet. 4. Maw: Marionette reconfigures herself into a Maw. In this form she has increased survivability, movement speed, can burrow, and has a powerful melee attack. The Maw's jaws can be modded from the mod screen. In this form Marionette has significantly increased aggro and will alert all nearby enemies to combat. Her other abilities are changed: Ragdoll's Duration is reduced, and grabbed enemies are continuously chomped at by the Maw before being thrown away. If Maw is cast while grabbing an enemy with Ragdoll, Maw will begin chomping at the enemy. Puppet reforms the Maw around the grabbed enemy, using the enemy's health pool instead. The Puppet still takes the health damage per second, and casting Puppet again will throw away the currently-consumed enemy. Grabbing a new enemy with Ragdoll and then recasting Puppet will swap to the new enemy. If Maw is cast while controlling an enemy with Puppet, the Maw will form around that enemy. Strings does not reduce the Maw's movement speed and stabs at enemies that have been grabbed.
  5. Now that that's out of the way: Not letting people keep these cosmetics because someone on the design team is being a scrooge is just lame. There's clearly a desire among the community to keep these items, and you guys know that. There's an expressed desire in this thread, there's an expressed desire all over the official Warframe Facebook post sharing this thread, I run a yearly post on r/Warframe about it that has gotten over 1k upvotes for the last 2 years and is on it's way up once again this year, you can go back and read posts on this forum and elswehere every time a cosmetic like this comes up. People ask this during Valentines day, they ask during Easter, they ask during Halloween, and what they get back is always this same hypocritical "no". Because you don't say "no" to the Little Helper Hat, the Candycane Scythe skin, the Ringers skin, or the Festive Glaxion skin that you sell for plat every year. Heck, just 6 months ago you added a permanent silly bat Ephemera for Halloween! Why is that one OK? Then there are Peculiar mods, which sprout flowers on enemies and make their limbs grow, that you've added without batting an eye. You guys were even enthusiastic about them! You add silly Tennogen Syandanas like the infamous butterfly wings and sell them for cash. DE's position on these cosmetics is inconsistently applied, and it always has been. It's lame. Meanwhile, it'd be rude to not admit that some players don't like these cosmetics. Even the design team apparently feels this way. Yet this is the fourth year I've asked you guys to implement a method to hide these cosmetics and you've always said no! So you'll let us keep this cosmetic but not that one, and if you're a player that thinks they ruin the immersion of the game then you can go pound sand? The design team that's saying no to bunny ears and doesn't want these cosmetics to be around all the time is the same one saying yes to permanent bat particles and refuses to add tools to hide the very same cosmetics they apparently don't like? What kind of position is that? It's inconsistent and lame. Every year, every couple of months, you guys play the villain and for what? To remind people that you don't care what they want and make them upset with you again?
  6. Crosspost from r/Warframe: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/fxei17/fourth_annual_let_me_keep_my_bunny_ears_and_give/
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