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  1. And all other shops :/ You'd think after years of asking for something this simple they'd just... add it, y'know? Items in shops already show if they're crafted/mastered... So let us filter them!
  2. Transmission Color Palette, Eros Wings Ephemera, Yareli & Merulina Noggle, Keratose Sugatra, Saturn Six Scene, Ride The Wave Glyph, 2H Nikana Maligna Skin, Liset Athari Skin, Exposing Harpoon, Ride The Wave Poster, Precision Strike, Boolean Syandana, Arcane Energize x 3, Frakta Shoulder Guard, and Waveform Ephemera. Bold is new. Pics of the new stuff: https://imgur.com/a/91GZ2hr In between those are Cred, weapon slots, Forma bundles, potatoes, Kuva, a Rifle Riven, a Weapon Exilus Adapter, and an Umbral Forma.
  3. The Surf's Up Nightwave challenge doesn't work with Yareli's K-Drive...
  4. If that were true the game would already be dead lol. The same question can be asked now. What incentive is there now to grind for something that isn't better than what you already have? If you've already got a top-tier weapon... Why buy or farm for a weapon like the Ambassador if it's not very good? By your account there's no reason to, yet we all chase after the new shiny anyways - even if it sucks. FrostDragoon keeps going on about how he hates K-Drives and even he still acquired and leveled Yareli. So wouldn't it be better if you knew that every item you bought or farmed would be good? Wouldn't that give you more of an incentive to go out and get them?
  5. Dispensary, Khora. Take that with Equilibrium and Synth Fiber. Not the greatest clip but it's what I have on hand. Watch my energy bar at the start: getting low, then full instantly when the health orbs kick in. With efficiency you've got a lot of ability use and you can re-up it whenever you want. And all I had to give up was the ability to command Venari, who should be left on Attack mode anyways. It's a pretty good combo for any frame that likes spamming abilities. A fellow of good taste, I see. 🧐
  6. And they just put out a big update trying to balance guns and melee. I think we can all agree they're not good at balance, and they keep trying to fix the symptoms instead of the causes, but they do continuously take actions. DE tries to balance all the time. Yes, which is what I've been saying. The modding system as it is currently leads to imbalance. A player might use a powerful pure-DPS build, or they might use one that deals far less damage but focuses on QoL. They might mod for Viral, they might mod for Gas. Because it's elective, there's no way to predict what a random player is capable of, so there's no way to create content appropriate for them. What level of player do you make content for? DE has to keep guessing and it's no wonder they keep guessing wrong when it's impossible to guess right. The modding system is basically unchanged since 2013, so maybe it's time to review how players approach it? There are a lot of negative things that come from the modding system, like the power gap, mastery fodder, and required mods. These aren't good things. I don't think anyone likes having fewer weapons and frames worth playing, or fewer mods worth using, or getting a new gun only for it to suck compared to everything else. So why keep it? Negating power is already the stage DE's on, though, and they've already been doing this for years. They're already stepping around player power through the various enemy scaling and survival mechanics we've seen on the Wolf, Arbitrations, SP, Liches, Sisters, Railjack, Nihil, Orbs, even going all the way back to Nullifiers. The New War gameplay we've seen spends the first half hour completely negating your accrued power by having you play other characters. And while it's a big change, I don't think it needs to be that big, most ideas for balance focus on specific changes to core systems. I evangelize modding limits. DealerOfAbsolutes evangelizes changes to the way damage types combine. Neither are all that much different in complexity than the melee buffs or enemy S-Curve scaling. The changes DE made to modding for Railjacks was much more complicated.
  7. It's what balance means, though? "A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions." Something is unbalanced if it's no longer equal or in the correct proportion. Or like you said, if it falls outside of the scope for which it was intended. I haven't brought up anything about PvP balance? What are the problems with Archwing that you see? I see a few, and most are balance-related. Offensive abilities being worthless, dominant equipment like Amesha, enemy damage outputs, trivialization, and enemy countermeasures being the ones I notice. The only non-balance issues with Archwing that I see are that touching walls makes you tumble, which is a little annoying, and that there isn't much in the way of standalone Archwing content. Warframe's a F2P live-service game. The entire business model is for it to be as everlasting as possible lol. And yes, Warframe should put things in the player's favor. I'm not arguing that. I'm asking how much should things be in the player's favor? Too much and for many it becomes boring. Too little and for many it becomes unsurmountable. With Warframe's lack of balance it somehow manages to be both depending on who you talk to. There are just as many people struggling with Liches and Sisters as there are people trivializing them. Who is happy with this?
  8. I wasn't talking about new players, though? But if you think Liches should be MR5 content then the challenge definitely isn't appropriate for them. I don't think players using the Hek and the Lex fresh through the starchart are really ready to do Requiem Fissures and fight high-level Liches... Trivialize to what point, though? Obviously a stronger player should perform better, but when it's been pushed too far then what's left? If you can completely ignore the mechanics, then what do they add to the fight? Why have them if they're going to be ignored? Liches and Sisters have many mechanics to them, but we're so used to being powerful that we either don't notice them or don't like them because they can counter us. The mechanics only exist for people who can't trivialize them yet. You said earlier when we were talking about mechanics that a Lich could be a 2-3 minute fight, and I agree. But right now they're dead in seconds. That seems like it's been taken too far to me? I'd expect to one-shot them, too. My question was why you would want to go back and one-shot them. It's not necessarily what I'd want to do, either, and it'd be much better if there were other content instead. But how can DE properly develop content for max level players when "max level" doesn't mean anything tangible? Develop for who? Players who can deal 100k DPS? 200k? 1M? 2M? 5M? Players that have 5k EHP? 10k? 20k? Infinite? DE can't develop content for max level players until they balance the game so "max level" actually means something. Until then the only content we can get are more wolves and rabbits with beefed up DR.
  9. Why not? Because you say so? I'm not sure if DE agrees with you... You can look at any number of other buffs and nerfs over the years to see the same pattern. DE buffs and nerfs all the time. It never lands properly, because they keep addressing the symptoms, but they do keep trying. Why could that be? Even though I've shown you clips of gameplay with and without the balance I'm talking about, where the gameplay is identical? https://media.giphy.com/media/4TlUF48L1Ru1Zw8yJD/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/pub0sR8CNxpcwHWycK/giphy.gif In which of these is the game being ruined for you?
  10. Important part in bold. What you're still missing entirely is that balance doesn't need to mean difficulty. Balance at its core is just consistency. It means that all equipment and all strategies and all content are on the same level. It means that the system is in balance. Balance has nothing to do with making the game difficult, but challenge and difficulty can't exist without balance so they often get conflated as they have been here. Toning the player down so they can enjoy the base gameplay more instead of, as an 8-hr player put it in their Steam review, "join a mission and watch in awe as 2 other players ninjaflip past you and complete all the objectives before you can even take two steps" does not mean turning Warframe into Dank Souls. It means addressing trivialization so the missions don't need to be designed with monotony and grind built in. It means taking steps to ensure that the repetitive gameplay loops always stay engaging and enjoyable. It means making sure that the game's huge stockpile of long-forgotten content can be played with. Again - why would any of this be a bad thing? Edit: Or, from a different angle - when the game is so imbalanced and I'm allowed to do this: Do you really think my teammates are having fun? I'm allowed to take the game away from them. It's super efficient, and we got Relics to crack, but is this fair to my teammates? If it's not me doing this, it's someone else on the team.
  11. Because some people just don't like them. There are many reasons given, like breaking immersion or that they get in the way. Why should someone be forced to see these cosmetics if they think it degrades their experience? Players can already tone down teammate VFX. Players can already mute teammate Octavia songs. Being able to hide silly cosmetics would be no different. And if there's a way to hide them, then they don't ever need to be taken away. They can always be permanent for the people who want to build fashionframe around them, and be hidden from the people that dislike them. It's a win/win.
  12. I couldn't care less, I do the same thing. The only time it's worth stabbing is if you have a known Requiem to test. If you stab on a known Requiem and fail, then you gain information about where it is later in the sequence. If you stab randomly and fail, you learn nothing and your Lich resets aggro and runs away and you get to warm it up all over again. Demanding that people stab blindly for a pittance of Murmur is just as selfish, if not more. You're telling someone to take a risk with their time and sacrifice it for your benefit, even though 99% of PUGs will immediately dissolve and you'll never see them again. The only thing I dislike is when someone runs off to leave their Lich behind without making it flee, though this happens very rarely. I don't care if you're not gonna stab, I'm not either unless I'm testing a known Requiem, but the least you could do is stay and clean it up with us. I will add, though, that there's one case where stabbing is always a good idea. If you know a combination or have an Oull, then you can stab without risk as long as you stop before an unknown Reqiuem. You'll get a little bit of free Kuva with the encounter.
  13. And that egregious farms only exist in the first place because DE needs to do something to slow down the player, because the player's time is one of the core things DE makes money on.
  14. Pour one out for our boy. RIP. Guess we'll just have to wear our giant honkin' bird wings instead.
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