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  1. I'm worried about where I'll live when my parents downsize in ten or so years because housing in Auckland,New Zealand is so expensive and a lot of landlords are pulling out of the rental market and I worry there won't be any place for me to live in except a group home for autistic people.
  2. MOA'S and Sentinels should be able to be brought out and allowed to roam around the ship independently of equipping them to take on a mission just like Kubrows and Kavats.
  3. The Veldt needs to be updated so it can use Rifle Ammo Mutation so you don't have to bring Carrier with an Ammo Case Mod equipped or hope for a Rifle Ammo drop.
  4. When will Game Update:Empyrean with it's Railjack building and large-scale space combat go live? Given we're nearly due for another major content drop.
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else want to see DE add the flamethrower used by Corpus Machinists? DE could even add the ability to craft a specialized fuel using the Hexenon resource that boosts damage.
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