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  1. I recommend running Nova. If the drone gets stuck, just wormhole it out. She's also great for solo runs anyway.
  2. Please adjust the Intrinsics reward level (slighty) down and turn the bonuses on. This will get rid of several problems, and make playing RailJack in a group actually worth it and easier (currently group play is "more difficult" than solo). Currently, I get like 80+ intrinsics in about 50 minutes completing a mission solo (which is about the only way to do it) with a booster. This should be adjusted so that is calculates out to like 100 with the bonuses and booster. Bonuses applying would make people stop aborting the missions. This would increase the pleasantness of group play AND reduce glitches (people farming objectives to abort before finishing fighters and crew ships). Calculating the base down (so it was only slightly higher with the bonus) would also discourage this behavior. I like RailJack but currently it is best played solo, which is a shame. Playing with randos generally leads to glitches (which make play unpleasant and less efficient). Playing with a good squad is slightly faster, but gives less intrinsics. Recently my clan has all been on, but all playing RailJack separately and solo because it is more efficient. To me it's clear evidence that the current system needs adjustment.
  3. Yeah, the journey for RailJack has not been awesome. I LIKE RailJack, but I understand they maybe didn't add in the bonuses (for Intrinsics) because so many people had connection issues and glitches that would have prevented them from getting it initially. However, I think NOT getting the bonuses is now causing more problems that it ever solved. People who haven't bothered to build a RailJack will rando in, sprint to an objective to finish it (milking it for affinity) then abort. This reduces the group play experience AND generally causes glitches (crew ships not spawning) that hose the rest of the group. It makes it a huge mess. I have less than a 50% completion rate for missions when hosting or playing on other people's RailJacks. I have like a 99% finish rate playing solo. DE stated and hinted that RailJack was meant to be a group experience and would be much harder solo. This is not the case. RailJack is MUCH easier solo (and more productive). By adding the bonus in, aborting (and the subsequent glitching) would drop. Tenno might bother learning how to finish missions and group play might actually be a more pleasant experience.
  4. True. It would be nice if they adjusted Loki so you could recast invisibility before it ran out.
  5. I understand, but adjustments could be made. Bonuses SHOULD apply (to prevent aborts), affinity boosters SHOULD apply (people pay for these things, plus: consistency, yo). It would be very easy to scale down the acquisition rate so a mission done with a booster and bonus nets 100 intrinsics. Same mission without booster, 50 intrinsics. Same mission aborted (without booster), 22 intrinsics. Mission aborted (with booster) 44. Such a setup would be consistent with everything else AND provide the largest bonuses to people finishing the missions. Yeah. Functions yo. They are great when you want to reuse code for consistency, but a pain when you want to use it to not code something, but want that thing to work slightly differently. Yet another reason the bonus SHOULD be applied.
  6. Because Ivara should be your Queen?
  7. Number 6 is a feature. It happens to me EVERY time I am not host (in any other Tenno's RailJack). It's boss. Archguns suck. But I have a couple kitguns with 100% status and unlimited ammo that stop and shred anything they hit. I used that extensively until my own RailJack got to the point of one shotting, then it became less useful.
  8. Holy junks! You got 2 minutes out of it! Congrats! I've never been able to fire the thing. MR Foddered it's useless arse on Hydron and dumped it in the bin next to my MK1 Braton and Ordis' Old War memories.
  9. Intrinsics SHOULD follow this rule. It would speed up farming them as well as put a stop to the folks farming them by aborting. People could just start playing the game.
  10. As a suggestion (until it gets fixed), you may try a host migrate. If the host kills the game from the PS menu, the squad gets a migrate which sometimes (I have seen it work 50% of the time) spawns things to finish objectives. The host can then restart the game and choose the option to reconnect with the squad.
  11. Empyrean is AMAZING when it works. Unfortunately, that only seems to be 50% of the time. I consistently get bugs every other mission (if not sometimes more). The most common bug by far is that objectives do not spawn. Crewships never appear, or radiators do not pop out of their stations. This makes mission completion impossible and wastes everyone's time. Occasionally, a host migrate will fix these issues. It seems to recheck the mission parameters and adjust accordingly. However, often times, it does not or the host is too scared to try. I just sat through a 30 minute veil mission. All objectives were completed, but 5/6 crew ships. The host spent a full 30 minutes looking for the crew ship he was "sure" was out there. After completely emptying the map, he finally host migrated. The new host did not fix it. We got a second host migrate which reset the ship killer platform. We started through that objective again, only to get bugged when the radiator would not pop. From the complaining I keep hearing, this is typical. Is it not possible to script in a 2:30 check on objectives? Every 2:30 if objectives are not met, and ships/objectives are not on board, generate them? This way squads would only have to wait so long to be able to finish missions. Currently the system is very frustrating. It is taking far too long to farm resources needed to build ship parts. Mostly because every other mission seems to result in getting nothing. I know DE is working on this some how, it's just very hard to wait patiently. The new update is fantastic. It's great to play the vast majority of the time, but the bugs that cause us to lose all the loot are what's really killing it right now. I can handle having to \unstuck or teleport to get out of odd spawn situations (like being in archwing INSIDE a railjack). Those glitches generally only take a few seconds to fix, but losing entire missions worth of progress is hard to swallow or justify. Please help us!
  12. Same here. End of mission says 23 Intrinsics. I get to the dojo and have 11 available. I would suspect that the boosters are not being applied as well.
  13. I have run multiple Lich rescue missions (level 60+ enemies, should be tier 3 rescue). When done perfectly these should reward a Cosmic specter. Instead, they regularly reward as if the mission is the base node (always lower level). A perfect Lich rescue on Earth, for instance will reward Phase Specters instead of the Cosmic Specters that should drop for a level 60+ rescue. Spy missions are similarly broken. A spy mission on Earth with level 60+ enemies rewarded me two Parry Mods and a Lith K3 relic, all are from the drop tables for a Tier 1 Spy Mission. I would guess that other mission types are similarly broken, but haven't confirmed. This is in addition to the bug that the mission titles from Nav for Lich missions often don't match up to what you actually get inside the mission (which is annoying, but usually trivial).
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