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  1. So true. That is the only reason i get my login rewards. When another game had such bad content updates, i would have uninstalled it a long time ago.
  2. Some ppl are already wishing for permabans for those who used it and i just want to make it clear that it is the fault of DE and not the players.
  3. Yes but than the players should stop blaming other players for using it.
  4. I read that and still i'm asking how should i know what they intend and what not. I'm not a mentalist, u can only play the game within the rules DE defines. Now they declared it as unintended but 2 weeks ago it was not an exploit from the players point of view because they couldn't know. And that is all that count.
  5. No, how should you know that. There are some rewards that are kept on leaving the game. I do not know what DE intends and what not. The players who used it were playing the game within the rules at that time. DE should at least test the mechanics that are related to mission rewards properly. And no i didnt max my intrinsics and defending it because of that. Still sitting on (5 5 7 6) because it is boring as hell.
  6. It is a problem with the railjack mechanics not with the players (as long as they are not being afk). Side turrets are part of the intended system and so they should be viable. You should thank the one who balanced that whole system. Can't blame players for playing within the rules 🙂
  7. Yeah it is the classic "the community is responsible of everything that gone wrong" argument. It is the responsbility of the company (DE) to find a realistic release cycle that they are capable of. But that is not the case here. They are not able to release well tested content in a good enough pace. Their release management is seriously lacking and/or they are understaffed for their (too) ambitious plans. Eitherway it is miscalculation from DE and not because the community is asking for new content.
  8. It was not an exploit. It was part of the normal gameplay. DE just messed it up and because they think that the live servers are a great testing environment, we now got a part of the community which used that mechanic to farm efficiently and the other part doesn't find it fair. But in the end it is only DEs fault.
  9. The best thing is how people still defending this complete mess. "It is not ready. They will extend it. This is the way they planned the game to be for many years." Stop being naive. The lichs were a complete failure and railjack is doomed to share the same fate. DE always sucked in improving and expanding a messed up mechanic. It will just end up as an isolated game mode like all the previous ones.
  10. Yeah and? Buying endo is kind of P2W too (But it would be dumb to do so :D). The difference is that you can farm better endo than dirac for what i've seen until now and that the endo/plat ratio is much worse.
  11. I don't think the resource booster is P2W but that you can buy Dirac is close to P2W. It is compared to the small amounts that drops a huge number. But what concerns me more is the frequency and quality of those supporter packages in the store and the 800+ plat bundles latley. They seem very desperate.
  12. To be fair you get them those mats by playing railjack a lot. You don't need to mine them. But what i don't like is how many people are going to defend the current railjack with future content/updates. When we have learned one thing about DE, it's that they can't extend/rework an existing mechanic properly. All that counts is how good it is right now and it is not worth the hype it got over the years. It's not as bad as old blood though but DE will have a hard time when they continue that quality.
  13. It's as i thought. Boring, buggy and unbalanced. It is as funny as archwing and will suffer the same fate. The upgrade system will be funny for a short time but the main concept of railjack is too monotonous and uninspired.
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