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  1. its if u only or mostly use flechette orb there was same bug with messa if u only used peacemaker
  2. 1) never went unprepared into mission thats what loadouts are for if u dont use it u waste urs and others time (kinda same thing like making NEW FOLDER 1 2 3 .... few secs of not organizing it and hours later wasted on looking for 1 file) 2) i see u dont understand what EXAMPLE is k seems some basic things are too hard for u to understand 3) again EXAMPLE seems too hard for u to understand sorry for that wont challenge ur brain again 4) yeah since u dont get the idea u do something or u dont but on other side of that u dont do something because u dont want to or because someone is stalling u 5) i am not a team player i dont go online to be ur friend and bound a team with u im going online to play the game if u happen to join my squad i dont mind then what is so hard to understand in that? so many players live with force starting by others and dont mind it since they have option to leave squad at any given time and then there are some ppl that think they are special and deserve special treatment idk how ppl can be so blind and dont see that their ego is the reason for that problem to even exist u want ur squad to behave in certain way RECRUIT CHAT is ur place to start a squad and not random public squad YOU have problem with other squad members who could do something u dont want so start the change from urself i dont have problem with squad members since i can leave squad if i dont like someone in it just stop for a moment think about what ur talking about and look just look with clear mind who is generating problem here
  3. now im pretty sure if u would make youtube video and leave likes and dislikes on and i would dislike button on ur video u would complain that im using option provided to me every player have right to ask for anything even for free plat but none player is obligated to do anything we have a CHOICE which we can choose not to do if we dont feel like it i dont feel like waiting for u or any1 else and i dont need urs or any1 else help to do a mission if ur in my squad u can leech all u want i really dont care but dont try to force ur ideology upon me or other players how i should play the game
  4. excuse me kindly neither i or any1 else in this game login and play to listen to u or any1 else u are free to leave squad no 1 is forcing u to play with me or any1 else if i had problem with u or any1 else i would just leave that squad pre mission or in mission without a problem why all the sudden ppl like u have problem with that? are u special? we need to treat u with special kindness? explain?
  5. excellent argument TEAM WORK NOT TEAM WAITING idk what ideology u need to have to not even understand simple principal either u WORK or u DONT and if u want to WORK someone who holds u back is not helping u at all there is saying that if u are not moving forward ur moving back so if i log in to play and someone just care to waste my time i really dont give 2 f###s about his time yes of course i can wait for someone but CAN and HAVE TO are 2 different things and since we have choice why any1 should have problem for what what we choose? often solo profit taker just cause i WANT to have last digit of crosma toroids equal to eiter 0 or 5 since i use 5 everyday and its like someone who could just go with me and leech say im selfish for going solo and pretty much same goes with force starting and ok cool but can it be my choice how and with who if even with any1 i play? i literally believe ppl like would dare to go to shop owner and complain that in ur box of M&Ms are random colors of them and not only yellow ones while u did take box with random colored ones and u still have a problem
  6. wat? i force start even when im not host look no1 here doing it to other players just to piss them off we just value our time we go online to play not to waste our time if waiting for u or any1 else is A CHOICE we can make can we have right not to? can it be like if u ask me to wait cause u didk want to go get a drink can i have OPTION to say NO? and just proceed with mission start or are u and likes u here trying to force their ideology upon others and tell them how to play? in the end think about u or any1 elese wont grind for me wont give me extra time so can i manage my time and how i play by myself instead of taking ur or any1 else advices?
  7. sorry im selfish cause i value my time and dont want to waste it on others? selfish player is the one that expect special treatment i dont expect anything from any1 so think twice before u judge cause when u try to sound smart u just sound stupid
  8. maybe u wanna go to toilet for a bigger adventure u go into public squad and u expect some special threatment? can i just play the game instead of hearing complains from players like u that i didnt wait? the fact that u or any1 in a squad is unprepared for mission is not my fault or my problem but urs or theirs but on top of that is giving people a few seconds my choice? or my duty? cause if its my choice can i choose not to? pretty please or am i obligated to play the game as u and likes u imagine?
  9. let me put it simple since i see u struggle we are in a squad and between mission u say brb i go get some drink so dont start and i say i gonna force start so u leave if u want to would u leave or complain? since if u would leave there should not be any problem for u to leave after i force start and we get into mission other than ur ego if u would complain instead of leaving then ur ego alone is issue here either way ur the problem and players like u not like me
  10. judging from how u approach force start ur answer is either a lie or just plain wrong so even by that logic is not ur strongest suit not mine keep inhaling deep breaths
  11. dear boi do i login for ur or any1s pleasure? do i login to make u or any1 happy? i dont really care about u or any1 not like u are worthless to me but more like u and others just exist and i dont mind it in same way i exist for u and others so if someone can benefit from what im doing in game than who cares if u or any1 leech or not? its kinda same principal as with (dont know proper english words) in factory where they cut wood they make that little wood shavings and someone comes and says "hay i got hamster can i take them since i use them as floor for my hamster?" and someone from factory would say nope go away its not that i need to sacrifice something when i carry ppl so no reason not to do it and then comes someone like u who thinks that deserve special treatment because his ego is hurt cause player X did something and ur offended and player X should be prevented from doing that thing again while other players just live with that and dont care wanna some truth? players like u are in fact reason community is becoming "shalt" players like me just want to play game and have fun players like u have ego issues and thats the problem here
  12. i dont have a problem waiting for u for any1 one else or for christmas i just dont want to and that is a difference same way i dont have a problem to cary any1 trough profit taker i just dont want to i didnt go online to carry ppl all day trough profit takeri logged in to play the game idk is it so hard to understand? so in the end i dont have problem with any1 or anything thats why why should i change anything but im aware logic is not ur strongest aspect so let me give u perfect example u and are in a room with 3rd person and that 3rd person farted realy hard now me and u will go will go with option A or B and guess which will choose which Option A - get out dont inhale his fart and get some fresh air Option B - stay in that room inhale all of his farts and argue with him that he should not fart in a room someone can just leave i would give u a tip so u could figure out answer but i wanna see u struggle
  13. and thats the difference between us i dont need to insult u i dont need to ignore u (ignoring in game wont prevent u from meeting that player in randoms squad) and as for community standards never heard of 1 allowing or soft accepting not to respect other players time u go public squad for eidolons u dont expect everyone to have 500 hcaps+ and know what to do u go with what u get and if u complain about it then ur squad is not the problem here but u are if u dont get it by now u wont get it till the end of time and neither me nor any other player is doing harm to u other than urself
  14. i dont have problem with anything and i shoul change something in my gameplay? seems u have problem with some players so if u wanna change something start changing from urself best option for u is not to play at all if u cant manage others behavior
  15. i dont remember how it works but it was always like either it count only for host or the one doing it but not for others it was always like that since nw
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