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  1. 1 - not to advertise my self too much but on end of this reply i gonna put link to my loki build and below mod setup is guide how to use it with builds for amesha and pyrana prime and titania if u care to have 1 extra guy with her and with that each of my run with RANDOM SQUAD (i just go to konzu select bounties > plague start and go into POE getting random ppl) i end up in runs of 10 mins i dont believe that extra 3 mins r worth anything for any1 like too much effort u need to put in for not enough reward u will get in return since in most cases u waste more time looking for perfect squad 2 - how many runs can u do try hard before u are burn out? did u try? well i did for me its like 1 or 2 days then im into random squads and not give a F*** about time 3 - from 8 runs out of 10 i dont need to put any toxins into mixer not that im too lazy i just forget i always check if there is need to put them when lotus says mixer needs more time around when 45secs left and only in 2 cases out of that 10 more or less i need to contribute my toxins while in 1 run out of 20-30 i am the only contributor 4 - u need like +/- 50 formas then if u just keep on crafting 1 forma from forma bp from relics u never gonna need to worry about formas ever again 5 - what u wrote answers question why ppl should go to pre-made squad and as for what we are arguing here about what i just wrote answers question why ppl dont want to go to pre-made squad with loki since like i mention earlier they get pretty much same result going with randoms while playing casually and still getting fun out of it instead of going full try hard 6 - no there is nothing wrong in ur method while mine isnt better there are just different types of ppl here prioritizing different gameplay styles and lets consider ppl well prepared/equipped that dont give 2 F**** about best results since they got pretty much most or everything they could want so they go there just to have fun and get some stuff on the way u can do this build with pretty much regular loki without any forma since there are like 4 mods that r not mandatory build for titania is with 0 formas and build for dex pixia can be done without formas like i mention in the guide so in the end this is lowest effort u can get while getting enough out of plague star https://overframe.gg/build/16880/loki-prime/loki-prime-for-hemocyte-switch-teleport-by-zerox4/
  2. in short of it if u have amesha for slowdown + pyrana prime prisma grakatas or any fast fire rate weapon with high enough crit ur pretty much have everything u need to solo it u can just go with randoms and have same run time as with pre made squad so whats the point in wasting time to find a group when random one do just fine? if any1 wonder loki switch teleport to make drone escort part faster
  3. Arthemis Bow can 1shot eidolons synovia
  4. damn i feel destroyed but wait warframe market is a site where u actually post offers of what u have to sell and when u want to list something u 1st need to have account and not at the endo of the process also while u want to buy something from other players u dont need to have account on warframe market its only there to prevent ppl from listing something as other players or lowering the price of some items want more examples why ur site is pure garbage? concept is brilliant dont get me wrong but ur execution of it is just trash
  5. wait wait wtf is this bs? On the end when i clicked trough what i wanted JUST THEN it shows that i NEED TO BE LOGGED IN? it should show from the start "U NEED TO LOGIN TO EVEN USE IT" And of top of that Require a account and login to begin with? wtf? thats fail concept worthless site
  6. any1 else have it while starting mission with squad memebers? i need to start it alone then inv others after mission is loaded to even be ably to play it with someone
  7. totally off topic but if u want to solve some mistery here is more mysterious one why we select channel going to cetus or fortuna but we dont select a channel when go there via syndicates?
  8. Wait wait wait 1st of all click players name on chat > report player > offensive language 2nd of all https://riven.market/list/PC 3rd im not sure now does ur problem comes from how ppl behave or from how much they want for riven? 4th just because u want something to cost less does not mean it should when there is high demand for it 5th when u WANT riven for scoliac its ur problem to get riven for it not any1 else since u can buy allot cheaper riven for different weapon that will do exactly same thing
  9. so basically https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Specter i did read about specters now what im about here are Vapor Phase Force and Cosmic specters im well aware that Vapor is lowest tier while Cosmic is highest i did read about how to obtain them i see difference number of stars on their respective blueprint but as i read this page i only noticed fragment about specters scaling with enemy level and nothing about whats the difference between 4 types mentioned above
  10. Correct me if im wrong 1 - problem here is not about cost of hema but where resources for it drops 2 - ur idea is to make resource for it drop in more places (im aware u mean to drop it from proper enemies like it should) so u gather that resources just by casual playing and not by farming it with such a pain now what i state is that im on ur side trust me and u are 100% right here but JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR EXAMPLE u need to get trinity (or just want it like hema) it drops from ambulas assassination not enough the fight is time gated u got RNG thrown into the mix but whatever in the end farming trinity will most likely devour allot of time and now lets think about it u need to go farm resources for hema in FEW specific locations and not that it just drop in many different places like it should - is bad and is not ok in ur eyes but fact that u can get FOR EXAMPLE trinity only in 1 specific location ONLY 1 which in most cases will make u waste more time farming it than u would farm resources for hema - is ok with u? i mean look about what u are complaining here u propose a fix for 1 thing where other stuff have exact same problem or even worse like FOR EXAMPLE color pigment (i dont remember which but 2 ones u get from cetus tusk enemies and pilots my god whai!?) should they drop in more places? so in the end yes u are right about resources drop location or more likely source of them for hema researching for example but u have way worse drop location and requirements for other stuff but u choose only to focus on hema problem do u now get what i mean?
  11. putting any lens into anything u wont be able to recreate FOR EXAMPLE excalibur umbra was my worst mistake since now when i dont need focus and i still see that focus marker on mission while playing exacl its just confusing and annoying and my best advice is to consider what u are doing cause whats ok with u now can be annoying later also i farmed my focus doing eidolons and made good profit on the way selling arcanes think about it
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