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  1. I would save you have noble cause behind you but wrong idea Many of us went trough same course of need for plat and trades And somehow we managed And i believe what we have is perfect system between start limited and create artificial need in players to rank up as fast as possible After i discovered daily trade limit and what give me more trades per day i went to buy all crap i could buy for credits from market and then moved on to dojo stuff Which back in my days were easy MR 20 without even crafting everything and now what is is maybe MR 25? So new players have all means to progress properly and only ones that care more to do business than actually grind will have problems So your idea would only help create more lazy players who would dont care about getting higher MR as much as they should and sit on certain MR for months just because they are fine with what they have ATM Again noble cause bad idea
  2. You see problem here is in fact in community but which side of it? If you look at core problem you need to ask yourself Do we have joke enemies? We dont have joke enemies we have so good equipment that enemies become a joke Then comes in other factor like do you go solo in half brained squad or fully experienced armed to the teeth squad Simple solution to the issue is just remove part of our mods and puff difficulty increase by itself So whats the problem here? We want a special button to do that for us? Also lets look on other side of the story OP is comparing warframe to bloodborne and doom well correct me if im wrong but if i want experience that i felt in doom should i play doom or warframe? Think how stupid it is to expect to eat apple and complain it does not taste like watermelon Soooo what is the real problem here? Bad balance in the game or someone expecting different experience from this game he could get elsewhere? Where each of us have all means to adjust difficulty of each mission just by stripping some mods from our stuff On top of that warframe is more of a game where you are supposed to tank some damage and adapt to dynamic enemies behavior Where doom and bloodborne is more of avoiding damage and exploit enemies weaknesses or at least attack after they leave themselves open Just think about it little deeper
  3. Take off half of your mods to increase difficulty level Problem solved
  4. Look at it time-wise There are 31 MR test IF each day you could make 1 test that mean aprox 1 month worth of tests I for example am at 1300+ daily tribute I AM NOT considering here 24h but think how much all that 31 days of tests feel like in perspective of how long i play And no1 is aiming to do 1 test each day so even that 24h limit IN THE LONG RUN seems like next to nothing Tests themselves are a joke i never felt any challenge in any so if you practice it there is no problem But your problem is with aborting after picking it up by mistake EVEN so again 24h in light of 31 tests seems like nothing Simple solution would be for us to be able to abort without penalty as long as we dont leave spawn and thats what you should ask for And lets face it for 31 unique missions you can only complete once to get rewards 24h penalty period is a joke Other thing is i would be more happy if practice the test could be picked from menu and from simaris But qualify test only from simaris and then no 1 could use such excuse as you (no hard feelings)
  5. Well i love it im happy its there since im aimless and its natural course of upgrade for me But i can see how ppl with better aim can see it as disadvantage
  6. Neither did i BUT Atreus is son of Kratos and Kratos do in fact address him by BOY (ppl made meme out of it by calling him BOI) trough the course of last GoW That runes on that gif didnt mean anything in context of what you wrote I just could not find any proper "good job" gif and i remember that there was Atreus version of computer kid gif And thats the whole story to it
  7. My knowledge about EF starts and ends with this site https://valhyr.com/pages/rune-translator Anyway in my country we say "you praise others, you do not know yours" https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grineer_Language
  8. Sorry i dont care to read anymore what you have to say Have fun but without me <3
  9. We already established that you know better so there is no point in me even trying to prove you wrong And to someone who feel no remorse after first accusing then admitting being wrong about his assumptions i dont feel like i need to provide anything more than i wish for Because you no matter to what i refer to only thing that matters now is that you know you did something wrong You didnt know what i was talking about you just took a wild guess and you accused me of something Adult person would at least admit that he made mistake since we all do no shame in that and here you have example of that from 2 days ago https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1284601-on-call-crew-member-special-dialog/ But as i said im 10 years old and in fact my dad wrote that So if you dont have dignity to 1st admit you were wrong that you made a mistake i dont see any reason to help you understand me in any way possible So again let me admit i was wrong you were right 100% all of the time and im just playing victim here Pleasure to have that conversation with you it was not PS: Yeah i bet all new players will come play warframe because it have better shadow casting system or lightning geometry than it had in 2014 (not to mention we already have enhanced graphic as a option) IF you care to compare graphical feature of a game (that would potentially bring new players to warframe) Over a option to re-roll weekly missions some ppl may not like (so new players would know they wont need to do over and over content they MAY not like) And fail to see importance of it then truly yea know better and i was just playing victim here from the start Do you even listen to yourself sometimes? Or you just enjoy trolling?
  10. Which part of "If you knew better to the point you jumped into accusing then why should i even care to explain it to you" you did not understand? And even if you are so lazy to the point you cant just play dev stream in background while you are doing something else just to find it then why should i search it for you? Is my time worth less than yours? On top of that we have "Devstream Overview" pots And i bet you seen them so you could search for last one like i just did And found it even in it i found what i was referring to even so its under different name but not hard to figure out after looking at attached pictures Yet you still have no remorse after realizing you jumped into conclusions and accused me about something i did not say and you expect anything from me? Well sorry to disappoint you And im really sorry but i have no argument i made it all up just to play victim here and you are 100% right L'o'o'k' i'n' f'a'c't' i' k'n'o'w' I just dont give enough F***s to even care
  11. You need to press F13 I am not against the idea i just said MMB can select whole stock of 1 item which many ppl do not even know
  12. So lets put some logic into this conversation Situation 1 You dont understand something someone said and what should you do Option A - accuse that person of something you come up with just guessing what said person actually meant Option B - first and foremost ask that person for some explanation on what said person meant before you move on to accusation No matter what is your choice here Just tell me which option adult person who is serious and care to be taken seriously should choose? Situation 2 After admitting you went for Option A (like you did in your reply by admitting you took a wild guess since you didnt understand what i meant) what should you do Option A - keep on accusing said person with even more BS you could come up with pretending you know better what was initial intention of person in question Option B - admit you made mistake of over interpretation and THEN ask politely for clarification from person in question so you still could keep your face and expect to be taken seriously No matter what is your choice here Just tell me which option adult person who is serious and care to be taken seriously should choose? After you have your answers for situations 1 and 2 keep them for yourself and just tell me how i would look in your eyes if i went with what you did instead of what you choose now? Thats also rhetorical question (if you didnt get all of them here was rhetorical) You proven how much conversation with you is worth Explaining to you something you could check by watching dev stream AGAIN (which you DID NOT because you are too lazy since accusing is easier than checking the facts) Instead of relaying on your memory which could be failing you or you simply missed that part of dev stream i mentioned Or just by addressing ONLY part you quoted and not adding extra crap that was not in the quoted part Would be just stupid since seems you already know better If that will make you happy i admit i was 100% wrong you are 100% right let your ego be pleased for eternity P.S.: Dont ask others if they are old enough to play this game when you behave like that cause it only makes you look even more immature and worse And i will like all your comments from now on whenever you will quote me <3
  13. Maybe its only logical to me but when i dont understand something i ask for explanation instead of jumping into conclusions But seems for some ppl actual facts does not matter and assumptions are enough to accuse You would be good lawyer Again instead of asking for clarification lets just come up with your own BS so you think you sound smart when you end up sounding stupid Keep guessing eventually you will find correct answer Meanwhile 10 year old ME I also liked your reply so you dont feel lonely <3
  14. Its bizarre how ppl become white knights of on what devs should not spend time on while we had so many useless features implemented like rework of extraction screen I just cant understand how ppl fail to understand that if 1 person dont use 1 feature that does not make it automatically not worth of developing for others Let me repeat myself i dont like/participate in animal capture and i believe it was mistake to even implement it Yet many ppl find it enjoyable content IDK whats hard in understanding something that simple And on top of that just because devs wont do X does not mean other thing they will work on will be worth it like that extraction screen
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