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  1. I play more or less as long as you I do sortie everyday i have like +/-1200 daily tribute Yet i only once get legendary fusion core from sortie I in fact like RNG it really helps many games But problem is if someone lack imagination and make pool of 10+ items and give one of that items >1% drop chance Never blame RNG blame low drop chances I dont need that fusion core i find more use in potatoes from sortie or even forma endo and so go on But it start to feel like syandana darvo mentioned few days ago ITS FREE!!! ITS YOURS!!! GO CLAIM IT!!! Yet most of us wont get it It does feel like we are being cheated We are promised many items but low drop chances just smash this promise with reality wall
  2. And thats where specters come in handy But still its a risky game 1 player to protect u and u can banshee all arbi interceptions but yeah i know the hassle of finding someone competent enough so i do feel your pain
  3. Banshee max range max efficiency zero strength and your problem is solved on 90% of maps But yeah every single interception i did on sortie and sp especially ppl seems to believe they came to extermination not interception And if i go with vauban stun lock enemies with vortex on my tower and other players realize new enemies wont spawn they start run around the map trough all tower Eventually come to my tower kill all enemies stun locked and make them spawn close to other towers and they wont go back to protect that towers OW NO NO NO they will run around map still looking for enemies letting enemies take over towers they SHOULD protect I WISH that on interception enemies would have 5x or 10x damage (or armor/shield) if you are not in range of a tower you should defend And then ppl would MAYBE just maybe learn what mission they entered
  4. Like i said in previous reply COMPARED TO HOW MANY WEAPONS WE HAVE we have few warframes worth to kill enemies with I mean exactly what you wrote afterwards we have so many weapons we want to use them we dont want to kill all the time with our warframes And im a guy with MR30 that have 50% of astilla usage so believe me i know how many guns out there are useful while you see rarely someone equipped with them I have 2 Its not about do you agree with me or do i agree with you its about understanding that we should try to see some things from someone else perspective I run with carrier or smeeta where carrier only because i like skin i found for him and smeeta just because my mod setup require 7 formas on beast and im too lazy to go trough it with other companions since in the end it will do exactly the same for me PICK UP LOOT
  5. Again your 1st idea is that would let abuse the system if i could scam de like that i would make tons of fake accounts and cancel even more plat purchases Abusing the system generating plat left and right now imagine if allot of players would get same idea And again only fair way would be to give back items traded with that plat and no1 would get hurt but also i believe rolling back would be hard to pull and thats why we dont have it Your 2nd idea also would fall flat you dont know how some ppl are determined 3rd idea that falls under rolling back but that seems the best way anyway
  6. I agree with you 100% i myself never experienced that kind of issue but i can feel every bit of anger when i see post like yours I do see how i could do what scammer does and being your friend i could give you part of my plat and that way you would keep it if de would not punish bystanders So what is your solution to the problem? Cause i really didnt come up with any Or at least my would be give back items that was sold for plat on that trade and no1 would get harm but i wonder would it be possible (i think rolling back would be harder to pull considering many factor than just simply hurt innocent players like it is now) Yet i still wonder do you have any solution?
  7. I see you have problems understanding many things Compared to how many guns we have we have few warframes and only few of them most of us use them to kill enemies We have many guns we modded formed and we want to make use of them And @Surbuskenis trying to explain to you that in the end you have gun that kills and you have smaller gun that also kills yet it kills either slower or have less bullets But its more smaller gun is better option in some situations When you have many cloths you wanna ware them so you change them often you dont go all week in your favorite hoodie and pants We are different i can see how you fail to see that what is gold for me can be crap for you and vice-versa You maybe use all your companions for most of us its either smeeta or carrier But in both cases its only something that pick up loot for us
  8. I wish you could hear how i OWWWWWW while reading each of your lines Thx for educating me i was thinking its something totally different But in the end if it will be crappy like it sounds i believe we will get some changes since no 1 want to go backwards on his gameplay style and outrage from players will do its thing
  9. Actually i see what ppl complain about and i simply ask wouldnt it be better to change what i wrote above And i dont see a point in following news since i hope you remember echos of umbra or whatever and where is it now? Following updates when they land so after it happen and players complains before they do seems like better option And about DPS that would depend on what weapon we use vectis with its damage and AOE of kuva bramma would be fine competition to any melee BUT we would need to add into the mix lifting enemies like melee do But then it would feel like only difference is weapon close AOE or ranged AOE i think its dead end anyway but lets see what we will get 1st
  10. Let me start by saying i dont follow warframe news streams whatever so i dont know if we are getting buffs to guns nerfs to melees or mods or whatever But as i read all that threads here about upcoming update seems whatever it is its trying to fix something by not fixing it or am i wrong? Idea is we use melee instead of guns cause melees are better? Cause as i see it we use melees cause - No reload time - No ammo - ALWAYS AOE (more or less) So wouldnt mods buffs or whatever to guns that even further reduce reload time give us more ammo and make bullets AOE solve the problem? Well without forcing us to use them by sacrificing output damage Now as i understand it we will have some mods that will give us buffs to damage? But we need to satisfy some conditions like FOR EXAMPLE (after reload + 50% damage)? Someone educate me on what we know since i think im missing something here BUTTTTTTTTTT stil i believe we dont need more powerful weapons we all could go with rubico or vectis with our GODLY rivens and 1hit SP bastords but we dont since NO ONE WANT TO KILL ONE BY ON even if its 1hit kill where we have hoards of enemies
  11. I so rarely use stropha (my only melee where i use heavy attack) its hardly issue for me But that is ONE single feature request i see in a years that could help many and hard none Go with that to feedback https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1219-feedback/
  12. Aside from the fact i dont follow news on warframe and thx to you now i know why i dont like new update even before it landed I just want to say about what i quoted from your post Google > Autohotkey change songs Google > Autohotkey bind combo mouse buttons Or if you are lazy OR In both cases it should work for any media source i use it for winamp but somehow it works just fine for youtube or other media players Have fun BTW i bind my side mouse buttons so that when i hold the one closer to my hand and press LMB its next track same button and RMB is previouse And same button with middle mouse button is play pause Also if you want to hold other button change Xbutton1 to Xbutton2 save reload and ur set This is not directly to you but to any1 who could find it useful
  13. You can never use something you can think its stupid you can be sure its a worthless to have it in the game But never even for a second think its better to have less options Cause things change and you never know
  14. I say its stupid but good change We should look at what ppl have to say and not how much they said or how many ppl agreed with them
  15. No matter if its ME or YOU or anyone else i just say i 100% understand ppl who fear that changes I did mean ME as a any random player not exactly ME but imagine playing warframe just for 1 reason like for me its sortie and SP alerts and for someone it could be idk eidolon hunting And new changes destroys eidolon hunting for them they are in 100% right in my eyes to cry and feel concerned I know its a game where we can do many things i know ppl that love animal captures i hate them so i dont care about them But if they would remove animal captures or plan to make them harder i would also understand ppl who would complain about it even so its not such a big deal since in my eyes its content i dont touch Id say lets wait and see how it will turn out but lets let others vent out their concerns since someday upcoming changes can affect content i like or you like and u think what we will be doing then? Crying like many others right now on forums about changes that didnt even happen yet
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