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  1. I believe general idea here is raw DPS Projectile flight speed wont give u more dps if u stand in front of a enemy While more mag cap translates to less reloads per well minutes in this case and more damage inflicted And yeah i am on your side they are not consistent i just understand what they try to do here in none elegant way
  2. Wait wait wait Im doing SP with either kuva brama astilla or basmu + pyrana prime + reaper prime (which i use to destroy objects) Never felt need to bring there melee only or that my weapons lack something So are we playing different Steel Path or am im missing something here? Well for sure we mod our weapons differently but thats another story And mostly i play solo
  3. thats so brilliant I wanna see you when they add 10 new weapons or 40 when you come back here to say it should be more which would still make no sense
  4. He means when u go to warframe.com and log in there and go to account management there should be indication when you created your account But it does not appear anymore there And so he ask does any 1 else know a way to check when you created your account
  5. When you dont pay attention to how much plat u can get from something but how much you will enjoy doing it and if u even want to
  6. I have over 400m credits so guess how many profit taker runs i did But never ever i went to take her down for blood relics I even find it hard to believe that any1 would do it for relics Im pretty sure u would sell mods she drop + sell magus repair lockdown so that relics seems pointless anyway for me But anyway as @Uhkretor said they do have rotation so maybe check time of bounty wait for it to end and check again drop table after that time
  7. Same mr2 would need to be higher mr just to access it But then again same mr2 could do ABC with having that radio button so ur argument fall flat
  8. i wish to live long enough to see a day when ppl learn to understand what they read
  9. U did not understand anything i wrote I never suggested turning on SP should hide regular level activities I just asks why SP alerts are not there if that button is set to normal considering this button does not affect enemy levels on other activities We cant disable/hide any other activities from that menu so i dont really see a point in hiding only SP Alerts they could just be there always no matter that button state and it would make much more sense No no no Pretty much same deal as above Button itself is perfectly fine i just question it affecting visibility of SP
  10. I would agree but at the same time im not interested in kuva alerts and i still see them If you cant think of an use of turning it off sometimes i doubt my reasons would make any sense to you
  11. I am not here to ask for a change I just want to point out behavior of a SP button function here that just makes no sense and reason behind it (i think) We are talking today about this radio button Depending on which state you leave it corresponding enemies level and drop% will apply to ur mission if you select it from your navigation Makes sense so far BUUUUUTTT no matter in which state you leave it it wont affect invasions fissures syndicates or alerts or sortie (or whatever else u could pick) Having this button on Steel Path wont load ur sortie with higher level enemies or
  12. To put it simple Rework is when you go back to make something better (where you know what you are planning to do) Revisit is when you go back to something to check what can be improved (where you look what can benefit from a change but you still looking at your options and how you want to execute them) How de views it its different story
  13. Relax my engrish is awesome also no shame in that I spent 3 mins looking for that ability before i figured out u mixed 1 letter so i just corrected you
  14. Actually going into rift with Limbo u can walk like a elephant on Lua spy (including trough lasers) Doing it all the time with Limbo for SP and no special/additional mods are needed And its Perspicacity not PerCipacity
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