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  1. My mod collection is finally completed... Ah nvm, now I'm going to wait till they release Split Flights in 2k24
  2. I'm sorry to inform you, but Elite Kosma units(besides Outrider), do not appear on any of the Earth Proxima missions.
  3. I've already scanned every enemy, but ye without amesha it would be a pain in the ass.
  4. Would be a nice addition, however I only really had the issue with scanning ramsleds, rest were okay.
  5. New codex entries are delayed, you have to relog to see what progress has been made. Please fix it ❤️
  6. Zaloguj się do gry, Options>Interface>UI Customization.
  7. Building a huge spaceship needs a little bit more than used paperclip, already chewed gum and duct tape.
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