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  1. For the additional hyekka entry, I can say they appear on kuva disruption, when the "Pack Hunters" conduit is active. And I absolutely support everything you wrote, especially the part about inconsistency with eximus units scans required.
  2. The cap's been there since the 1st NW season.
  3. Bumping this, it's actually sad at this point.
  4. Amarast, Zodian, Thyst i Hesperon(który znajdziesz w tej części mapy)
  5. Please add those auras and arcanes to the store, so we can buy them for vitus essence, if they will be included in the drop tables with already existing ephemera, it will be chaotic.
  6. He was renamed to Jordas Golem and currently you can find him on Eris, if you of course completed "The Jordas Percept"(The one you get Atlas from) quest.
  7. I think that the 1st change should have been implemented in this game long time ago, so we can actually feel rewarded(or have an actual reason) for taking part in endurance runs, also the difficulty slider sounds great.
  8. @bl1te They're all the old ones sadly 😞
  9. I've had all of those scanned already as I mentioned in my second post.
  10. Yes it does, I already changed the screen, it's being unmarked at the "Cephalon" tab, I had everything scanned before the update too, thats why I'm concerned 😄
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