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  1. IIRC, they said they're looking into EOS drop tables too, so probably they will increase its chance to drop.
  2. @WhiteMarker Its not connected to mastery rank, but the days you already have logged in, I'm mr27 at 360+ smth days and I get 14h boosters, not 40 😛 Affinity Booster^, Rounded(3 × [1 + Day/100]) Credit Booster^, Rounded(3 × [1 + Day/100]) Resource Booster^, Rounded(3 × [1 + Day/100]) Resource Drop Chance Booster^, Rounded(3 × [1 + Day/100])
  3. I hope that one day, they will implement that once you achieve the weapon's milestone, you will be also given a reusable bp of it.
  4. @Voltage Seems like 4 canisters solo also work. Proof:
  5. @Voltage I managed to spawn him solo, used 2 canisters as you said, and he spawned at the very beginning of the fracture too! Thank you very much once again, my codex will be happy!
  6. Thanks for guide will try it out!
  7. I'd say around ~150p if you find a buyer ofc 😛
  8. Fix codex entries for the new PoE animals.
  9. "Fixed issues where Zephyr could get stuck in bad animations." I can fly again! ❤️
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