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  1. Play it until it stops being fun, then stop. Also most players don't care about profile stats whatsoever.
  2. From what it says, it goes faster now. Is that a bad thing? nvm can't read
  3. Try defensive mods, dodging, Molt, and Miasma. Being at your computer during missions also helps.
  4. It's 2018, and we still have to guess what frame revisions did because DE doesn't put numbers or detailed descriptions in their patch notes.
  5. Been playing regular Onslaught for the Khora grind, and getting 60k-100k Focus on an 8 round run with Smeeta, no booster, and Greater Lenses installed. You can see part of the reason why the daily limit was raised to 15,000 * Mastery Rank.
  6. Enemy scaling has been broken game-wide for years. Damage 2.0 had already shown its age in 2015, and it's 2018 now. Revisions have been needed for a long time; Warframe makes less and less sense as this goes on. Feels like a house of cards at this point.
  7. In Onslaught, or in general? And why? I still haven't had Concealed Explosives drop even once in 1k+ hours of play since it was introduced, btw.
  8. What counterplay? There is no play in the first place since you will be doing the things that get you out of teleportation all the time anyway. This isn't a good thing, but WF has steadily been turning into a mobile-game-style resource management game over the years anyway.
  9. Commanders went from one of the only enemy types that could do anything to the player, to nothing. Now it's pretty much impossible for a Commander to do anything to a player.
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