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  1. No we dont, players lack mods and others have the majority, thats a clear undeniable advantage. I didnt mean mastery rank Because theres weapons a lot better than others that not everyone has access to Yeah, if you have good weapons and mods
  2. It would be great if we could utilize the environment to our advantage some more, such as: - Hiding behind a crate with your back against it, and expose part of yourself to aim around a corner, providing proper cover - Being able to walk against a wall with your back towards it to sneakily (adds quit bonus) close in on a doorway, wait for a target and finisher them - Use parazon to kill an enemy below you as you sit on the ledge, kind of like assassins creed Idk, stuff like that.
  3. Yes. The way it becomes successful is really simple: - remove mod advantages (not everyone has a lot of mods) - remove rank advantages - remove weapon advantages (high tier weapon vs low tier is too one-sided) - provide equal opportunity (same stats for everyone, regardless of frame, same weapon availability for everyone) Grofit.
  4. The discord server is for everything mentioned here, as well as discussion. I will post stuff here soon yes but the majority will be there. I'll elaborate further, don't worry.
  5. This requires time to give a detailed answer so I will archive it and work on it once I get some other thing's finished. It's interesting you've brought this up and yes I want to elaborate on this. Soon. And yes there will be builds with and without rivens. The part of the server is under construction, slowly, as I am playing the game and doing other things.
  6. thank you ive managed to outclass every other melee ingame ily for this lmao I thought about it, but I wanted a more free environment and a few other reasons. I will post from time to time some stuff from my discord to share.
  7. Your comment is exactly why i made this church, zaws are not that bad like people think now, and i plan to show people why.
  8. Nothing extra. Straight, simple, to the point. We don't use rumors or conjecture. We use facts and evidence, tested and reviewed. Our goal is to rid the misinformation about zaws and show the proper way to build them for any scenario. If you wish to join and learn how to build top tier zaws, come join the friendly family. We welcome you, and will also help with anything you ask, if we have the power to do so ❤️ https://discord.gg/Z6wtrXq The Church of Nekozawmata. Server name will say "Cool Cats Corner" but thats the main part of the server. That's for my main members. You can join us in the major part of the server if you want but the invite will bring you only to the church section.
  9. The game lacks the world building required for immersion sake. Sure, we have world building, and we're getting more finally (as per recent dev stream), but it's still lacking. If we could talk to NPC's, that would be a great leap forward. We could talk to hear rumors, lore, quests, ect. Or, just simple "meaningless" conversations. Maybe short but silly events to help the game feel like people are living lives and doing things: - Raids in open world that you can join NPC's on (small raids, nothing big, maybe big later) - Corpus game shows - More grineer propaganda through radio chatter - Able to call/talk to NPC's from orbiter radio, or receive calls for events or quests - Come across random friendly NPC's in open world, doing random things. Maybe find someone fishing, or mining, maybe someone is under attack and needs q quick 2-second Tenno rescue, escort an injured back to base (Fortuna, Cetus, ect) - I'm sure ill think of more and add to this as time goes
  10. As an ex-Volt main, Volt's speed isnt just for lightweight bonuses such as quick extraction. Anyone who can utilize Volt's speed boost will: 1.) never die unless the game bugs out or lags and you get one shotted (because nothing will ever hit you at those speeds, running, dodging, ect) 2.) you'll make mince meat out of any enemy (or better yet, an entire group, in a literaly blink of an eye) while using melee. It's absurbly amusing the insane level of Godhood you can achieve with max strength Volt and a melee. Because Warframe's movement system is so open, so free. I recorded some of the insane things you can do with volt but I had to delete them for drive space. I have drive space now and plan on making a video to show why Volt is broken and overpowered in that regard. Then again, if I do that, Volt might catch Pablo's attention and get hit with the nerf. Idk yet. If it wasn't for Pablo, I would do it right this moment.
  11. LOL I havent seen it yet! But yeah as I said, I think the game looks wonderful. Amazing, actually, I love it. My personal tastes are more what I described with the OP. But the game is gorgeous either way and I'm enjoying every bit of it.
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