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  1. No you're not allowed to disagree. It's unlawful and sinful. /s Lol, joking aside....good input, but then you have the issue of buying a riven that is good, only to have it end up being trash months later, because dispo changes, and pray and hope it gets a dispo buff again, if ever.
  2. Well at this point, before I feel any type of way, I guess i need to understand DE's intent behind rivens. The problem is that, it's so reliant on rng, that you can roll 50 trash rivens before getting 1, slight maybe decent one. Or maybe you get lucky and get a god-tier riven on your first try, then have this illusion that the system is great, because you've never experienced otherwise. I have experience getting god-tier on unroll, and jack S#&$ after tens of times.
  3. If DE straight up said "yeah its supposed to be like a slot machine" then ok, ill accept it. But iirc they didnt intend for it to be exactly as such. I could be wrong. If they intended it as a full-fledged slot machine, then my post is pointless.
  4. Yeah you know, because we ALL have the power to make RNG bend to our will, lol /s I didn't choose to have low dispo rivens, the game chose for me hahahaha And I see how low dispo rivens can be useful.....but thats extremely niche and hard to find a correct matchup, its just a burden that isnt worth the payout.
  5. It's is a slot machine, but that isnt what the topic is about. The topic is about one single issue for rivens. Nothing more, nothing less. We can talk about the whole of all the issues, if you wish. Riven stats changing is also very bad. Needs to be changed. I speak based on much consideration and thought put in over months.
  6. I know about rivens and how the system works, and I don't agree with it. It's flawed in too many ways. But this post is about one of those ways. bullet 1: yeah i agree, thats wasnt what i was saying though bullet 2: thats another reason why the system needs changing
  7. Good thing this is an actual issue and not complaining just to complain. If you don't agree, that's fine, but don't go putting words or intent in people's mouths. So if a low dispo riven can be useful somehow, that only adds the wealth of burdens that rivens come with.
  8. Oh I know about that; I see the bigger, but do you? That "bigger picture" ties into one of the major issues about rivens. The entire system is flawed, and either needs to be removed, or rebuilt from scratch.
  9. A lot of you need to chill out. Talk about greedy and ungrateful......you should be happy with what we've gotten so far, but no, you still want more......because no amount, or anything, will ever be good enough to satisfy your thirst for content. And then you wonder why all the drama happens with releases......because a lot of you rush and cry to DE, and DE tries to make us all happy by shelling out content quicker, instead of taking time for quality content. DE isn't to blame.......you know who is? Here comes the hate, because the truth is harsh, isn't it? The community. The community is the issue, not DE. We all need to lay off DE's backs for a while, and dial it all back, and let them breathe for once.
  10. Here's the typical: "you're game is great, yadda yadda, i love it anyway" but you should know by now I love this game. I don't need to praise it every single time i make a post for "constructive criticism" :P But I do it anyway. The game really is beautiful, very well done, good job. Ok so, RIVENS. Low disposition ones.....why do they even exist in this game? What is the point, other than a slap in the face and a "ha ha lel kek you got trolled, loser" from the game itself/from DE? A simple 60/60 mod is a world better than any low dispo riven, so why do those rivens even exist? It's a waste of bytes, hope, and.....everything. If the weapon is too powerful for a higher dispo riven.....then either: nerf the weapon a bit, or.........remove rivens for it. What is the point is unlocking a stressfully hard riven for a low dispo weapon, that you eventually get after farming and grinding for eons, or, whatever......only to have some low quality trash shoved in our faces? It's not even worth selling to anyone. It isn't worth the time or effort. You can all see my point. I sincerely hope so. If not, you're either fanatical, or a troll. Seriously, why even bother? Nothing good comes from this, only bad. And only a more sour taste in our mouths towards you, DE. Though, this game is too delicious, it washes away any sour taste it gives me. So good job. Just please, what the hell is with the riven system....this is just one, of many shared complaints/issues the community has about rivens.
  11. "Biz, grab the spears." https://twitter.com/AutomationMag/status/1113096778029654016
  12. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH THIS. We would rather have time-cared for, and quality content, rather than half-assed and rushed "content". You do a great job, DE, but seriously, you need to listen to what the community is saying just a biiiiiiit more. We are okay with delays, if those delays mean higher quality content. We don't want "false content" or half-assed laziness being shipped out. We don't want artificial timegates to give an illusion of "more content". We don't want any of that BS. What we do want, is what you're already doing, but keep it at a proper pace, to avoid future complaints and mistakes like what has happened countless times. If you need to delay this next update, go for it. We would rather you do that, give us something of proper quality, instead of rushing the update and run into any number of new or o,ld potential issues that have happened before and will happen again: moreso on the side of complaints. - - - - - Anyway, great game, great work, so far so good. Best game I've ever played....and it's free. You can't beat that, you just can't. Great company too. Makes me wonder if us humans even deserve DE and the game they gave us :D
  13. Sorry I'm way too lazy. Other's have provided many, all over the forum, and google. Please forgive me. I suppose, but mypost was to inform other players of this, so that it may hopefully help them! Yeah it worked fine before, so whatever they did, made it terrible. My amd graphics card has no issue using trilinear on itself (not through the game menu option) and works wonderfully, and even helps keep qualityconsistent.
  14. Hmm? No you're fine I didn't think any bad of anything you said, all good no worries. And hey if you're bored you could come join my discord, haha, I can DM you.
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