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  1. So far we have 13 people ------------------------------ UltimateSmeagol ElmoIsNowGodly -AEN-Rumi Cat_TD paavis99 LygerXero lO_oI Zaza7 IllogicalLogic420 Night4ce -Bigchungus- -AEN-Frogvara -sg-blamblam prizes: -1 kronsh riven -1 strun riven -1 tombfinger riven, rattleguts riven, or gaze riven -prime sets -several filled anasa's Those are the people we have so far, and the prizes so far.
  2. Ah ok ty Hey man, and oh come on lol it'll be fun! IL420: shut up teshin, DOJO Also, I updated the post, and provided how to enter.
  3. It must've been a glitch then because I was able to spectate 2 people dueling. If I can't spectate then at least one or both duelist should record. Also, lemme fix that real quick..
  4. If it comes to it, then it'll rule-switch to make it so: -no mods for any weapon -only vitality, redirection, and flow, are allowed on frames -frames can and should be max rank through testing this seems to allow for a longer match and a better show of skill. A fully modded 1v1 would be good though, because it would test peoples speed, accuracy, and reaction times. In a real battle, it usually takes only one strike to win. So be fast enough to evade, and fast enough to land a hit.
  5. To enter the tournament: -DM me on the forums, or -DM me on Discord: CatGirls420#2383 13 people have joined so far. Open the spoiler to see who, and which prizes we have so far: Here's the brief: - 1v1's in dojo, best of 3 - if necessary, the dulers may changed loadouts to be as equal as possible to ensure fairness* - you may use your "good/op" loadout if your oppoent is fine with that* - it will follow a bracket - 3 top players will win: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place rewwards - bonus: the top players can attempt to beat me in the duel for bonus prizes ..... * see rules for further explanation Volunteers to help add to the reward/prize pool would be a huge help. Any contribution is appreciated. If you're fine with it, I will be the caretaker of the rewards. You don't need to worry, DE would ban me if I tried anything funny.help. rules: - GEAR is banned - ARCANES are banned - i must be present during the duel to observe - only these frame mods are allowed: [vitality] [redirection] and ANY mobility mods, and [streamline] because of energy scarcity - weapon mods are not allowed, unless you both agree to try your best builds against each other - if you both agree to use your best frame builds, then this will be allowed > > B A N N E D F R A M E S < < Any frame that has insanely high health or shields, like Inaros and Hildryn, are banned. Excalibur Umbra - Banned (Can use Operator and Umbra as Spectre) Nova - Slows Prizes: - let's all discuss some prizes and what we all think they should be note: . . . . . time zones vary for people, so we will figure everything out. Once we do, I will create a graphical bracket . . . . . . . . . I will be recording the duels. If any spectators could help record from different angles, that would be great. I'll give you some items as payment, if you really need it, but I can only afford to give away so much. A fully modded 1v1 would be good though, because it would test peoples speed, accuracy, and reaction times. In a real battle, it usually takes only one strike to win. So be fast enough to evade, and fast enough to land a hit.
  6. Aha, it's ok no worries, all good. I hope it gets better. I currently use AMD's ReLive which always works great for me but, lately I've been more or less having connection issues 9long story)
  7. FFs no, it's not a troll post. Plenty of people uise ReShade, ENB, and SweetFX, just do a quick search. But yeah, be careful using it. Also, I can stream 60 fps with 1080p with ease. Not sure what the problem is. 😞 I'll just take a video recording (not stream) and that should resolve everything. When I have time I'll do that, upload it, and bam. It depends. If you need help setting your software up to pick-up reshade, shoot me a DM and I'll show ya how. . . Yeah, idk what's wrong with the video. I'll make a recording (not stream) later or something. Sorry 'bout that.
  8. . . ReShade preset that I created. Goal: More realistic, vivid, and dramatic look. Features: -Performance friendly -Crisper, clearer image -Enhanced visual quality -Dramatic/immersive feel -Realism/vividity -Improves the look of frames (fashion frame people should appreciate this) -(optional) can open reShade menu ingame or edit .ini file outside of game, to turn "Performance Mode" off. I did not notice much, if any, difference with it on or off, in both visual quality and performance. . . . Feedback is GREATLY appreciated! I will release the preset in about a week from today. After feedback is collected, I will make adjustments and then release it. I hope you enjoy!
  9. I stopped reading after the first sentence. I didnt come here to argue or defend my stance: I already know what the truth is, im not holding hands for anyone. Find out yourself, or dont. I just came to drop a quick fact. That's all. Good day, good bye. Fact is: there are no bad frames. This might really suck to here but honestly, if you want the most "simplistic" answer? Then "git gud". I'm not being insulting, the intent to insult is not present. It's just a fact, it's reality, you can either choose to accept reality or reject it (as most people tend to do, because let's face it, reality most times isn't what we want it to be)
  10. Can this please be posted on the front page of the forums and placed somewhere where it's easily found and accessed? Seems extremely unintuitive to basically force people to use google to find this thread to then find the community inbox.
  11. I guess I forgot to mention that the reward should be worth the extra difficulty :P
  12. My point is, it could easily be interpreted by DE as exploits, since the game isnt intended to be played this way. Otherwise, they wouldve coded it and taught us to play like that.
  13. Because people complained instead of trying to get better. Stop being ignorant and silly. Such closed mindedness smh. But go ahead, prove me and everyone else who knows this, wrong. We'll wait.
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