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  1. It's happening for all types, lower size of enemy frames equals more times it does. Anyway, don;t hold your breath - they can't find those buttons when they play anyway.
  2. If you can login through VPN, its your ISP problem, not DE.
  3. Yay, now I can get one shotted as Khora doing a bounty. Thanks for new "enemies". Geez.
  4. It's been quite a while, can we get a working as intended chakram please? It still tends to bug out and ignore enemies which are affected by 4.
  5. 700 - that's cute. Talk about some of us who have thousands, because they were "immerisng" us with PoE and it's fishing...
  6. Serious amount of fixes would be nice. Since Chroma is still uninteresting to play, Nezha has its chakram totally whipped, and Revenant is well, mediocre at best when it comes to teamplay. Also, tons of garbage collected through past years. I would be much more appreciative if You started to delay content or spend more time polishing it after release, not jumping another wagon. Yes, Onslaught is broken still.
  7. Not even close to glass canon. And also, shields are utter crap in this game, because of armor. 150HP is much more effective than 75 shields. Gara has less effective HP thanks to her armor, and is fine with 90% reduction.
  8. Kinda wrong forum, and also, please try to make it readable. Right now it makes a streamofnonsense kinda thing.
  9. Until they made shield gating a thing, all shields are useless in anything higher than basic planets. Even Void with it's 300% multi makes them suck badly.
  10. Chroma P hype is proof, that players don't need a good frame, only shiny one. Also, still tons of unresolved issues with Rev and Nezha, but no mention even on Dev forums. Nice DE. Really nice.
  11. Just select that you play on laptop. This makes you less likely to host anything.
  12. Because all I ever wanted for two weeks straight, is being able to be leeched by randoms who don't care to invest into system. How about you start punishing players like that more? If you don't contribute, you don't get equal rewards? That is only a starter thought? Also, really, Lephantis needs a rework. There are some weapons which make him "poof", and some which are limited because his stupid damage cap per pellet. What is the issue here, with all those "I am immune" bosses in 2018? Care to make more mechanics, since you introduced them all the way back? Time to grow, not make "another invincible bullet sponge" which requires zero finesse. I can understand transition phases, but playing many MMO's made me allergic to "immune bS#&$".
  13. Rework is nice and all, but you need to work on chakram pathing. It very often doesn't hit targets, especially in multi games when you are not hosting, sometimes just passing through enemies and not triggering anything (rebound, impaled enemies produce no multi chakram, not getting debuffed, etc.) Also, after further testing, if I am not a host, my ward on depletion doesn't do anything to enemies even standing close on same level/without obstacles. Makes whole thing feel clunky and not reliable in terms of surviving.
  14. On other note, Nezha was supposed to stun enemies at his warding depletion. What happened to that? I never noticed anything stunned after it expired. Gara can refresh it's damage resist duration. Practically, all skills in this game should be recastable by now. There is no "too powerful" here anyway. Revenants thralls "dead" mode is pretty neat, but still needs som work considering particle travel and interaction with DM, Also, can you make it that Thralls are invuln for a brief period of time to actually make them work as intended in multi games? They die from wind blows now, so it's not even worth energy to use it except when you have some range from your allies, which should never happen anyway.
  15. Problem is, Thralls never stay around you when you need them. Restoring charges from thralls is moot.
  16. Except, with current Sorties and Onslaught level, your comment is invalid at start. Things should be scalable through whole content, not just leveling/grinding zones.
  17. So, by this logic, you will be giving every frame with similar mechanics (like, Rhino, duh), same invincibility mechanic on IS depletion? You really can't decide which route to take considering invincibility and tanking.
  18. While you are at it, fix the time gated things, because this is getting into bS#&$ mobile "free" games area now. I can stomach crafting system, but limiting quests/events to time gates, well that is a new low. Both Revenant and Relay thing. Also, enemies level scaling when?
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