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  1. Because some ppl like to replay quests in this game?
  2. Entering failed Onslaught causing to exit and load summary (empty), no menu available afterwards, no way to select any other thing than profile or chat, only way to fix is alt-F4. It's taking too long to fix Onslaught, maybe take it off for a while...
  3. This will only be useful for creating choke points, that's all. Effective range of unaugmented mallet is still superior since you can just be invi and dance around it.
  4. Calculate effective coverage. Simple.
  5. Err. Who needs that Nidus augment?? Getting stacks is nowhere near hard on this frame... Augment larvas, or just augment his 3rd.
  6. UI: Now lower the size of those icons, and par them with description.
  7. Zephyr is perma stuck in Tailwind after casting it in succession. This is getting really annoying.
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