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  1. This point is of upmost importance and is absolutely vital to making Ivara great again! Imagine the following, frequently occurring situation: You are using Ivara's Dashwires to complete the organ room. You've deployed all your Dashwires in advance and are now on one of them to get up. You want to switch to the next Dashwire, but to do that, you have to try to angle yourself correctly, jump, then flail around in the air and spam the 'Interact' button to snap to it. But alas, you fail and you fall down, resetting the test. An absolutely common and infuriating experience! But what's most infuriating is that only a small change could alleviate the situation, letting us achieve perfection at last! While on a Dashwire, when getting close to another Dashwire, similar to if you were floating, you can press the 'Interact' button to switch to that wire. And if more than one are in range, cycle between them. This change would allow Ivara to get out of that miserable state she's in right now, making her instantly the best choice for almost all game types. DE, I call upon you to no longer willingly let Ivara suffer! Hear her plight! Save us all with your divine intervention! For that we might find perfection!
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