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  1. WTS primed chamber for your first born and a set of working kidneys.
  2. How about free transfers and we just lose any platform exclusives we got along the way as well as plat.. Always thought the whole paid transfer crap was some of the most weaselish ways ever to milk customers in other games. Knowing DE it will go like this.. Free transfer. Up to 14 business days because its soooooo much work and their understaffed. Instant transfer for 1400 platz! hohohohohoho 🙃🙂😁
  3. Yes it is quite bad and It does not really get much better.
  4. Simple solution would be to have a option to start a new game on a tile set or join a existing one. That way users could join in a mission who just lost a player and help em out. but probs happen.
  5. Happened to me as well and it consumed my piece i spent vitus essence on. I contacted support and told them the problem in detail and they gave me the Grendal piece. I would suggest contacting them ASAP.
  6. All my friends are on steam. Can see who is playing what and jump right in with em.
  7. I think they made a fatal mistake. The pulled a Nexon. Did what killed so many other games. Stacked RNG on RNG and that is enough to scare most sane players away. WE have seen countless games try this only to fail. From the slew of Korean MMO's to the Maple Stories to the ArchAges. It may work in Asia but it does not work for the rest of the world. It just gets us burnt out and crushes our hopes and dreams. The Liche system pushed it to extremes. They did not listen. Railjack has its own layers of RNG that quickly pissed off players. So we went and played something else. It is very simple really. Don't do dumb stuff. DE pulled to much dumb stuff. Did not listen to us and gambled. We called their bluff and said Checkmate. Now we are waiting on their next move. Its do or Die for DE. Go the way of MapleStory 2 and be happy milking your remaining few thousand customers or change ways and get us all back. They can still make it right but it will require them eating crow and admitting they done wrong. That is something they are not good at. I have a felling DE Steve would rather choke on crow feathers and let the game die then actually admit he made a huge mistake with Empyrean. It has been a very long time since DE graced the media's praises by removing a unethical gambling mechanic. They rode on that pr for awhile. Promised us they were different. They quickly fell into their old ways again. They need to stand out from the rest. We have our choice of free bad grindy p2w games to choose from. If they want to be another one who just gets lost in the steam list then they may as well continue running the game like some terribad mobile mmo. If they want to get the customers back then they gotta evolve a bit. Get back to basics. Sit down and play their own game and ask themselves. "Is this even fun anymore or is it just to much of a blatant cash grab to sell boosters, drones and skins?" Because from where I am sitting they seem to be more keen on milking us for plat then making fun stuff anymore and its showing in the end results.
  8. Yeah they screwed the pooch by only having one game mode. If we had different game variants like Survival, Extraction, Defense ect ect, It would be run right now. Instead we get one mission type to make sure we are so bored of the Railjack we never want to see it again. RIP Empyrean! I would rather stick a fork in my eye then play it anymore.
  9. Froze a few times for me when i was piloting a enemy crewship upon completion. I had a few random crash to desktop out of the blue in a Viel mission. No idea what caused it. For me it seems i get a lot of graphical glitches. Get stuck in metoers, bases. Only way to really fix it is reboot the game. I get this way more then actual crashes to desktop. Only had 2 or 3 actual critical crashes in the past few weeks.
  10. It was the first one I really didnt feel like grinding. Even the Umbra forma just did not feel worth it this time around..Without some typa unique enemy or event these are just not as interesting. I would have preferred wolfy to come back. Now we got some noobs running around in wolf armor who have no idea who wolfy even is and thats kinda awkward! Next one better have a good fun enemy.
  11. We should be able to load em in the cannon on railjack and lob them at crew ships. Commander: " Crewship approaching and were outta ordinance omg! Load up the dud relics" Lieutenant Gunner: "Armed and ready commander" Commander: "Fire those Limbo relics at will soldier and don't be stingey, I got 500 more" OOrah
  12. My guess is they ran into some forks in the road and dead ends. Took a few wrong turns and got lost in roadmap limbo. They ironically pulled a Nomansky and gave us some half arsed , half finished buggy glimpse at what could have been. Only thing we can hope for is they correct this mess like that game did. They will have to work extra hard to regain the trust of their customers after this. 2019 was not exactly a year to remember for Warframe. Wisp was awesome. The rest all kinda sucked.
  13. Gotta make it heavy duty to compete with Hate now! War- killing blows on strong enemies have a random chance to summon a level 120 Stalker to fight by your side for remainder of mission. They made Hate one of the most powerful weapons in the game last melee pass. War deserves some hardcore love and so does Despair. Maybe they can even give em all the weapons a really crazy set bonus. Make stalker stuff great again.
  14. I like the frost canons. They seem pretty fun for close combat. Been testing out two different ones. I kinda prefer the one that does more damage and overheats fast to the other one to be honest. Just because the damage increase is so big that i am guaranteed to kill the enemy in Viel within one magazine. My one that overheats alot less does liek 2k less damage so I find myself with a enemy with like smidgen of health and am overheated. So idk. To each their own. Got em both on front and sides. So far my team mates seem to like them. Still want to test some different weapons though soon.
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