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  1. I am fine with the way it is now. I actually think it would be more hectic if i had to stop over a drone token and actually pick it up. I am usually zooming all around like a nut when trying to pick up a drone thing. When your on wave 32 of survival, stopping and picking stuff up usually means your tenno's life. I am all for giving it a go but i think that is kinda punishing players even more who want to help out there downed team mates. Since the recent update to Arbitrations this past week , I am actually having a lot of fun with it. Drones are everywhere now. Everyone loves those buggers because they drop Vita essence. It went from a boring slaughter fest where everyone hated seeing a drone, to people going in there to hunt em down and steal their loot. As far as difficulty goes , well it seems like every other Warframe mission. It only gets hard after awhile. Maybe they could have Normal and Elite arbitration's like Onslaught or something.? I doubt they will do that though. Seems like the majority want to get stuff done ASAP and fast. You got your zergers on one side Naruto running to the end and your Ninja's who want a challenge on the other side. This is something The devs have always had a problem dealing with and addressing properly. Their answer seems to be the longer you stay in, The harder it gets. This has always been a sour point in many Tenno's experience. For not everyone has 1 hour to burn just to get to the challenging content. They could definitely solve this with adding a few higher starting level arbitration into the mix. That would still require waiting for people who want a challenge though.. So idk? I am all for more tweaks. I think they have done a good job so far considering what it was 6 months ago. Only way to find out is to test it on the player base i guess. Eventually, hopefully they can find a perfect balance for everyone.
  2. I find it way more fun with revives. It is really awesome and can get so hectic with two team members fighting hordes of mobs trying to revive our fallen comrades. I never liked the "every tenno for themselves nonsense" in the old arbi's. Did not feel like we were playing as a team. Now its way more team based. I have met a few friends as well in the new setup. So I say keep it as is.
  3. Staticor is only thing i think should be removed. That donkey gun has ruined so many players experience that its not even funny anymore. It is FUBAR!
  4. Make a nightmare mode. Every level has different strange nightmare effects. Award absolutely zero xp. Zero focus and ditch the lame rotation rewards to avoid people bailing on a specific rotation. Equip your best weapons and rivens because its gonna get crazy. Add some new cool nightmare loot and cosmetics. Make the rewards scale with each level you do. A never ending horde mode with great loot that people want to get as far as they possibly can in. Make some leader boards to. Give it a solo mode and a team based one that scales. Just for the heck of it. As is most times i go into eso people are leveling weapons and pets. No one cares about loot there. 1-3 rounds everyone leaves., It is terrible and really frustrating.. sometimes people leave after 1 round. We need a game mode to just go and never look back. Make it so people have the option to join a game already in progress to fill the gap from players who have left. Or start a new one. Go go go until you can't anymore. Onslaught is nice because the levels change so ya don't get so bored like other endless missions. To be honest, I would just be happy if they gave us the option for players to join your game after the first round. My main gripe is people leaving all the time.
  5. They may as well make one that heals you and kills your team mates. Now that would be just as trolly. 😛
  6. Good. will finally be able to afford a Fulmin riven. I wish they would make the bad weapons rivens better though. So many bad weapons in the game that could use some love. In the end though, I hate the rivens.. They are all so lame. Would trade all my best ones for some unique effects and not just stat dumps.
  7. I like the kuva rewards for essence trade in but i would suggest adding more rewards or having the rewards rotate like baro does. Most of us who run arbitration's all have everything from essence trade ins. would be nice for some new cosmetics and stuff. did a 25 minute run. 1- Arcane tanker 2-Arcane tanker 3- 1200 endo 4- 1200 endo 5- 5 vitus essence and a bunch more vitus essence from dropped drones. Resource booster effects drop rate. was getting two per drone. Checked the rewards trade ins and was kinda dissapointed its all the same stuff. Except for kuva. Add more stuff please. For trade ins. Other then that I like the changes. It does feel a lot more rewarding getting stuff every 5 minutes.
  8. I only use it if I plan on doing some serious endless mission grinding. The other 98% of the game i don't think it really matters anymore.
  9. For me it was having absolutely no story line to follow and not really knowing what i should be doing. It was similar to Elite Dangerous when I first started playing a couple years ago. You were literally just thrown into space, dumped into a foreign universe and expected to figure it out. That was kinda overwhelming. I was lost at rank 3 or 4. Did not know what to do or where to go. Everything seemed so confusing. I tried and tried and advanced to a point where my excalibre and heatsword were just not up to par anymore. Was pretty much solo and never even saw another player. The plat stuff was also a deterrent. It seemed pretty pay to win from the unsuspecting eye. Was not the type of polished game I actually saw myself putting any money into. So i quit. This was 4 years ago though. Oh, another thing that freaked me out was my joystick was like super sensitive on pc. Had something to do with steam big picture. That was not very fun. No matter what I did in options my controls were set to super sensitive chaos. Literally unplayable. Figured i would come back on pc when their partial control support was fixed. When I did come back it was still borked but a friend helped me out. Those were my reasons for quitting. MY reason for coming back was a friend told me the game is a lot different and has open worlds, better matchmaking and a tiny bit of a story if you have the patience to search it out. Came back for the Fortuna update and was splendidly surprised at how the game had progressed.
  10. Fat frame is licking his lips awaiting his arrival into the plains of Nutella!
  11. I remember way back when doing the Limbo quest. After every piece the darn robot in ship is screeching in your ears to hurry up and craft the limbo item. Was terrible. I honestly don't think I have ever played a game which taunted me in such a annoying way to rush something. The darned robot may as well have just been telling me " BUY PLAT NOW AND RUSH LIMBO . DO IT DO IT DO IT" I agree with your statement that it took a lot of the excitment away. After that Limbo was in my bad books forever. I don't mind the wait most of the time. The teasing got to me though.
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